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  1. Shown at Macungie and is absolutely fabulous!!! E9 500 HP Mack power.
  2. j hancock

    I Swear

    Going to keep it a quiet for a little bit because I have to tell a friend about it. He has been yapping about getting a K Dub. Because of that, the family possibly will have to do an intervention and maybe put him in rehab. On the other hand, I am playing the role of being a bad influence! It is about 123.8 miles from your place on the other side of the river. Saw you and the Mrs. guarding the mudflaps of your truck on the show field but when I checked back, no one was there. I will have to stop in at the Spa this fall maybe. Ha! Hmmm.... maybe they are hiding it on him..... Yup, he will probably claim he just parked it there and all brush grew since last Thursday morning! Pretty much rooting the ground! On our side of the lagoon and since this is a family show, we will just say it has been settin' for a bit.
  3. j hancock

    I Swear

    Would be nice! Different stripe detail and a much smaller bunk. Then again... Stuff does get changed around.
  4. j hancock

    I Swear

    I might stop another time and check it out further. It was getting to be dusk and this is farmer's shotgun territory. No need to startle anyone!
  5. j hancock

    I Swear

    There is a Kenworth W900 with a bunk under all the foliage. Saw it on the way back home after Macungie in upstate New Yawk.
  6. Well, that's ugggly. Recent machine work performed by Bucky the beaver.
  7. Call those type of folks Paul Harvey. Eventually, you get "The Rest of the Story".
  8. Typesetting equipment? You do have a range of interests!
  9. Nice looking B-71. Need to get that out of the weeds!
  10. Initial cost is about $3,000.00 plus shipping for an aftermarket piece. How much can you do? Don't know what a shop might charge. https://www.stengelbros.net/product.asp?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn9yytPnj4gIVB_5kCh1C7AsGEAkYASABEgKcxfD_BwE&itemid=7211
  11. Right you are. Mack RD-800. Perfect size for a grocery getter!
  12. Had been working. Picture from a Friday pm before a long weekend!
  13. Hello Carl, Glad you stopped in! Are you heading to Macungie? Great pics and the trucks certainly do have some nice striping! Beautiful trucks!
  14. Air cylinder out front for lifting the snow plow.
  15. Best of luck in your pursuit. The radiator and hood look wrong for a Mack. Maybe someone changed things? Some of the front end details points to it possibly being a Mack AB model bus chassis built as a fire truck. The very early Mack AB trucks that I have looked at have the VIN stamped on the left front frame horn (yellow arrow). Can't remember if the later ones were stamped in the same spot.
  16. Well, that sucks! Didn't remember what year it was but sort of thought it was pre computer. Hope you get it handled because it looks a little too good to become a toaster.
  17. I would wonder more about the Deadwood Graveyard Delight....
  18. Ha! Have a safe trip up. A car will be more comfortable but the Dodge pickup would look great on the show field.
  19. I have not heard or read much about the history of the Construcktor model but I have always liked Autocar more than White.
  20. Damn! It will be good to see both of you!
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