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  1. Vlad, speaking of the NR, these are the most extreme conversions that I've ever seen (Holland and New Zealand). .
  2. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/1008/Mack-photos-A-Tribute-to-the-Bulldog?PageIndex=2
  3. Vlad, I may be wrong............ Founded in 1946 near the U.S. Army's Memphis, Tennessee supply depot, Memphis Equipment Company begin selling trucks like GMC CCKWs right after the war to construction companies. They used to run a full-page advertisement in a construction industry newspaper showing over 100 types of military trucks for sale. Included was "the mighty Mack NO" with enclosed cabs, exactly as you see above. I believe these NOs were brought back from Europe. But before being shipped, I suspect they had enclosed cabs installed in France. Labor was cheap there after the war, and many small companies were fitting hand-built enclosed cabs onto American surplus trucks. Just a guess, but many had these cabs. Here's another NO in American with an enclosed cab that appears French in origin. https://midwestmilitary.com/news/wwii-mack-no-sale-7900-00/
  4. kscarbel2

    Those FWD COEs

    A "west coast" FWD conventional, model C6-489D, in Washington state. .
  5. kscarbel2

    Those FWD COEs

    Those FWD COE fire apparatus...... .
  6. kscarbel2

    Those FWD COEs

  7. Ford Trucks International / February 15, 2019 Continuing to expand our presence throughout Europe, Ford Trucks is delighted to introduce our all-new F-MAX in Bosnia-Herzegovina. .
  8. Sintered cam lobes https://www.sae.org/publications/technical-papers/content/2000-01-0397/
  9. kscarbel2

    Ford Trucks Launches F-MAX in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Sure, existing truck dealers can add the Ford Trucks franchise.
  10. kscarbel2

    Ford Trucks Launches F-MAX in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Yes, they do. And "Kamion Importer" is Ford's importing distributor. I do see that B-H hasn't been added to the dealer locator yet. Give them a week or so. https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/tr-en/find-dealer
  11. kscarbel2

    Ford F-MAX launched in the Czech Republic

    The all-new Ford F-MAX unveiled in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic. .
  12. Ford Trucks International / February 8, 2019 The New Big: The Ford Trucks F-MAX is now in the Czech Republic for a special product launch! Ford Trucks - Ready when you are! .
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    Ford Trucks Launches F-MAX in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    The hands-on introduction outside of the Marriott hotel. .
  14. Isuzu Trucks Australia Press Release / February 11, 2019 . . . .
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    Next Stage of the Acco

