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  1. Yes I still have it ,and no its not for sale,my son has promised to dig a big hole and bury me in it when I die.
  2. I was going to pull motor for the '71 I ended up selling to Kamp's,but I just never could bring myself to knock it in the head,a hood and some paint and it'd be a nice little tractor. Damn thing holds air better than most new trucks.
  3. 1977 R685ST,under 400k actual miles,237.5 speed,4:17's on Camelback,runs good,solid cab,super clean frame,$2500 firm.
  4. My Great Grandpa was a IH farm machinery dealer from the 'early 30's until 1950.That's how my Grandpa got started trucking livestock,he would deliver new tractor or whatever with a D series IH,then fold rack up and haul the horses or or cows that were traded back to town.When Grandpa started trucking full time,he always ran gas pwered IH trucks until 1970,when he bought Dad a GMC Crackerbox,then started buying Macks from '72 on,so I have a soft spot for those as well as the Farmall tractors. Currently I have 3 K models,2 L models,2 R190's,a 1600 Loadstar,and a S2575.
  5. I'll email you a guys number,he has several of the old B's and may be able to help you out,He ended up with the 3 I had.
  6. It woulkd have a ENDT673C,250 hp according to Serial # tag
  7. He's probabably thinking that because of the air cleaner having 2 tubes,probably never seen one of the old style aircleaners
  8. Glenn,can you send me some pics of the '67?
  9. it would be a nice truck if frame wasn't rotten, has a 2 valve 350 with a 13 speed.
  10. about the same I'd guess,gotten rid of several,and done alot of trading
  11. Some R models I've picked up recently,'75 R685,'85 RS688,"66 R609,and '89 R690
  12. H model cabs were hydraulic tilt,not spring
  13. wonder what last 2 digits are,could be a prototype
  14. the caption is a misprint,the 350 wasn't available in 1978. I'm thinking that truck just had a 237. I saw it several years ago at a ATHS show,but just can't remember
  15. 1985 DM686S, ENDT676,2 stick 6 speed,44k rears on Mack walking beam,cab and hood rough,runs good,under 300k miles,no title,for parts or off road use only - $4500 OBO 1993 CH613,E7-350,Fuller 9 speed, Mack rears on air ride,under 500k miles,but rough shape,runs, have title - $3500 OBO 2007 CXN613,E7 427,Mack 13 speed,air ride,under 500k miles,runs good,frame is broke,no title,for parts only - $5500 OBO
  16. Woke my old '67 R615 up from a 10+ year nap a couple days ago,think its time to find it a new home video-1568245727.mp4
  17. Superdog

    1936 Mack

    yes the starting price mite seem high,but you also notice it has a MAKE OFFER option. From my experience selling stuff,it seems as though making offers and bargaining have become a thing of the past for some reason,everyone just looks at asking price and says seller is asking too much.
  18. I've seen 6V92's in 600's,but never a 8V,that code is correct for a 8V71
  19. 612 was the ETAZ673A,known as the 300+ rated at 315 hp,688 was the E6-350
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