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  1. Anybody who has older Mack truck with a gas engine, I need some advice on where to get a fuel pump or have the old pump rebuilt. AC Delco 314 GC 215A Thanks!
  2. Look like fuel pump is not working. The pump is AC 855573, any idea where to find this pump or have it rebuilt. Thanks
  3. PB blaster is great stuff! I have question about the fuel system. Gas is not getting to the carb, with a little gas poured into the carb she starts and runs for 5 sec or so. I have disconnected the fuel line below the carb and no gas comes out of the line. I have added gas to the carb 4 or 5 times, she starts and runs but no gas come through the line. I have cleared the gas line from the pump to the tank. Truck hasn't been started in 10 years, so how long should it take for the gas to reach the carb from the tank? Any other advice would be helpful too. Thanks
  4. Thank you Terry and 41chevy I will give it a try.
  5. The attached picture is an Mack A20 gas line at the gas tank and my plan is to drain and rinse out the tank. I have loosened and removed the nut that attaches the gas line to the next fitting. Problem is when I loosen the larger nut the gas line rotates with the nut and I'm worried that I will break the gas line. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  6. I found out the other day that this A20 scale wt is 7455. Where do you get parts the the A20? Thanks
  7. I just made the deal for this 1950 A-20. I'm as happy as a fat kid eating cake! Thanks again for the help.
  8. Thanks again Can anybody tell me what type of truck and trailer I would need to haul a truck this size? Also is there a specific place that I can look up the VIN number? Thanks
  9. What does A-20 stand for? I will have more info on the truck in a few weeks and thanks for the help.
  10. I'm looking for information about the Mack A-20 flat bed or possibly a dump bed. What is the approx. weight and length of this truck? I am told the truck runs and is in fair to good shape. Can anybody give me a range of value? Thanks for the help.
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