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  1. that is a mouth full^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^the first thing i was told to check was to make sure the brake pedal wasnt stuck or sticking. what is a trolley valve?
  2. the release valve isn't leaking. could there be other issues with it?
  3. the valve leaked when i released the brakes. i put the new valve on and it leaked when the brakes were applied and released. i caped off the two air lines going to the leaking brake can and that didnt help. i ordered another valve. im at a loss.
  4. i like old trucks and always wanted a wanted twin stick with a jake brake. a farmer had this mack a mile from my house and hadn't used it in ten years. the problem obviously is i dont know much about trucks so the honeymoon period is rapidly vanishing. thanks for everyone's help and patients.
  5. the truck shop used 239649-A that is stamped on the valve. it comes in Tuesday.
  6. thanks for all the help I got one ordered.
  7. there is a brake can leaking also on the truck. if i took the valve off for no reason im going to cry.
  8. the number on the valve is 239649-A and the tag number on the valve is A21690
  9. I have a 1967 R700 Mack. The air valve under the brake pedal under the cab fire/wall is leaking. Can someone please tell me where the best place is to purchase a new one. any help is appreciated. thanks
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