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  1. Scania Next Gen in USA

    If you really want a Scania "sleeper" then you buy one of these..... BC Mack
  2. Fred I spent many a frustrating day with mine, you may need to elongate the slot for the post on the jam to move it in in some, is the door flush on the outside? the two rod system on the lock and handle needs to be tweeked a bit by adjusting the length of the lock rod to ensure the handle opens the door, on one of my doors the lock rod needed to be 1/8" longer so I had to re-bend the end of the rod... air door lock had its issues too send me an email, I might have a few photos.... but even changing the door latches made little difference, it was the two rods that fixed my problems. and when the door wouldn't unlock inside or outside I had to remove the trim and panel with the seat in the way... good times..!!! BC Mack
  3. So far the US museums are turning it down, even for free, no "stars-bars" so not interested.... It's a British built former Belgian Air Force Percival Pembroke, been sitting at Anoka Muni, in Blaine MN since the 80's... I did get it running and taxied it but the costs involved to get airborne were too much for me when a partner bailed, so it just sits. pass it around, maybe someone needs a garden gnome or a real size cockpit sim..... I do have the bomber glass nose for it. Maybe going on Barnstormers soon. BC Mack
  4. Mack E9 fuel injection V-Pump

    I'd question the logic, the in-line is the better pump.... but if you have a preference to a V pump also consider the throttle linkage, lift pump lines, injector pipes length and position and maybe different brand of injectors.... just make sure the drive to the engine is the same and bolts on.... I don't think this is as straight forward as some think... but we have FAR more experienced engine guys on here that have "the knowledge"... BC Mack
  5. Well, it looks like the cat is already out of the bag... LOL I was going to post the full story after it had gone.... but I have to concentrate on my primary project, the Greyhound Scenicruiser, and to do that I needed to reduce my other projects to release the time and money to do so..... I floated an ad on Craigslist to see if there was any interest and while I did get a few offers this buyer was going to give it a good home in Hollywood North (Vancouver) where it will be used gently and has an enthusiastic new owner... I'm also planning an early retirement from Transit next year and want to travel, as an ex airline retiree I get flights cheap so plan to use that.... the truck would have just sat in that building with a lot of old trains and I want to use my spare time to finish the Scenicruiser which has been a ten year project with another two to go.... in case you are worried, I'm not leaving the forum though my avatar will change... LOL also, my parts truck has been sold and will benefit two bmt'ers so all in all I call it a positive outcome. however, as I've said before, if the elusive Hayes with an F model cab crosses my path I may be tempted back to the truck restoration world..!!!! I still have an airplane for sale if anyone in MN area wants an unusual garden ornament... BC Mack
  6. MH Fred.... yes, maybe a little fine tuning down the road, maybe a new tube too as this was off an 89 and a little worn in places Vlad... since you are on the other side of the Atlantic you will get to see far more trucks carry a spare tire (tyre) on the tractor side frame and not on the trailer, so you understand my thoughts... another spot is between the frame rails tucked up under the back of the truck but you've got to be sure the trailer legs will clear.. we did that to the Volvo F88's, but it wouldn't work with the MH short overhang... also, on my MH wheelbase I have to move the right tank forward 2-3" to fit a lo-profile 24.5 42" tire, but with an 11R I would need more room and would probably install a shorter fuel tank. BC Mack
  7. Headed out for another local show, a charity event put on by a local chrome shop, ZZ Chrome.... good turnout but not too many "older" trucks.... attached are pics of what interested me and maybe you too.. I won't caption them but two were of interest... I rarely see a Peterbilt 372 since there were less than 800 made and only a handful here in BC, and this has been in BC since new and was a high spec truck... and I manage to get a quick snap of Jamie Davis of "Highway thru Hell" fame about to be mauled by a very large Mack bulldog... LOL BC Mack
  8. 1986 Mack COE

    nor have I.... it has the small riser behind the seats for a mattress edge which is a bulkhead for seatbelt attachment, and I doubt if there is a pass through to the bunk but the photos don't show the back wall... I've added a pic of a 'day cab' for comparison.... was it damaged and cut short or a "factory special"..??... would be interesting to see the mounts close up.. if it's homemade that would be good craftsmanship but it certainly looks factory..!!! BC Mack
  9. https://arb.ca.gov/ports/marinevess/harborcraft/documents/alttechccts102610.pdf Don Fairchild is the guru of bus 2 strokes and came up with this kit for marine engines which has caused a resurgence in their use as coastal communities and harbours clamped down on fish boats with 2 strokes... I like them so much I have four..!!! piece of cake to work on BC Mack
  10. Hobert.... I have a simple design in mind that copies a common tire carrier seen more in eu and uk.... maybe drivers there still know how to change a flat without a cellphone..!!! a trailer tire basket still involves a struggle in-out have added photos showing the basis on the design, has a built in winch which I may make detachable, it also serves as a step. Swishy... agreed, by rotating the air cleaner so the intake is horizontal will raise the tube 2-3 inches... the parts are oem from 1989 and I went with the old rub marks for position. BC Mack
  11. finally got some time to finish this off, turned out ok, may try later to move it up a couple of inches by rotating the air cleaner but it will do just fine for now... spare tire left on top of the frame while I design a side frame mount behind the right fuel tank, all I need is another project..!! road tested and nothing fell off..!!! BC Mack
  12. 86' Superliner RW613 hard steering

    most of the manufacturers have on-line manuals that have fault finding charts... have you established pump pressure, other than the seals what else did you disturb to do the work? pinched line or blocked filter needs basic diagnosis first before you go deep into surgery BC Mack
  13. International 9800i COE

    if I ever see a 'barn find' Star cabover like this I may have to violate some laws to own it...... BC Mack
  14. When Scania trucks roamed North America

    Volvo made an attempt in the 60's to penetrate the class 8 market in the US with the "Tiptop", obviously they felt the competition too strong or too expensive to gain market share, this became the famous F88 and F89 series which was a major event in the history of Volvo worldwide.. I still see a few F6/7's locally... but parts support must now be as scarce as for the Renault Midliner..!!! BC Mack
  15. Any Scania experts here?

    KSC, I knew you would find some company document... I was just a little confused by the question, maybe I'll have to go hunting in South America for my elusive restoration project 141, prices in EU are outrageous... and if it was parked next to a non rusty F89, well, that would make my day... BC Mack