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  1. Chelsea 8-bolt PTO – fits most Fuller transmissions - cable operated, not air shift. - $150 Permco hydraulic dump pump - mounts to above PTO - cable operated, not air shift. - $150 (PTO and pump worked fine when taken off…just upgrading) Call Jeff at (716) 997-1016 cell · PRICES ARE FIRM · CASH ONLY – no checks, money orders, etc. · PICKUP ONLY in Canandaigua, NY 14424
  2. OK Have some final pics of the outside...will add some interior pics later this week
  3. OK...just a teaser before the big photo spread in a couple weeks...getting the chrome/polished goodies put on!
  4. Putting the headache rack and wet system on today!
  5. Making progress! Still have to do the interior, wet system, headache rack and rear lights.
  6. Out of the paint shop...now to final assembly!
  7. FINALLY got her into the paint shop for the cab and new hood. (and yes, I had them clean out the air intake and seal it off after this pic was taken!)
  8. Love to post more, BUT truck is still at the paint shop...they've been buried, but they should finally be starting on it next week....
  9. Christmas came early this year! LOL Below is a pic of the new aluminum headache rack with 70 gallon hydraulic tank, stop/tail/turn lights, emergency light bar, chain hangers, chain trays and jail bar window. I'm sure it will look nicer when mounted on the truck...you'll just have to wait and see ;-) Jeff...
  10. At the paint shop!...getting a new hood and glass and then paint the hood and cab the same color as the frame.
  11. Getting her ready for the new fifth wheel - Holland air slide FW-35
  12. Finally! Got the tires, rims, and wheels all mounted up...new brakes, drums, wheel seals, bearings, slack adjusters, air cans, etc., etc. Now to get the fifth wheel and fenders mounted up.
  13. Spoke wheels too...my 4 new spoke wheels for the rears were $1,200 each from Mack.
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