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Tie rod ends for B-42

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I am posting the line sheet from the Mack Museum on my truck hoping that someone can answer Garden Wolf's question about obtaining tie rod ends and roughly what they will cost.  I think I remember a discussion about the rebuild kits awhile back and I believe these are the ones that can be rebuilt.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks .




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Tie rod rebuild kits are not available any more that I can find.

Some folks have used Meritor R230024 (Left) and R230025 (Right) tie rods and an A-3102-S-3451 cross tube as modern replacements on Mack FA517 front axles. 

I don't have a FA505 axle to measure and confirm compatibility.  You may want to get the tie rod taper dimension and compare to what you have currently.  Also, verify proper thread engagement between the tie rod and cross tube.  Cross tubes are available in different lengths if needed. 

$250-300 will be the approx. parts cost for the replacement assembly. 

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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5 minutes ago, B-42 said:

It was built in 1956 so the first part number would apply. Any suggestions as to sourcing?  Sounds like a common part if it fits that many different  configurations.

Please give Watts Mack a call at 1-888-304-6225. They are the generous provider of the BMT website.

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1 minute ago, B-42 said:

Thank you very much for your help.

You're welcome! We aim to please.

"If " Watts doesn't have them, and/or can no longer obtain them from Mack (Volvo), then Google search. Try Watts first. for an original Mack kit.



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Don't thank me Justin. All I did was put it out there where the people who know the answer to your question  would see it.  They are the the ones who unselfishly share their knowledge and experience to help others on this site.  All you need to do is ask. 

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It looks like an OEM distributor will be the way to go. After calling Watts it appear the original kits are not available. I followed the link provided in the messages of this thread and it looks like there are some decent prices. Barry at Watts also recommended Automan. Looks like I have some homework to do. 🤓

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1 hour ago, garden wolf said:

I guess the tie rod ends are labeled as knuckle assembly left and right on the punch sheet? My eyes see 4QHA177A and 4Q?A157BP2. Is that right? 

No. Steering knuckles are steering knuckles.

Your tie rod ends are part numbers 10QH220P1 and 10QH221P1, which I believe are the rebuildable type. Kits used to be available, for example 204SQ17 and 204SQ21B. You need a parts book or a helping dealer.

Non-rebuildable tie rod ends also existed, depending on the front axle model, such as 10QH11A/10QH12A, 10QH35/10QH36 and 10QH37/10QH38.

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