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  1. A true Canadian hero....... oh, too soon?? BC Mack
  2. to me it's really a Scammell... but export marketing re-badged many products, and still does. BC Mack
  3. I agree, this would the simplest way to integrate the most suitable features of MAN and Scania into the US fleets without actually having to set up a dealer network and all that entails.. and disc brakes should have gained more ground in the US by now. If you can't sell trucks, sell parts..!!! BC Mack
  4. KSC.. there will have to come a day when Scania has to prove these vehicles in operating conditions and schedules other than the EU.... otherwise, it could be said that they only built this engine for one market style. High HP, hi-torque, speed limited, timed dispatch, less weight.... it may be a worthwhile exercise to place these trucks in a N American fleet and just see how they work in a different operational environment, long and short distance... I'm not advocating Scania needs to enter the US market, I doubt if they want to right now, but it would be an interesting comparison for operators to see if they have the right business model, equipment and operations plan in place.... and feedback for Scania too. just my 2c BC Mack
  5. I don't have torque specs for you... I use 45 years of judgement which means I tighten nuts up until my elbow clicks..!!! LOL minor surface oil, yes, brake clean them and sandpaper... if totally soaked I don't bother with the old wives tales, unless dollars are very tight just buy an exchange set of linings checking the other side too... of course with things mechanical this can open up a can of worms if the drums are out of spec so I will leave it for others to offer you cleaning remedies. BC Mack
  6. I think I may have put this photo up before... carrying a tow bar was standard practice in 70/80's, heard many being towed all the way home from the middle east..!!! now, nobody will stop to help..!!! and I'm sure the rules have forbidden the practice.... staring at the back of a trailer for days waiting to see brake lights go on... always wondered if using an 'A' frame setup would work better that a straight bar? but trucks were set up with the pin in the centre of the bumper. BC Mack
  7. as terry says... try a heel bar, be careful if you use a steel punch which can damage, 2x4 or big dowel would work too... if you can find an installation tool that would make life easier don't forget to pack the bearing with a bit of grease, they need that until the lube oil eventually gets there, you can tilt the axle to help flow or drive opposite wheel up on a mound, then recheck diff level. any oil get on the linings? BC Mack
  8. agreed...... best way, if the right one was already installed...!!! I replaced mine last year, checking my notes didn't show where I got my info from but here it is anyway.. 1993 if it matters, 44k, crd 92/93 88AX405 SKF 42672 I got the Scotseal there are websites of suppliers that can give you dimensions and visuals, just google your axle and "seal" HTH BC Mack
  9. totally stumps me why she called an election with three years left in her term... gave the labour party a chance to exploit the "Brexit remorse" factor and they came up with a favourable platform that brought the young voters out... and now Boris is sniffing around should the party give her the boot from the PM job... we've got the same pantomime going on here in BC... the world's gone barmy...!!!! BC Mack
  10. Roger, Seddon to an F10.... like from a horse and cart to a spaceship..!!!! of all the forums I'm on I have to say this BMT crowd is top notch... none of the flaming you see elsewhere, great info, helpful and very good with the tech stuff too... and they are die-hard Mack guys ..!!! I'm just a hobbyist now, never did much driving so can't get into stories, but if you want these guys to give you a history of trucks in north america I'm sure they'll oblige, just ask or go through the old postings, but as elsewhere, the industry has changed dramatically over the years and wages are poor in general, I can earn far more $$$ on the spanners for a bus company and I'm in my own bed every night.. LOL BC Mack
  11. I left the UK just as we got our F10's so a lot of progress has happened since those days... took a brand new one out for a road test with a new 40ft TIR tilt around London with HGV-L plates on it as a laugh, I nearly caused many accidents with lorry drivers in old Atky's and ERF's nearly falling out of their cabs in disbelief, always a prank at our shop... LOL I worked for Rylands in Hendon, ran the maintenance for 'Fleet Hire'... other than the Mack F models of OHS turning up to pick up diffs for their Sed-Ak 400's and our demo White Road Commander 2 (Ryland Group was the only importer at that time) I never got to see many yank-tanks.... the RC2 was not liked by our customers, the Cat engine liked to drink lots of fuel compared to the Volvo at the same weight and was a rough ride.... and more about pop rivets, I drove a series 3 Land Rover and they folded so easy in a crash. I know of no technical reason why US truckers prefer a long distance between cab and trailer, maybe because they can!!!... however, front brakes were optional for many years, fuel was cheap and only airplanes had "aerodynamics"... I'm sure the other veterans on BMT will chime in here, I try not to upset the natives by blabbing on about my UK memories.. LOL are you also on TruckNet UK Old Time Lorries..??? cheers BC Mack
  12. When I considered buying a semi just as a personal truck my co-workers thought I was mad when searching for a cab-over, same expressions as above were given for discomfort and instant death...lol... I was used to them coming from the UK, a two axle F88 was my personal fave back then, and I never got used to driving half way back in the truck when I went to work for Mack after I got to Canada in 1980, couldn't see a thing in the flat mirrors, I like my panoramic view from my cabover.. and easier to work on too..!! so, after looking at a few different rigs I chose the MH and the best condition one just happened to be a local V8-500 example. the more I drive it and the more research I do into the design of the Glas cab I just can't believe that the industry just walked away from this technology... Volvo Sweden set the benchmark for cab safety and I witnessed a few F88's that were near destroyed, but the drivers walked away, so, a combination of Glas cab and the modern euro safety cell that new cabovers have in the eu should satisfy the negativity that exists in the US today.... pop riveted alum never made me feel safe either..!! as for ride comfort, my MH exceeded my expectations, I was ready for a rough ride bob-tailing to shows but with corrected tire pressures and the awareness of the "feel" of an air supported cab. for commercial operation today?... well, reversing a B-train is easier... but that's a Canuck and Aussie thing..!!! BC Mack
  13. MBenz, Fiat, Volvo and Cummins had caught up by early 1970's. The 141 had the improved V8... the DS 14.01 375bhp, 1100 lb/ft at 1300rpm... BC Mack
  14. Technically...!!! sold to Canada, who "deployed" them overseas..... so, not really a permanent "export" in the true sense we use here on BMT... I'm sure US has done similar, e.g. factory direct to (insert name of conflict area) BC Mack
  15. there's a reason why they are the last manufacturer, so, "Pass", too small......!!! not into tiny cars while I have to share tarmac with all those useless steering wheel holders that inhabit the roads of America... size matters.... I will, however,take the bus in his shop !!!.... BC Mack