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  1. Looking for the Bostrom 80 Level Ride dash plate that some B & H models had when the cab was equipped with the Bostrom Seat. It read words to the effect “ adjust and enjoy the 80 Level Ride Seat!” Haven’t seen one in years. Thanks
  2. Thanks Harry !! Yes it is a beautiful B 61. The former owner owned a body shop but he was lacking in maintenance prevention!! When it is cold readings are 45 pounds at 1500 rpm. 25 at 600 rpm. Hot, 160 degrees readings are 25 at 1500 and 7 pounds at 600 rpm.
  3. I didn’t but that sounds like a good place to start and besides the pump is right there too. Thanks
  4. Just bought the truck two months ago. Former owner had not changed the oil in a long time. Had to scoop the sledge out of the Luberfiner. Changed the oil and filters. Put 15-40 in it. Noted that cold the pressure was acceptable- hot it was not good
  5. Experiencing oil low pressure on the 673 engine. It may be bearing wear but before I rebuild I am going to drop the base and check the oil pump. Anyone replaced one lately? If so do you have a source for purchase and part number? Thanks.
  6. Need to replace the low air buzzer on my B model. A Delco part, located under the dash, steering wheel. Any one have a part number or market where I can get one. Thanks.
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