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  1. Superdog's post in Air cleaner hose(s) for R and DM models was marked as the answer   
    The tip turbine engines used a dual element air cleaner,one feeds the intake,the other goes to the tip turbine. There are 2 filters in those canisters.
  2. Superdog's post in Not Sure? was marked as the answer   
    Tons and tons of old Cummins powered Macks had Mack transmissions. I've also seen a RWS770 with a 12 speed,and a CL733 with a 18 speed Mack
  3. Superdog's post in 1988 RW 613 Superliner, Motor E6 400 I'm interested "help" was marked as the answer   
    They never made a E6-400, just a 350 with the pump bumped up.
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