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  1. Tesla Electric Truck News

    with the large surface area of a semi and van trailer... it can't be far off when a flexible skin of solar receptor material could be wrapped around everything... in CA there seems to be a lot of sunshine!! or just strap a genset behind the cab?... and call it a hybrid..!! trailer technology is moving along too, braking energy recovery and solar powered reefer... not much work left for us mechanics to do, time to train up.... or retire.. LOL BC Mack
  2. Did this just suddenly happen?... are all axles locking up at the same time or is it just one?... have you checked the brake adjustment and watched the S-cam action as someone operates the brake... go with what jhancock advises, in your work the driver brings sand and gravel into the cab on his boots and if the rubber boot is worn/split it gets into the top of the foot valve... remove the plunger and roller, clean, inspect and lube and also check the pins for binding. if you have a brake application valve on the dash watch it as you are braking, does it go from zero to 20+ in a jump?, you should be able to feather it to give 5psi then 10psi... you probably have a relay valve for each axle, so if a relay is bad it will only cause issues on that one axle. BC Mack
  3. Also of note in the video is the Transit van... just recently added to the N American market but born in 1965... In my opinion, Ford had Bedford (GM) beat with their products, D series tilt cab vs. TK fixed cab was enough to persuade me... and the D series from the older Thames Trader model, just light years ahead. BC Mack
  4. mack buses and their transmissions

    many buses from the 40/50's had two speeds... gutless-gearless.... also, a bit of googling came up with a 2012 BMT thread which guided towards old firetrucks having similar units, maybe our fire guys here can help. given the short length, transverse layout, and the bevel drive it is going to be difficult to "upgrade" to an Allison... the VS/VH is totally obsolete but you can find them, the later 731 may be too long... neither will simply bolt on and be set for the wrong side to drive. one suggestion would be to search out one of the larger national bus museums and talk to their maintenance dept... if anyone can find documents and parts it's the bus guys... I looked in some of our tech info from the 60's and there was a quick reference to Spicer 918 in a few oddball buses but that's all. There is a guy near Sacramento CA, http://www.coachmaintenance.com/ drop Ted an e-mail, he MAY be able to help. BC Mack
  5. Nothing new here..!!! I grew up surrounded by electric delivery trucks... in the 60's, the milk was delivered on electric floats, all factories internal movements were on electric vehicles, they lasted far longer than any other form of propulsion. it's just taken the rest of the planet 60 years to catch up.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milk_float I hope Buffet has done his research... we had a BYD (bring your dollars) all electric bus on demo, lasted three days before it busted a wheel bearing (no lube) and took a week to fly in tools and parts from China, fit and finish was crap... one hopes that building them here MAY improve QC but it seems that "warranty plus a day" is the new norm. once electric takes hold watch our governments remove incentives and add "fuel taxes" to compensate for income loss from fossil fuel taxation. remember, it was GM that bought up all the electric bus fleets in the US so as to replace them with their diesel engined products, many cities now regret the loss of the infrastructure for trollybuses and are now scrambling to find the right electric or hybrid. BC Mack
  6. E9 engine weight

    This is what is left of the one I got from Carl.... parts are slowly finding new homes in the BMT family BC Mack
  7. LT-RV

    took this photo in 2013, must be the same truck... now licenced in BC... another Mack exported..!!! LOL BC Mack
  8. Dumb ?

    quite often the secondary is a dual tank, the wet section is inboard.... or not..!!! giveaway is two drains underneath.. follow the hoses from the compressor, through the dryer if you have one, and see which tank it enters. if you don't have a wet tank, and no dryer, then yes put one in.... most diagrams are somewhat generic so your truck doesn't always look like the drawing I suspect you do have one BC Mack
  9. Napier Deltic

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napier_Deltic BC Mack
  10. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    I think the only functioning loco is in the UK... I can't remember what the truck driver told me but I think he said there were three... or was it six.. of these dummy locos in N America, they have the contract to move them around... and they need to be pulled on/off the trailer which has a temporary rail set which is left here until pick-up... BC Mack
  11. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    Don't worry about the Thomas Empire, it is a severe money making self marketing machine.... one of the dummy loco's visits my area annually, it is parked in the same building I rent, and the kids love Thomas.. and Thomas loves the parent's wallets.... they fill about 6+ passenger railcars 5-6 times a day for two weekends in a row, put the dummy Thomas loco up front and push it with a 3000hp diesel F9 going PC is just a good ploy for market expansion... what next?, a Barbie/Thomas trainset for six year old 'self chosen' girls.... BC Mack
  12. CRD 93 Housing w/or w/o transverse rod

    I bought then as-is, but I believe they were on air... BC Mack
  13. CRD 93 Housing w/or w/o transverse rod

    is this the bracket you are talking about? can get better pics if you need.. I have a pair of crd92/93 4:35 but I'm on the left coast.. shipping's a bitch. BC Mack
  14. No more Boy Scouts

    Cub Scout: Akela, what was that strange noise I just heard? Akela: that was Baden-Powell turning in his grave..!!! BC Mack
  15. Hino to launch heavy trucks in North America

    Ireland has been assembling Hino trucks since the late 60's... well liked by the operators, used as dump trucks and as tractors on Continental long haul with no real parts or service support in Europe.... that took some trust in the builders..!!!! BC Mack