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  1. Just got her back from a frame sandblast and paint You can see the color difference in the wheels vs. the frame. The color is a 2019 Chevrolet color called "Red Hot". Shout out to Hawk Frame and Axle in Rochester, NY for their great work!
  2. No, I'm going to go all red, with black roof, sun visor, air cleaner, fuel tank straps, axle caps, wheel wedges and lug nuts...those are the colors I grew up with.
  3. No, I'll be hauling either dump trailer or tipper/live floors with this truck.
  4. A few more updates...got her in the shop and started the teardown...replacing the rear spring pads and center bushings and 2 torque rods....new king pins up front. Plus a few pics of me cutting off the very large number of rusted bolts! Truck left today for a frame sand blast and paint.
  5. Price is was reasonable...No rust on cab..surface rust on chassis and a small amount between the frame rails on the right side...nothing a sledgehammer and chassis saver primer won't fix!
  6. Hello all...been on here a while, but starting a new project and I know how you all love to see pictures of the project as it goes along (as do I). Bought this 10 wheel dump in NJ in August...spec'd out the way I like them...2001 Mack RD688SX with tractor package (even though it was a dump truck when I bought it) E7-350, Fuller 8LL, 18 front, 58 rears geared at 5.02, 12R24.5 tires on daytons, 238k original miles. I plan to totally rebuild this truck to a "working show truck status" and will update as progress continues. Here's two pics: when I bought it and after the dump body was removed. Have to give a shout out to Thru-Way Spring in Rochester, NY for the great job they did removing the old dump body, while preserving the frame rails in the process. Hope you all enjoy...I welcome feedback and questions/suggestions as the project continues! Jeff...
  7. Grote still makes the 7" turn signals...I think the part # is 78150.
  8. My '81 RDSX has 58k rears and a triple frame...I believe it was an option with 58k and 65k rears.
  9. 1982 RD686SX. EM6-300 tip turbine Maxidyne (runs like new, no smoke, good oil pressure), 6 speed low hole, power steering, triple frame (very tight, no rust jacking or spread), 18 front, 58 rears geared at 5.02. Truck was a factory roll-off and was stored inside most of its life. No rust-through or rot. I had the frame professionally shortened (just pulled a section of the drive line and slid the rears forward). Truck is now perfect for a 16' dump body or tractor. Plenty of room for 3rd axle. Still has rear transmission PTO and pump. Just add paint and tires and she's ready for the road! Hate to sell, but plans do change. Have more pics if needed. Truck is located in Buffalo, NY. Asking $14,000 obo (716) 997-1016 Jeff
  10. I also found a link on the Eaton/Fuller Roadranger web site that does road speed calculations: http://www.roadranger.com/ecm/groups/public/@pub/@eaton/@roadranger/documents/content/ct_062746.swf
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