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  1. What part number you looking for ?
  2. Not a " 675A" for sure, that is a two (2) valve brake. Most likely "680" series but check Jacobs website as there are multiple choices and you will need S/N# of engine.
  3. Checked my source but he did not have. Will check other sources.
  4. P/N# 37QR5114 Beige P/N# 79RB419P4 Ashtray Will check I might have new. Rich
  5. Hood and bumper not original. Later model hood with openings not sure what bumper is from. Town of Newington, CT had several of these.
  6. Go to "Jacobs" website and check application, there was an update kit which provided additional oil pressure to brake. If you can't find I can provide the info.
  7. same as six cylinders, pretty sure 485GB3191B
  8. 215SB166P1 / P2 / P3 stat depending on what degree u want 215SB180B head gasket I think? Will look thru my old kit book and get back to u.
  9. Tractor configuration " ST " could have 38 or 44 lb rears the "S" was for DM / RD / MR series which had 44 LB
  10. Do you have number that is stamped into one of the nuts ??? More than one set and what model V8 ? Rich
  11. Still using it, noise was come and go, Thanks, Rich
  12. What is model of truck I.E. MS / CS 200 /250 / 300 I have original parts book and can look up part number.
  13. Did number I provided get back to you?? Rich
  14. HAHA what is number off the other trans?? Rich
  15. Do you have S/N# off trans and how much $ for trans ? Rich
  16. No problem, let me know if more info needed. Rich
  17. 860/637-7910 Ask for Ned, has a clean "R" model tandem axle tractor.
  18. Have some OEM mounts if still needed. Rich
  19. Alex, did u get in contact about transmission??
  20. Never heard it called "skinny" exhaust? Guessing you mean straight stacks? 4" or 5" would make a difference for brackets etc.
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