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  1. As the British would say, it looks very tidy under the bonnet. Send your VIN off to the museum and they will send a folder back with information on your truck. The museum runs off donations so please make a donation for this service. It sometimes takes a little time to receive your packet because much of the staff is volunteer. I have always found it worth the wait. Here's the link to the museum. https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/
  2. This rig uses a variation of a gravity dump. Release the catch while loaded and slam on the brakes and the bed dumps the material. Go in reverse and hit the brakes and the bed will reset. A couple of videos. It is a single function vehicle so as hydraulics improved for the construction equipment industry, a multi-use wheeled loader would run circles around a Dumptor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siGtpP2biwg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnTjY6EDVHU
  3. OK. A Koehring Dumptor is the rig you are describing (I think). I will post in Tractors and Equipment.
  4. Don't forget their errand boy Comey.
  5. Thanks for posting but that is just sad looking. Were they using a loader to push it around? WTH!
  6. Here is a little more info about the 1963 DC-200 and Saw Mill Trucking, Yonkers, NY. http://hankstruckforum.com/htforum/index.php?topic=41276.0 https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/30336-autocars/?page=2 scroll down a little https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/41392-1963-autocar-dc-200-big-truck/ posted For Sale
  7. You may be able to get some used steering wheel guts through http://www.globaltrucktraders.com/
  8. Parts were more generic back in the day. The same part would sometimes fit tractors, cars and trucks. Did you send the trucks VIN to the Mack Truck Historical Museum to get more info?
  9. Glad to see the rig will be out and about under power! Better than collecting dust hidden away. Yes, an OEM engine would be nice to still have under the hood but sometimes that just isn't in the cards.
  10. Why is there such a push to legalize more drugs? To keep the "people" stoned and happy.... Maybe happy people ask fewer questions?
  11. I couldn't find the original post. Here is some previous conversation. You could send a PM to Firemack. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/16835-electronic-ignition/
  12. The FN model was built in 1940-1941 with 150 being produced.
  13. I pilfered this pic off of CAT. I would say this bad boy rules the sandbox! Sorry, it may not be a spade.
  14. No problem making divots on a golf course. Oh, patching divots.... Not a chance!
  15. Handy size to do landscaping jobs.
  16. Same here! There was supposedly lots of strength and safety built into the product but.... Lack of good visibility for the driver was a detriment. Nothing is more exciting than maneuvering a trailer when you are sitting as low as a sports car.
  17. Link-Belt Speeder loading a Euclid dump truck.
  18. Super clean 1975 Brockway F761LL. Born with a 1674 CAT for power.
  19. Here is a Mack LJ equipped with a Holmes 750 seen in 2015.
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