    Diesel News Australia / February 2019 The Iveco brand has had mixed fortunes in the Australian truck market, but is now unveiling the next stage of the Acco. The latest refresh sees the introduction of the X-Way model range and a completely new look for an old favourite. Tim Giles was there when the new trucks were unveiled. The Iveco organisation is one which has to balance a number of different options across its offering. It now has new International trucks on the market, plus a hangover from the old International brand, but still selling well, in the Acco, as well as a completely new range of European heavy duty trucks, the X-Way. While some models like the Acco continue to sell well, some of the newer editions to the Iveco offering coming from Europe have struggled to make an impact. For Iveco, the move over to the X-Way is an opportunity to break new ground and have better penetration in a truck market that is growing fast. One of the issues for the Iveco offering as a whole is the concept of the trucks as being a single brand. Many people understand there is an International brand, but then would describe the Acco as something separate and would have regarded the Powerstar as another type of truck. This would seem to leave the Iveco Stralis and Eurocargo as the only recognisable Ivecos in recent years. The introduction of the X-Way range will give the brand an opportunity to unify the brand into a more contiguous whole. This is being helped, in part, by one of the major changes taking place, the redesign of the Acco. The New Acco The basic layout and cab of the Acco design has been the same since 1972. Many features have been changed over the course of time between then and now but the basic skeleton on which the truck is built remains unchanged. Now, the entire truck is to be redesigned from the ground up. Iveco engineers have no choice, the next round of exhaust emission regulations will render the current design obsolete. The team at Iveco have had to go back to the drawing board and come up with a truck which can meet all of the needs of the current customer base, at the same time as meeting the environmental regulations of the future. The introduction of the X-Way models gives Iveco the ideal chance to work from an all-new base to create a truck which will have the opportunity become well-known as a garbage collection vehicle, a concrete agitator and a robust tipper, the new Acco. The parameters are clear and the close relationship between Iveco and the garbage and concrete operators of Australia means there is plenty of communication and feedback to make the new Acco able to handle the task with the same productivity and ease of use as the current model. The truck will be built in the Iveco facility at Dandenong in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. It will be available as both a 6×4 and an 8×4 with specific wheelbases developed to suit each vocation in which it has succeeded in the past. The model is currently in an evaluation phase where the basic model is being taken from the core design and then adapted across platforms to suit each vocation. At its core the truck uses the basic X-Way chassis design and an adapted cabin from the same truck. Iveco front axles on a two leaf parabolic suspension will be matched with a Meritor rear-end suspended on the Iveco eight bag air suspension. Of course, traction control and diff locks will be included. Another major change will be the fitting of the Cursor 9 engine rated at either 310 or 360hp, replacing the current Cummins ISL and offering higher power ratings. This engine uses Iveco’s Hi-eSCR technology cleaning up the emissions with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and not using Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) at all. The two engines put out 1300 and 1650Nm of torque respectively and will drive the back end through an Allison 3200 fully auto six speed transmission. Again, these torque ratings are an increase on those currently available with Cummins power. These are the aspects which will be radically different, but there are a number of requirements which will be matched in the new Acco. The wheelbase and chassis dimensions are vital when fitting equipment like garbage compactors. Final tare weight is still to be determined, but is expected to be very close to the original, depending on spec. These compactors have been honed over the years to do the job in the most efficient manner. The new chassis must be able to accommodate the body at the same ride height, length and fitting points. Wheelbase and turning circle are also vitally important in narrow suburban streets. The new Acco will either match or exceed the requirements of the garbage contractors. Wheel cut is expected to be much improved in the new Acco. The new cabin can be fitted with dual controls in the same way as the current Acco. The cabin itself will be roomier and taller with better visibility for the driver all round. Climate control will also be available along with the other comforts of a modern 21st century cabin, a distinct upgrade from the 1972 design. There are all the other trappings of the modern truck included in the standard specs of the new Acco. There will be Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Braking System (EBS), Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), axle load indicator, electronic battery cut-out and L.E.D daytime running lamps and rear L.E.D lights. “To replace a transport legend is no mean feat, so extensive local development has been undertaken in preparation for the next chapter of the Acco’s product life,” said Bruce Healy, Australia Business Director. “In developing the new Acco, Iveco has combined many of the much-loved attributes of the previous model with cutting-edge technology borrowed from the Stralis X-Way platform, it’s been a joint effort between our local engineering department and the design team at Iveco’s European headquarters. “Iveco is also very pleased to report that the Acco will continue to be manufactured right here in Australia at our Dandenong, Melbourne facility alongside our other truck models, the Stralis X-Way and Stralis AS-L.” .
  16. Senator Ted Cruz, The Washington Post / February 14, 2019 With Democrats and Republicans locked in a staring contest over border security, there’s a solution here that secures the border and won’t cost the taxpayers one dime: Let’s build a wall, and make El Chapo pay for it. Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, the infamous Mexican drug lord also known as “El Chapo,” was convicted Tuesday by a New York jury on 10 counts in connection with his years-long international drug-smuggling operation. El Chapo will be sentenced in June; after a history of high-profile escapes, he is expected to be incarcerated for life in ADX Florence, a “Supermax” prison in Colorado which houses dangerous criminals ranging from al-Qaeda operatives to the Unabomber. He deserves every day of a life sentence. In 2015, El Chapo boasted to Rolling Stone magazine that "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world.” That year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50,000 Americans died from opioid and other drug overdoses in the United States. By 2017, that number had jumped to more than 70,000. According to CNN, El Chapo claimed in 2014 that he had killed between 2,000 and 3,000 people. While exact numbers of Americans murdered by cartel members are difficult to determine, these deaths are a tragically regular occurrence, whether innocent teachers visiting Mexico or members of law enforcement in border states such as my own. The former leader of the murderous Sinaloa cartel made a killing from the death, addiction and misery he trafficked, to the tune of $14 billion in ill-gotten revenue across the cartel’s operations. These criminal assets, which are forfeit to the federal government, should be used to stop future criminals such as El Chapo, and to protect Americans from the suffering that cartels and gangs such as MS-13 continue to export around the world. That’s why I have reintroduced the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order (EL CHAPO) Act in the Senate. It would direct our government to use El Chapo’s drug fortune — and the fortunes of other drug lords — to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and invest in a border wall, technology, manpower and infrastructure that is sorely needed for comprehensive border security. Criminal asset forfeiture can occur after a conviction in a variety of circumstances; when a criminal has used a building, car, or secret fund to conduct illegal activities, the government can take it away. In this case, the difference is the sheer size of El Chapo’s operation. No matter what fraction of El Chapo’s holdings the federal government manages to seize, it will put a dent in our nation’s border security bills without affecting any funds currently going to victims or law enforcement. The Democratic Party should embrace this solution. In 2013, the vast majority of Senate Democrats voted for 350 miles of additional border fencing. But in the lead-up to the last government shutdown, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) insisted that President Trump’s request for 234 miles was unacceptable because it violated the president’s campaign promise to have Mexico pay for it. “The American people are still paying the price,” Pelosi claimed in December. “Mexico is not paying for this wall.” Similarly, Schumer said: “The president repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for his unnecessary and ineffective border wall.” I’m sure that Americans are grateful for Pelosi and Schumer finding one cause they won’t tax-and-spend for. But the EL CHAPO Act sidesteps these funding problems. Everyone should support taking money from murderers, drug smugglers and human traffickers such as El Chapo and using it to prevent murder, drug smuggling and human trafficking — all without costing the American taxpayers one dime, or adding anything to the federal budget. That’s what the EL CHAPO Act would do. People across the United States are desperate for a sign that Washington is ready and willing to protect them from dangerous criminals and porous borders. And taxpayers of every political background appreciate the increasingly rare occasions when Congress is fiscally responsible. The EL CHAPO Act satisfies all of these reasonable concerns. Congress has two clear mandates from the American people: secure the border and save money. So let’s build a wall, and make El Chapo pay for it.
  17. kscarbel2

