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  1. Fascinating article and gallery as well. Great that an organization took the interest to preserve the site in such great detail as to tell the story so completely when the trend these days seems to be to erase past events in history as though they never happened. Thanks for another great post!
  2. I had forgotten the sensation of feeling like my jewels were caught in a vice until I watched the video. Thanks, Paul, for bringing it all back.
  3. Heard the ABC is cancelling Dr. Blake Mysteries. Maybe you should approach them with some episodes of Mrs. Mack, the reality show. Could start you off on a whole new career path.
  4. Allowed logging company to use my driveway for access to tract of timber behind my property. They hired a local contractor to spread a load of gravel in my driveway to repair what the loggers tore up. I happened to look out the window and see this mid 80's R Model coming in. The owner did a double take when he got toward the house and saw what was in the "Mack Shack " Didn't take much to convince him to wait until I grabbed my phone to take some glamour shots as he was already doing so with his phone. Truck shows are nice buy it's equally nice to see them in their "work clothes "
  5. Try not to laugh

    Good one!!
  6. Not a lot of flat ground in that part of the finger lakes where this company hauled milk. Most of the cows on the dairy farms they serviced had two legs longer on one side then the other from standing on the side hills.
  7. First driving job I ever had was for this company, Alnye (known as Aldrich and Nye in those days). I was 19 years old and had no idea what I was doing. It took 15 hours to do the milk run and I remember it paid $23.50. Should probably have given a little more thought to my career choice right then and there.
  8. Success used to be based more on the quality of the work you did, not just how fast you did it. Lord, take me back to when I understood how things were done cause I sure don't get it now!
  9. B-42 turns 61

    Thanks to all for the good wishes, HOWEVER this you tube link best explains why I quit having birthdays.
  10. except the part trying to figure out why the mounted tires refused to go back on. that's the part WE enjoyed most!
  11. B-42 turns 61

    thanks Bob but I quit having birthdays when I got past my "best by" date. The B-42 was born six weeks before I was and is in much better condition.
  12. Dog is Comfortable

    Former co-driver who was an expert at the art of being comfortable.
  13. Dog is Comfortable

    German Shepherds can be counted on to keep your bed from being stolen. We haven't lost one yet.
  14. B-model ladder truck

    With 13,000 miles on it over nearly 60 years, probably only called out to get cats down from trees.