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  1. KSC thanks for the info pic below is of a truck I was thinking of buying last year, it has the snorkel as you describe with the Donaldson intake, but mine is an all aluminum unit hence my "conclusion" it is a Maradyne... BC Mack
  2. you just reminded me I saw some air cleaners on kijiji the other day... may be useful to someone https://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-equipment-parts-accessories/winnipeg/air-filter-housings/1268971660?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true and that's in Canadian Pesos BC Mack
  3. J Hancock.... you win the prize.. just had a buddy send me info.. it's a Maradyne Power Ram http://www.maradyne.com/product-line/turbo-precleaner/products/power-ram gloss black it is... I wonder if they sell decals? BC Mack
  4. It seems I'm turning into an archaeologist with this mini-project, today I took to painting the parts so I dis-assembled the vortex intake... as I took it apart I was trying to find a clue as to who the manufacturer was, a part number, whatever... nada... so I figured the painted over decal may have something, it came off in one piece with a heatgun and some solvents got the coat off black paint off... hey presto... so... learned gentlemen.... who made "Power Ram" air intakes????? as said before, it's been hard to find pictures of an MH with a snorkel (other than Oz trucks and pimped up show trucks)... can't say I've seen every photo of an MH but this was the only photo I found which interestingly is also a Canadian truck, my parts truck origin is in Quebec http://www.hankstruckpictures.com/pix/trucks/chris_hall/kingsway/ch_kingsway_mack_ultra_liner.jpg we don't DO Hanks here, so you'll have to DIY the vortex chamber and "weather vane spinner" is new to me, I can only figure that it assists in expelling ingested water... anyone want to sound out on how this works...!!! I still cannot figure out if this is a factory option, dealer option or just an aftermarket thing... see what tomorrow brings... BC Mack
  5. Carlotpilot I wouldn't wait for parts to be harvested off a dead MH, I think they are as elusive as an honest politician, so with some spare time today I decided to do a rough fit-up just to see if I have everything I needed or stuff to buy... pretty simple and nothing special or unobtanium. the support is flat bar and angle iron, you need a few feet of 8" tubing and u-bolts, alum or stainless, 2x5" muffler clamps and a 8x90 rubber elbow with clamps... the intake at the top is an off shelf item unless you want correct "vintage".. if you don't have two stacks already then the above statement is moot... you'll have to design the supports... wow... once you take that scud missile off the top of the engine it become a joy to work on..!!! hardest part of my day was to get the drom deck off... and it's staying off for now. pics of the mock-up below BC Mack
  6. big difference in physical size too... B400/3000 series weighs about 270kg but the B500/4000 is 430kg (both with retarder) and we use both at 300hp but the high gvw bendy buses get the 6spd B500... inside there are the same components but clutch surface area is about 50% more in the B500/4000 and a wider sump... BC Mack
  7. I am going to help you, but not in the way you are expecting.. I am going to stop you from "assuming" anything, anymore, about your air brakes... as the driver of an air braked vehicle on a car driver's licence you "should" be performing a pre-trip every time you operate the vehicle, and I know it isn't mandatory for a private or antique or motorhome in all US jurisdictions, but, it is sensible to know what is going on with the gauges, how to pre-trip inspect the system and when to drain your air tanks etc. even though you can drive past a weigh scale, there is nothing to stop an LEO pulling you in if they see something, whether it is in your car, motorcycle or antique truck, they have the right to do so... an audible leaking air would be an automatic "park". attached are some publications that will help, good bedtime reading, your local licencing centre should be able to provide you with some publications as if you were to take a CDL, in there will be some more helpful info and a pre-trip form you can use for the walk-around. you don't have to be a mechanic to do this, very few truck drivers today have a clue what makes their truck work but they are required to know the air brake system.... your line about assuming the 'maxi will kick in' only works if the slacks are adjusted correctly... and you would have checked that in the pre-trip brake test, consequences of a runaway truck are 'pants soiling'. please accept this as 'help' and not a lecture...!!! BC Mack tractor_air_brake_troubleshooting_guide[1].pdf air brake problem finder.pdf Bendix Air Brake Handbook[1].pdf
  8. Paul, that's a 1953 Austin BC Mack
  9. Greetings fellow Lodge members, just need your opinion here..... the air intake on my E9 gets in the way of everything, it lays on top of the 'V' from back of cab and splays out to lay on top of my radiator, PITA when trying to work... so, my 89 MH E9-500 parts truck came with the back of the cab snorkel type air intake and the steel supports for a twin exhaust just like mine..... hmmmmm I have been told by a reasonable source that the ram air effect from the snorkel is better than the 'slot' over the radiator. now, this is for a restored truck, not for show, not for more power, not to look "Aussie".... but when I look through my collection of MH photos and factory brochures there are very few trucks with the snorkel... why was that??? assuming I go ahead with the mod.... the intake cyclonic or swirl inducing housing (and I know one of you will tell me the official name for it) has what looks like a decal on it, looks like a sideways letter "T", was that factory and what did it say??... also, I know it to be black, but gloss or semi-gloss?? thanks for the help BC Mack
  10. FOR SALE

    his contact info is in the message.....