    International HX Test Drive

    Call it a weakness, I always zoom in on how the wiring, air hoses, AC hoses and coolant hoses are all plumbed, kind of a lead in to the truck's overall assembly quality, and this truck looks quite good. The Navistar team has been hard at work, and this is evidence.
  18. kscarbel2

    Ford Trucks Launches F-MAX in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    The people from Ford Trucks International are driven. Their passion for trucks......Ford Trucks......is overflowing.
  19. kscarbel2

    General Motors News

    GM recalling nearly 800,000 pickup trucks worldwide Reuters / August 4, 2017 WASHINGTON -- General Motors is recalling nearly 800,000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 pickup trucks worldwide that could lose power steering, according to documents made public Friday. The largest U.S. automaker said the 2014 model year trucks could suffer a temporary loss of electric power steering, especially during low-speed turning maneuvers, according to documents disclosed Friday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The recall includes about 690,000 vehicles in the U.S., 80,000 in Canada and around 25,000 in other markets. GM dealers will reflash the vehicle's software to address the defect. GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson did not have any details on whether crashes or injuries are connected to the recall. GM told regulators that before the 2015 model year it made a series of changes to address potential sources of temporary low voltage conditions that disable the power steering. GM has not said when dealers will begin repairing vehicles.
  20. kscarbel2

    2019 mack wipers on headlights on

    When you contacted your Mack brand sales person, or his service manager, what did they say ?
  21. I'm good with that. The most innovative ideas come from thinking outside the box.
  22. kscarbel2

    Dodge Bighorn

    The W600 all-wheel-drive models were rugged, with two cast iron levers protruding through the floorboard, alike a WM300. Many were exported. .
  23. kscarbel2

    Dodge Bighorn

  24. kscarbel2

    Dodge Bighorn

  25. kscarbel2

    "BMT Investors" Bulletin Board

    Stock buybacks spark debate U.S. companies repurchased more than $1 trillion of their own stock in 2018, but that may change going forward. In recent weeks, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have proposed legislation that would either disincentivize or place limitations on the practice. Opponents of share repurchasing believe it promotes wealth disparity by rewarding shareholders at the expense of workers and long-term projects, while advocates say corporate leaders should be allowed to allocate capital however they see fit.

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