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  1. HAHA what is number off the other trans?? Rich
  2. Do you have S/N# off trans and how much $ for trans ? Rich
  3. No problem, let me know if more info needed. Rich
  4. 860/637-7910 Ask for Ned, has a clean "R" model tandem axle tractor.
  5. Have some OEM mounts if still needed. Rich
  6. Alex, did u get in contact about transmission??
  7. Never heard it called "skinny" exhaust? Guessing you mean straight stacks? 4" or 5" would make a difference for brackets etc.
  8. Check one of the nuts at end of line should be number stamped into it. I.E. 3193 ?? What cylinders do you need? Rich
  9. P/N# 20422044 / 745-801665 / BXK128913OR ( 2 ) Bendix new in boxes Modulator vale M-32 P/N# 288267 ( 1 ) Bendix new in box E-7 foot valve $ 100.00 ea, FOB / CT
  10. Thanks, will see if that will work. Rich
  11. Yes, that's what this is for.
  12. Looking for a Reman or good take-out six ( 6 ) speed air shift 11KB51372P1X TRXL1071A Thanks, Rich
  13. Joe, I spoke w/you yesterday on phone, my brother-in-law lives in Jenson Beach. I will get back to you, Rich
  14. I will keep your info and advise u if I find a buyer. Rich
  15. I believe it would be various HP as the fuel pump and turbo would be where HP would change.
  16. P/N# 3018840PX updates to P/N# 3054088PX Application is Small Cam engines.
  17. Found one ( 1 ) of each available with four ( 4 ) / five ( 5 ) day lead time and plus freight. Give me a call and will give you $$. Thanks, Rich 203/264-8251 ext# 1236
  18. If I remember correct there was another P/N# 316GC1179 ?? I think it was a longer "snout" water pump. If that picture is what you took off, not the right pump. Back then it was a full circle not slotted.
  19. Also, need to be sure what it is 250 / 300
  20. Will check this weekend, think a friend has one on shelf. Will advise. Rich
  21. Is there a gallon / axle requirement?? I.E. single axle or tandem?
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