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  1. I spent a lot of time in this truck in the mid 1980's. Seems like a lifetime ago.
  2. B-42

    Liz Warren

    Shared that with my barber yesterday. Good thing he wasn't using the straight razor at the time.. he was laughing so hard I probably would have lost an ear.
  3. Willie dog, Don't know much about these things but check the shop manual I sent you...section 101-3 and section 302-2. Hope this helps.
  4. Must be a company with quite a history...I have a First Gear model of one of their trucks on my desk.
  5. I took this picture at the Love's truck stop in Richmond Hill, Ga on January 5, 2016. The owner was from Zebulon, NC and was hauling classic cars to Florida. Despite the black paint, it sure looks like the same truck.
  6. Rowdy Rebel, Have you and your son been watching Jeff Dunham videos together? He seems to be channeling Walter.
  7. The best of everything to you both, although I don't think any of us who have been following your story are a bit surprised at how things turned out. Interesting to note how much a kind and unselfish act for your Grandma has come back around full circle to enrich your life in so many ways. Maybe the world isn't such a bad place after all, despite what you read and hear on the news. Or.....maybe Grandma is saying "that worked out exactly as I planned it." NEVER underestimate a Grandma!
  8. Tammy, I have a 2015 Pinnacle that does the same thing. Look for a switch on the dash marked "disable". This will temporarily disable the grade-gripper feature on the M-Drive, allowing you to move the truck without the 2 or 3 second delay before the brakes are released. It does not have to be much of an incline to activate the grade-gripper and it can be kind of annoying. I use that override switch constantly. You can manually toggle the override back off or it will automatically do so once the truck accelerates to 5 or 10 mph. Hope this helps.
  9. h67st, Is your son a professional artist or does he do this because he enjoys it? He is obviously a talented individual....spoken by a guy with zero talent who could not draw a straight line with a ruler if my life depended on it.
  10. You messed up by not putting the legal disclaimer on your post..."No lobsters were harmed during the photo shoot". The animal rights people are gathering in your driveway to protest.
  11. HeavyGunner, Your age is definitely a factor. At my age, the choice is very clear. I don't enjoy any part of this career anymore and it is time to step away. I'm not sure what I'll be stepping in when I step away but I am willing to scrape it off my shoe and move on. Seems like every day something happens that validates my decision. Today was no exception.
  12. Can someone record and post the segment? We don't have History channel . Would like to see it.
  13. Billy T, You have made some excellent points. I hadn't looked at the issue from that perspective but it is no different than forcing "early retirement" on a long term employee who is an asset to the company so the bottom line on a balance sheet looks more favorable since his inexperienced replacement is paid a much lower salary. Just happened to a friend of mine. I do not want to give the impression that I think I am God's gift to the transportation industry; however in the past 42 years of earning a living in the cab of a truck I am the first to admit that I have survived some "errors in judgement" and have made it a point to learn from the experience and not repeat them. That cannot be legislated or replaced by technology no matter how the powers that be frame it "in the interest of safety" (in my humble opinion).
  14. My solution to the ELD controversy can be seen in the trucks for sale section of BMT. There are other factors that led to this decision but the Dec. 18th deadline is the one that clinched it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had enough.
  15. 2015 MACK CXU 613 $74,000 VIN# 1M1AW07Y6FM044505 445E 225,000 miles M Drive--12 Speed auto w/performance mode 3.08 Rears 221” WB 11-22.5 LP 25,000 on Steers, 35,000 on Drives Centramatic Balancers on all axles 70” Mid-Roof Sleeper w/fairing Grand Touring Package Idle Free APU-Webasto heater, A/C--120v Refrigerator Platinum Plus Ext. Warranty until 9/18 Truck is in excellent condition Located in South Central Virginia PM me for more info and pics
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