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  1. Sold, going to a home with much more skill and resources to make perfect.
  2. Considering selling the Mack due to unforeseen issues with COVID. We want to see if there is any interest here. I’ve got about $5000 in it, runs really well, drives good, air brakes and horns all work. It needs wiring work, as I haven’t starting tackling that. See my thread one where it is to date in the antiques section. Located in Crandon, Wisconsin. Offers considered... message me for a phone number. Scott
  3. Got some new Autolite 386s in today, it is running quite nicely. Hard to believe how well it started with really old plugs, these engines are quite hardy.
  4. For purists I apologize, but the switch to radials on the front improved as much as the single drive radials. A much improved ride
  5. I bought a cheap one online, cleaned the tank first, a second in-line filter, wired to an existing switch. It works a dream, you don’t need but a couple psi to maintain just slight pressure.
  6. He has a 1931 Ford AA tanker truck that will bounce between the warehouse and his 50s Service Starion.
  7. Brother in law restoring and old Standard Oil warehouse that on the train spar here. Coming along nicely (there was nothing when he started...
  8. License plates arrived today, so took a few trips around town in it to get it exercised. Now waiting on steer tires, but at least we can put around town.
  9. The Wisconsin title and lifetime registration (for as long as I own it) came today. The License plates are mailed separately, but should be here next week. My daughter is excited to take a ride, so far only my son has ridden in it when we picked it up. Can’t wait to get it in the car wash and clean the hubs and undercarriage up a bit.
  10. A very conscious decision was made on this truck to take it small task at a time and keep it operational. We will slowly take care of little items, and share photos along the way. I am going to treat it as never ending tinkering... otherwise I will get anxious and want to do more than I should.
  11. Forest County, Wisconsin sitting in the driveway awaiting license/registration.
  12. Steer tires are ordered from a local logging truck fleet manager. Wheels in soon and he is grabbing A nice pair of used 11R22.5. He will bring the service truck, so that will be easier than manually removing the duallies 😂
  13. Sounds like it may be another 5 or 6 weeks for the mail-in plates and registration. Really too bad... local cops will ticket you, which is strange because I have proof of payment and they let atv/utvs drive on the street here in town.
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