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  1. j hancock's post in Mack Mining Lowboy Truck was marked as the answer   
    That's a Mack M series off road truck.  Powered by Mack, Cummins or Detroit Diesel engines depending on model.
    Here is a link to some previous discussion.
  2. j hancock's post in cant find air box gaskets for 77 r model was marked as the answer   
    Try Mack 16MD23 which crosses over to Donaldson P116891 and Baldwin G25-AF.
  3. j hancock's post in Driveline vibration was marked as the answer   
    This Spicer info may help. It deals with phasing, acceptable angles for the drive shaft and pinion angles and multiple shaft issues.
  4. j hancock's post in Hmmmmm.....i should probably...... was marked as the answer   
    Soooooo, you're saying your job sucks?
  5. j hancock's post in Odds and Ends of the Day was marked as the answer   
    Never let good things go to waste. It is better to reuse, than to recycle.
    The cooler from NutriSystem will be good for diet soda and diet beer ummmm......Beer!
  6. j hancock's post in Rain predicted! was marked as the answer   
    But....won't the rain fill the pond up......?
  7. j hancock's post in 707B engin e pushing oil from breathers was marked as the answer   
    If the truck is running breathers it may not have the tube. The vent tube would be connected to your valve cover and then run down along the side of the engine toward the ground. It was just a way to allow any pres. built up to vent to the atmosphere.
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