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  1. I read the older posts on this truck and it looks like the previous owners really put some hard work and money into this truck. And, from what I'm able to see, it's apparent. This truck runs, drives and dumps well, despite my poor twin sticking abilities (I have a lot of practicing to do). I live on a farm and it will be put to some light work hauling gravel for the farm roads. But, there are some issues to sort out and I intend to enjoy every minute trying to do just that. I guess that's the best part of owning this truck. It works, but it needs to be worked on.
  2. I will, thank you!. And I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions as I learn my way around it and put her to work.
  3. Just brought this great old Mack home today. Thanks, Justine for all your help.
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