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  1. I found out the other day that this A20 scale wt is 7455. Where do you get parts the the A20? Thanks
  2. I just made the deal for this 1950 A-20. I'm as happy as a fat kid eating cake! Thanks again for the help.
  3. Thanks again Can anybody tell me what type of truck and trailer I would need to haul a truck this size? Also is there a specific place that I can look up the VIN number? Thanks
  4. What does A-20 stand for? I will have more info on the truck in a few weeks and thanks for the help.
  5. I'm looking for information about the Mack A-20 flat bed or possibly a dump bed. What is the approx. weight and length of this truck? I am told the truck runs and is in fair to good shape. Can anybody give me a range of value? Thanks for the help.
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