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  1. Most good shops will have hose and fittings in stock with an in house crimping machine. Bring the old hose and your pictures so they can see what is going on. There is a construction difference between a pressure and suction line.
  2. Once proud warrior now in the brush. The B-63 was available between 1954-1958 with 2,028 unit produced.
  3. A couple pictures might help identify it. Marmon-Herrington and Coleman both did conversions. May be a home brew?
  4. That will look great at your house! There was a sod farm about an hour from here that had a crawler forklift years ago. Don't recall the brand. The maneuverability and speed of pneumatic float tire forklifts made it obsolete.
  5. Might need to install a warning beacon for low flying aircraft!
  6. Shown at Barrington in 1999. Don't see too many B models done in brown paint.
  7. On this truck, the bracket also has the shock mount and the other spring just has a shock mount. Clevis for tie down would be OK (maybe). If a truck was really stuck, I would put the chain someplace else. The U bolt mount is only in single shear and for real pulling double shear is much better with more strength.
  8. Holy Cow! That is Wild! NZ Stonehenge? Go ahead. Put that in your crusher! 😃
  9. Nice! Always good to keep life interesting!
  10. Most Amish, I have seen, lead fairly strict lives. Mennonites dress in a similar way and have many of the same religious teachings but they have and drive cars and such. Talked to a Mennonite fellow back in 1978 in the Lancaster, PA area and he drove a Benz and had a fleet of Peterbilt's trucking petroleum products. Should have asked him why he wasn't running Mack equipment considering that Allentown was just down the road?
  11. And there is even fresh white paint on the wheels and hubs!
  12. Don't forget the Tawana Brawley case in 1987 that tore apart NY and help give raise to "Rev" Al Sharpton. She claimed rape by white guys and it turned out to be fake. With this most recent event, who was protecting the cop if he is a problem? Police admin or the police union?
  13. Clean and green heavy tractor. Picture is from 20 years ago or so.
  14. Sorry, I don't have the info for the salmon red paint Mack used. I have seen some engines painted with Rustoleum Victory Red or Dupli-Color DE1607 which is the Chevrolet red-orange which is different than Chevy orange. Neither are a good match.
  15. The boys from All States have this contract. I haven't crossed the river or been up north much this spring to see what PII has lined up for projects. Just thought of a fun question, did Milo really have a purple Lamborghini?
  16. Maxidyne Gold. Close replacement is Dupli-Color DE1604 Universal Gold. Can be purchased at parts stores, Summit, Jeg's, Amazon, etc.
  17. Great looking example of a truck brand from days gone by. Pic from 2010.
  18. Every so often I try to move this rock on the back forty. Haven't made much progress... It ain't the Granite State for nothing! Saw same milling down the street this morning. They had the Wirtgen wound right up!
  19. Never messed with ABS so I am out on that. Even though the truck brakes have worked correctly in the past, it might be a good idea to get another "built as a tractor" truck and see where your truck is different. It is clear something isn't releasing but it is hard to say what over the phone. Maybe a line got hooked incorrectly with all the parts swapping?
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