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  1. At the paint shop!...getting a new hood and glass and then paint the hood and cab the same color as the frame.
  2. Getting her ready for the new fifth wheel - Holland air slide FW-35
  3. Finally! Got the tires, rims, and wheels all mounted up...new brakes, drums, wheel seals, bearings, slack adjusters, air cans, etc., etc. Now to get the fifth wheel and fenders mounted up.
  4. Spoke wheels too...my 4 new spoke wheels for the rears were $1,200 each from Mack.
  5. Very good advice on the cutting/sparks...fortunately all paint and glass/mirrors are being replaced 🙂
  6. I actually got the spacers for $4 each NOS. The guy has lots of them. For the price , I bought 8!
  7. I can't believe the pics are right-side up! Must be my lucky day!
  8. Hello All, A quick update...got the wheels and tires in...just have to mount them. Got a good deal on 10 Goodyear Workhorse MSA 12R x 24.5s...the new spoke wheels and Dayton rims were VERY hard to locate....I guess the days of the spoke wheels are coming to an end (or I'm getting too old! LOL) I'm sure someone will turn these pics for me 😉 Jeff...
  9. OK More updates...all new spoke wheels (got 4 of the last 6 Mack has..I guess this is end of the spoke era?), brake drums, brake shoes, air cans, cam bushings, wheels bearings and seals, etc. Just waiting on the tires and rims to arrive so we can set the height for the new fifth wheel and new rear fenders. P.S. As usual, I cannot get these pics rotated correctly..if someone could do that, I'd certainly be thankful! Jeff...
  10. Is that a Read Screenall? Haven't seen or in a long time.
  11. Thanks for rotating!...I'll try 41chevy's advice for next time.
  12. Does anyone know how to rotate the pictures on this site?
  13. Got the new floor and brake and accelerator pedals replaced. Also, while we had the floor out, we replaced the cab air bags and shocks, as well as the rear motor mounts. Making progress!
  14. Time for an update...after the frame sandblast and paint, It's time for new brakes, wheels, rims, tires, front springs and shocks...plus a new cab floor. Here are few pics as we start:
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