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  1. Fine chain drive example with hard rubber rear tires.
  2. A PRM Concrete Autocar with a Rex mixer retired in NH.
  3. 3406 but not sure which variant is under the hood.
  4. Nice parts chaser!
  5. Pretty sure no regulators, no permits, no inspections, no calls to Dig Safe were part of this project! Git R Done!
  6. Don't know what size the machine was. It generally seems to be about the 22-B size. The silt fence must have been on back order...
  7. If I could get the Autocar your way with some bubble wrap and a few stamps, it would be already shipped!
  8. They are getting a full pull on that belly dump! The rig with the dump trailer could be a hydraulic tank under the pass. door? Sort of has that appearance. The truck with the Christmas lights appears that it may have air start.
  9. From a simpler and funnier time, eh!
  10. Right, I see that. I was saying that the vehicle painted "Avella's" and "Highpoint" are the same truck. I don't have a time frame as to when the repaint occurred.
  11. Steve Avella owned Highpoint Garage in Union City. Are they the same truck? Can't say for sure but I imagine that there weren't two trucks. Things get repainted especially in Jersey! Some info from the way back machine. Your mileage may vary... http://forums.dhsdiecast.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=111586
  12. Years of service from the Binder and NO electronics!
  13. I have had excellent service from my 2005 Massey 1533 by AGCO and a JD 950 which was a Yanmar painted green. A friend had a 2 or 3 year earlier JD 950 and I think he said it was built in Germany. Don't mind global products but I am trying wean myself away from Chinese products and some electrical components from Mexico.
  14. I am confidant that the PRC is analyzing all the information from the C-19 pandemic. Probably have determined that It will take less men and weapons to bring the world down compared to their previous data.
  15. With some processing and screening the loam can even be made into smaller loam. Too bad there is so much dirt mixed in with it...
  16. Welcome! Nothing better than a truck with some personal history to your family.
  17. That is probably a good idea not to shoot them all up. It will allow more wood fiber to go toward the production of toilet paper instead of plywood...
  18. Some events are getting cancelled because of the insurers. Covid 19 is new and no one knows the damages and associated issues. So, they are covering themselves by pulling insurance versus having a bunch of people sue them because they went to X event and now have the virus.
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