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cant find air box gaskets for 77 r model

diggin dirt
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this might be the wrong forum but... my parts man might be lazy but he cant find the gaskets for my dual air cleaner r model. i think they measure 15 in. OD and 13 in. ID with 12 holes for 5/16 bolts. there are 2 gaskets that appear to interchange. i would love to walk in the parts house with a part # and show that guy. any help would be much appreciated.

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Ok, everyone should be sitting for this………….this is what happened with me

As always j hancock has the # right. In my opinion anyway.

When I buy filter elements from Mack, they started not coming with the gasket. Not usually a big deal because they are usually in good shape.

My R688 needed the filter gasket ,so I had to order one from Mack.

The gasket 16MD23 has another # also, not sure if it is the volvo #, its 21A02 It is what you described diggin , 12 holes, aprox. 15 inches O/D

It cost $ 38.83.

The filter element 57MD31A cost $ 33.76

I can't figure this out, I guess its above my pay grade.

Here's a pic of my air cleaner diggn, hope it helps



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i'm sorry i'm so slow to respond to everybody but my puter took a dump for ahwile. i took the j hancock advice and ordered the baldwin g25-af and they are a perfect fit. my parts guy wont look at me in the face when i walk in the parts house. they only cost me 6 bucks each. i'm self employed and use my 77 r model most every day. i rebuilt my engine with help from you guys and it runs like a champ. thanks again!!!

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