  11. Took my MH to a small annual show on Saturday, always one or two new to me trucks there, great bunch running it too... have added a few photos for the "we want photos" crowd and seeing we have Fire Truck enthusiasts as Lodge Members, I took a few photos of them too..... enjoy BC Mack
  12. I had a plan B if they refused me a "collector" plate.... found out what they needed to convert a class 8 tractor into an RV on the title and tow a 5th wheel RV trailer... but could also be similar for class 7 box body too.... I'm doing a Sprinter van to RV conversion right now and my govt agent is spinning as the rule states 'he' must inspect the finished conversion but doesn't tell him 'what' to look for...!!! for a semi they had a list of 5 items out of 7 to chose from... remove semi 5th wheel plate and install RV plate, it needed then a bed, cooking facilities, heater and a sink... so an invertor and toaster oven, the sink could even be outside, heat could be a ceramic out of home depot.... it was interesting how easy it was to do... and there is even an document on the DOT website that exempts the conversion from semi-annual testing. there is a website for these vehicles if that is the way for you to go and they are friendly too.... http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?/forum/32-hdt/ the V***o VNL is a common conversion, their logic is that for a small price they can tow a massive home for much less $$ than buying a Dodge or Ford diesel pick-up which could be close to gvw and braking power. just shows, there's ALWAYS a loophole, find the regulations, print it out and keep in the cab so you can wave it at Barney Fife.... the political clout the RV industry has that allows anyone to drive a 60,000lb RV with a car licence and no extra training or testing must be marveled at..!!!! BC Mack
  13. around here, the driver and vehicle licencing is for the "use" of the vehicle... not what the vehicle actually is... had a good conversation with the regional manager of licencing standards a few years ago about that... and it doesn't need special plates either but there is a great financial advantage to go to "collector" plates as the govt does all licencing AND mandatory basic insurance..(comprehensive is free market or govt).... with collector plate my fully comp is $500 and it saves me over $1500 a year vs a regular plate due to to weight.. fully commercial would be 6-8000 or more a year. for my Mack and my Scenicruiser bus I only need a car licence (class 5 or better), however, ANY vehicle/trailer/RV with an air or air/hydraulic braking system requires the driver have an "air endorsement" on their driver's licence and if pulling a trailer over 14,500lbs (IIRC) requires a Class 1 or a "heavy trailer endorsement" neither vehicle requires annual or semi-annual testing if I take a trip to the US, the licencing of driver and truck is supposed to be reciprocal, as is your state-state... will see what happens one day if I venture south... going to take my 1956 Greyhound Bus through the border in the "bus only" lane and see what happens..!!! scales... if it says "trucks" over xx gvw I go by, if it says "all vehicles" over xx gvw I have to pull in.... which confuses the DOT guy and I get waved through, so, as in the US, the govt guys are just as confused as we are. all this is dependent on my insurance showing as "pleasure use only", no revenue, but we do have rules to allow carpool financial sharing..... this is a vastly variable subject through most states, misunderstood by many... tickets could be issued in error which may cost you $$$ in court to fight, and then it happens again... I'm sure there are loopholes for "farm" which sometimes amazes me what I thought was reserved for farm tractors can be B train semi loads of hay..!!! not sure if this helps you in NY... but will explain all the inconsistencies in the replies you are seeing.... BC Mack
  14. A true Canadian hero....... oh, too soon?? BC Mack
  15. to me it's really a Scammell... but export marketing re-badged many products, and still does. BC Mack