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  1. Grote still makes the 7" turn signals...I think the part # is 78150.
  2. My '81 RDSX has 58k rears and a triple frame...I believe it was an option with 58k and 65k rears.
  3. 1982 RD686SX. EM6-300 tip turbine Maxidyne (runs like new, no smoke, good oil pressure), 6 speed low hole, power steering, triple frame (very tight, no rust jacking or spread), 18 front, 58 rears geared at 5.02. Truck was a factory roll-off and was stored inside most of its life. No rust-through or rot. I had the frame professionally shortened (just pulled a section of the drive line and slid the rears forward). Truck is now perfect for a 16' dump body or tractor. Plenty of room for 3rd axle. Still has rear transmission PTO and pump. Just add paint and tires and she's ready for the road! Hate to sell, but plans do change. Have more pics if needed. Truck is located in Buffalo, NY. Asking $14,000 obo (716) 997-1016 Jeff
  4. I also found a link on the Eaton/Fuller Roadranger web site that does road speed calculations: http://www.roadranger.com/ecm/groups/public/@pub/@eaton/@roadranger/documents/content/ct_062746.swf
  5. Hi Alex, I measured today and the width is about 32",which is shorter than your piece due to the triple frame, so it won't fit. But I do certainly appreciate your help! Jeff...
  6. Thanks...I will measure on Monday and let you know.
  7. Hi Alex, That looks like right one...do you know if it came out of a triple-framed truck? Jeff...
  8. Looking for the rearmost frame crossmember (where the tail lights are mounted) for a triple framed 82 RD. My truck was a roll-off and didn't come from the factory with one. The donor part should come from a triple framed truck, either RD or DM. I'm not sure if one from a B model would fit? Thanks, Jeff
  9. metal cowl around steering wheel puts it at '66-'72...on the hook means "big discount" to me LOL
  10. Looking for 12 speed trans., specifically "old" style with "mud stick" (trans. model number TRTXL 1070), rather than newer style (TRTXL 1070B).
  11. Looking for 12 speed trans., specifically "old" style with "mud stick" (trans. model number TRTXL 1070), rather than newer style (TRTXL 1070B).
  12. The CRD 200 series carries are extremely heavy duty. Unless you've hauling oversize/overweight, like dragline or something, it's overkill, in my opinion. Plus, new parts will be hard to find and VERY expensive. I'd stick with the 92/93 series.
  13. I'll definitely give those guys a call... Here's another question...I've looked at my EM6-285 and compared it with the E6-350 tip turbine and all my service manuals. Everything looks the same: bore, stroke, intercooler, etc. What would I need to do to make my EM6-285 into a E6-350? Charge the injection pump or heads or?
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