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  1. 1947 all original Geyhound Bus

    you're right, but so are they.... one of the problems with bus conversions to RV is that most buses are monocoque with no frame, I've seen some conversions that have altered the floor to get more inside height and they wiggle as you drive them, then some try to alter door frames and add slideouts, never mind the overweight kitchens and bathrooms, some folks think they can create a house inside a bus frame using house building materials. On some models if you remove the plywood floor and drive it the structure will permanently deform. yes, vintage buses converted to an RV would be an interesting subject to discuss with RIV, I know of a few conversions brought in on an exemption but they needed a full inspection and engineers report before licencing, and if you fail it has to go back to the US where the title was previously cancelled so you are in limbo if it is not allowed back in... not worth the effort. the current process is to bring in a titled pre '71 bus with seats (exempt from fed rules), get it inspected as a commercial bus, title it, gut it, build an RV and change title... post '71 needs CMVSS confirmation from manufacturer.... buses built in Canada and directly exported to US may not qualify to be re-imported to Canada unless they were built to dual CMVSS/FMVSS standards... go figure. BC Mack
  2. 1947 all original Geyhound Bus

    Can't be imported to Canada as an RV... pre 71 'buses' are allowed by RIV (registrar of imported vehicles)... must have seats etc installed and be titled as a bus when it hits the border.. if already in Canada as an RV it is grandfathered.. if converted in the US to an RV it can be allowed in but there are only about three US converters approved by RIV and chassis must qualify for CMVSS with a letter from the manufacturer for that VIN... the DOT/TC really don't like those skoolies with woodstoves.!!! BC Mack
  3. E7 + HT740 How?!?

    yes, remove the 12 drive bolts from the "front" access hole, usually there is a cover plate on the engine side, worse case is you pull the starter.. the 40 bolts are to join the two halves of the TQ, don't go there. BC Mack
  4. E7 + HT740 How?!?

    as above... remove all the bolts from the flexplate through the aperture on the front of the bellhousing, these hold the flexplate to the torque converter... then remove the periphery bolts on the bellhousing and remove trans.... the flexplate will remain bolted to the crankshaft. on refitting, before you get too many bolts on the bellhousing, start all the ones on the flexplate, they have a habit of being a little "off" if you bolt the trans on and have no wiggle room, maybe that's why it's called a 'flex' plate. I also recommend 'transynd' synthetic, more $$$ than regular atf, runs cooler and less oil changes so it works out about the same per mile as atf.... if your tranny rebuilder guy is local ask his opinion on oil, maybe they will give you his bulk price.... I've seen some run on engine oil so check into it first. http://www.allisontransmission.com/parts-service/approved-fluids if you have a trans cooler then flush it out, the garbage from the failure may end up back in your new trans...!!! if all else fails go visit your local transit depot, they do this work all the time and could help you with advice.. though the 740 isn't in common use anymore. BC Mack
  5. doesn't say too much for their accounts dept audit and oversight.... BC Mack
  6. Highway thru hell

    coming from the master of "through the windshield photography" I appreciate the comment, I was doing about 100kph when I said to myself, self, that would look like a damn fine picture, so out came the Brownie and I shot a few through the windshield, that was the only one that wasn't blurred.... sorry I couldn't get a girl in a car at the same time for you... BC Mack
  7. Highway thru hell

    I put that there to show our regional topography, that's Mt Robson, a bit east of the coke, all I had for big mountains in my personal photo files.. you've gotta come west to see real hills..!!!! BC Mack
  8. looks like you got the 'posidrive' head there not the US crosshead, they take a different screwdriver bit as the taper is different.. but for your use should be ok if you use a handtool. I've found that the aircraft parts suppliers can be good for looking for oddball hardware, NAS, AN or MS series for bolts, screws, nuts and various quick releases for panels like Dzus... not nearly as cheap as automotive parts but they are not chinese grade 2 crap and meet strict manufacturing standards... lots of on-line catalogues too.. generally fine thread is standard. BC Mack
  9. Highway thru hell

    I live in that region and what you see on TV of a bad day on 'the coke' is truly bad for driving, mother nature at her worse in bad terrain.... the highway is a major route of commerce now that Vancouver has become a hub port, unfortunately while there are many qualified professional senior drivers the race to the bottom for price has put lesser skilled steering wheel holders in charge of 140,000lb super B's, you know, the ones with flip flops and wraparound stetsons, and the show is very careful so as not to accent them. the alternate routes in bad weather are mostly two lane highways resembling in places mere goat tracks, the Coquihalla highway had its pundits when built in the early 80's, it was built in a well known bad snow region but it went ahead anyway. Truckers avoided it when new, there was a toll and one really steep hill that wore out brake linings, they preferred the old flatter winding route on Hwy 1.... all in all the TV show is one of the better presentations of "reality", what you see of the stars is pretty much what they are, Jamie can be a dickhead, his brother is far smarter and Al can tow me anytime, the business of towing doesn't attract those with academic backgrounds as it takes a different type of smarts to do that work.... I remember they also had a TV show about another towing operation, on the Donner Pass IIRC... but as B Mack stated, the Snoqualmie can be a bad place too... BC Mack
  10. MP10 Lost Boost Completely

    we get that for just doing the pretrip..!!! different rules apply when you work for government transit vs retail.... there is NO customer.. all our book times are "suggested".. BC Mack
  11. Win a set of exciting Middle East run books

    hmmmm... tough one that.... so, if I send them two entries I can't lose... LOL BC Mack KSC... that Merc was only doing 'domestic' in Saudi, not 'lnternational' as on the door, not with a day cab and those sand tires.
  12. Bull Gear Failure

    since everything in the engine is assembled with "fasteners" should we now weld everything up to comply with warranty??? BC Mack
  13. MP10 Lost Boost Completely

    or..... when the company sends the mechanics on training courses ($$$) to increase their knowledge but not the supervisory management... I asked them for an hour to road test in a hilly area to prove my theory of why we were getting fuel problems on a Cummins ISL coasting downhill, they said "no way".. they told me to change the $6000 fuel pump, after all that work and money we still had the same problem.... then they allowed me the road test with a laptop and I changed the $150 fuel return line with a hose flapper in it... and they got the attaboy for fixing the issue... go figure..!!!! BC Mack
  14. Its cold here.

    do you have a gelled up tank...?? solution... find some rags and drop on the ground, shower with diesel, set it alight, find a stick and drag pile of burning rags under your diesel tank... simple..!!... note, doesn't work too well with aluminum tanks. BC Mack
  15. you've hit the nail right on the head, the whole planet has lost it... BC Mack