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    Take - off from test engine. No core needed. P/N# 12MS48M5 / 25074492 P/N# 12MS411M5 / 20960038 V-MAC III STEP 10 $ 125.00 FOB / CT
  2. PM me with shipping address and I will give you figure. Do u use "PAYPAL" ?? Thanks, Rich
  3. Right, that is why I put part number on it. Other handles not sure of part number or application. Same measurements with mounting flanges style the only difference. archive.zip
  4. Yes sir. Came across two (2) more non-locking. Rich
  5. Do you have a Fax # or E-mail ? Send pictures of gaskets. Rich
  6. there was a spacer adapter used some times 541GB13 / 541GB18 My old DM parts book came thru again today!
  7. 19QE3101P5 Chamber 202SK15 KIT 375SK17 SHELL that one I have to double check, scary the numbers I remember.
  8. there are two ( 2 ) gaskets. Forget numbers ?
  9. Have one each of valves Bendix / Haldex 20QE458 / 103009 20QE461 / KN30100AG @ $ 79.00 EA. USD
  10. Did you ever find an engine?
  11. did you ever find adapter kit ??
  12. Hello, did you ever find any?? I have some.
  14. P/N# 20QE458 / 20QE461 one is Bendix the other Midland. Will double check and let u know Fri. Rich
  15. There were two ( 2 ) switches, short( 1MR2297 ) & long ( 1 MR2298 ) not sure which one you had used.
  16. Have some parts books and some parts if needed. Rich
  17. what is part number to the "Right" on sheet by the green box?? valve and spacer two different part numbers. Rich
  18. Do you know the Model# of engine ?? 334 / 401 ??
  19. There should be a part number cast into the clamp? Do u have the VIN# or casting number off wheels ?? Rich
  20. Yes that's fine. PM me your info and payment method. Thanks, Rich
  21. Will get back to you Mon. Thanks, Rich
  22. NOS door handle outside locking with two(2) keys, square shaft 3 1/2" length, two(2) screw swivel base. Best offer FOB / CT P/N# 1245-2505060000 B2 Door handle
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