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  1. Never messed with ABS so I am out on that. Even though the truck brakes have worked correctly in the past, it might be a good idea to get another "built as a tractor" truck and see where your truck is different. It is clear something isn't releasing but it is hard to say what over the phone. Maybe a line got hooked incorrectly with all the parts swapping?
  2. Nice chunks of future aggregate!
  3. Powered supplied by a Detroit Fuel Pincher 8.2L engine. Picture from 2010.
  4. Handsome little rig powered by a Mack script Continental gasoline engine.
  5. It is the Saratoga County Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa, NY and sure is nice to get out of the sun or rain at the show!
  6. Shared the road with Mack E model trucks.
  7. Hey! Glad you found that. I set it down and just couldn't remember where I had left it...
  8. Does it do the same thing with other trailers or just this one? That may help isolate whether it is truck problem or a trailer problem. Bad trailer relay valve? Bendix has an air brake handbook pdf on the web with all sorts of info
  9. As seen on youtube. Making it look easy!
  10. Does Hunter Biden get his job back in the Ukraine if daddy wins in November?
  11. Delivery truck for the Happy Pig Beer Co. owned by Gary Mahan.
  12. What letters and numbers are stamped on the block within the red circle?
  13. How is Biden's dementia progressing? Less than stellar candidates...
  14. Fine looking rig with fifth wheel and winch parked in the shade.
  15. Probably a previous Waste Management vehicle. It has been cleaned up and on the road again with an independent hauler.
  16. I would suggest a change to the old folklore of Paul Bunyan and Babe. Babe wasn't actually a Blue Ox but a yellow Dog!
  17. There is a heater. Painted black and right in front of pass seat.
  18. A Mack V8 powered Brockway would be interesting but some Huskie folks would have an absolute conniption fit with that!!
  19. 1951 Mack LTL now with Cummins power replacing the original Hall Scott gasoline engine. LTL2D1452
  20. I took the picture in 2014 and haven't seen the truck since. Last I knew it was still in Maine.
  21. Modified and upgraded over the years. Pic from 2014. Still was looking good at Macungie last year. 1977 Brockway 760.
  22. Trump makes a proposal. Some elephants bitch and some donkeys bitch. It's too much or not enough. Obama made a proposal. Some elephants bitch and some donkeys bitch. It's too much or not enough. Trump, non-partisan...? Obama, non-partisan...? Complaints from both sides doesn't equate to good n-p leadership.
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