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  1. Mike Gully,Gully Transportation,Quincy,IL
  2. check the buttons & springs in the transfer pump
  3. After several years of searching,finally scored a Western hood with radiator access door,fresh from CA via the ATHS relay system.
  4. wish they would,best lookig flaps Mack had
  5. frames good,could use a sanblasting,but no cracks or bad rust jacking between rails
  6. sorry,no,looking for a pair myself
  7. depends on how good you want,pm me
  8. its not going anywhere until the ground dries up enough to get something close enough to tug it out of its ruts,seems like it has to rain everyday.
  9. yep,a friend of mine is working on the brakes for me,has one thats hanging up,I've never messed much with wedge brakes but he seemed to think it wouldn't need much.
  10. I'll see if I can get my daughter to take a video,but not til I get the dual 4 in.straight pipes on it
  11. cab is real nice,interior needs some tlc
  12. yes it is then a local Co-op had it.,only showing 207k miles,I'm guessing its actual. EM6-300 with a 5 speed. Gonna need some TLC and a real good interior cleaning,but really solid.
  13. Got this home from southern MO Sat. Total mutt,8V71,RTO9513,Eaton rears and Reyco susp.
  14. Got this on trade a couple weeks ago,had some time this afternoon,so I thought I'd see if I could get it home,got it woke up from its 8+ year nap,but ground too soft to get it moved out
  15. is the VIN tag still on the door? if so,what does it it show for model #,that will tell what engine it has,or at least was built with.
  16. Very hard to find,any glass shop I've ever checked with has had no luck,check with anyplace that specializes in parting firetrucks,the CF used same windshield. Nice looking western F,what are the specs?
  17. Superdog


    I'm pretty sure the engine I have is still complete,I did take flywheel off a few years ago for another guy,but he ended up not needing it. Next time I have my brothers loader tractor here I will lift it up so I can see both sides to make sure nothing else missing.
  18. Superdog


    do you mind if it's stuck?
  19. guess you'd call it level one,the 3 levels of Cruiseliner interiors were Standard,Custom,and Deluxe.If I remember right Standard was available in brown only,Custom was diamond tucked,no buttons,available in brown or black,and Deluxe was diamonond tucked with buttons,in brown,black,red,or blue.
  20. still have it and 4 others,75,'79,and 2 '83's
  21. no,that was the standard interior for the Cruiseliner
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