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  1. The unmistakable look of an offset cab, heavy haul Mack LM tractor.
  2. Don't see that everyday!
  3. Holy Shit! I guess it is good that he is not hurt but he needs a good talking to. Now we will never know what was causing the noise... Only thing missing is "Hold my beer and watch this!"
  4. Heavy tractor from the Sterling Motor Truck, Co. of Milwaukee, WI.
  5. A Bitsa. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
  6. Good looking hauler powered by Cummins.
  7. Equipped with a pintle hitch on the heavy steel front bumper, extra large air cleaner housing and an Allison transmission. Seen at the Spa 2019.
  8. Think you will need to stay with a 673 or 711 style balancer. Is the crank bolt tight? New noises or vibration?
  9. Saw this little rig today. Markings on the dashboard indicate it had been a military vehicle. Exterior painted with a roller. Modified sheet metal for the front mounted winch.
  10. We can only dream at this point. Mack used to make some fine heavy iron...
  11. You have a Continental 271. The pump can be rebuilt unless something really bad has happened. Clark forklifts used Continental engines for many years so cores should be out there if needed. You could check with these folks or cruise the web for water pump rebuilders. http://www.waterpumpkit.com/home.html
  12. Wasn't able to verify what was under the hood. The door tag said 773 which is for a DD 8V71N, but it appeared the tag had been moved around. Either way , it looked like a fine puppy to visit the Spa.
  13. Saw this picture on ebay of the crew all over the Mack. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MACK-B-series-Waylon-Jennings-Band-Equipment-Semi-Macungie-PA-Photo-48-RARE/323724215285?hash=item4b5f7783f5:g:LqUAAOSwhspb3PhO
  14. Yup, I used a Donaldson off a DM for my B75. It has a bit more space to mount the filter compared to a B42 so one a little shorter will have to be on the shopping list.
  15. Ahh.... electrical gremlins. Gotta luv 'em. Using a test light or meter, do you have 12 volt power going into the backup switch? Power out of the switch? Unfortunately, have seen new switches be defective. Check the continuity of the wire to the back of the truck. Sometimes the wire will corrode internally and can't carry amps but it shows volts are getting through. Use a spare battery and a jumper wire and see if the alarm/lights work using a direct power source. Maybe someone added another fuse? Can't answer that one for you. Rest assured it will probably be something simple but in a bitch location on the truck
  16. Liked the airbrush wood on this modified Willys. Think I would have picked a different style of wheel. A little more chrome work on the bumpers will help finish it off.
  17. Watch the grade crossing as you go through Winfall so you don't high center that trailer!
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