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  1. bbigrig

    Highway Through Hell

    The BC Mack/Volvo dealer brought him out one of the first Anthems in Canada. Jaime is also a Volvo customer. He has a 780 tractor. The Anthem is almost $10k cheaper then the closest comparable Volvo product.
  2. bbigrig

    Highway Through Hell

    The Anthem is going to have a small wrecker on it no rotator. He is going to use it on fleet customers recovery and switch outs in the US and Canada.
  3. bbigrig

    new Mack

    They are Renaults shipped to Canada and being completed for delivery at the Prevost bus plant in Quebec, Canada. The trucks don't even have Mack names on them until they hit Canada.
  4. Another common issue is wicking from the oil level sender. There is an anti wicking jumper harness but some are too far gone for that. Replaced many harnesses for that problem.
  5. bbigrig

    Heavy Spec Anthem

    The Granite frame could never be ordered on a Pinnacle as far as I knew. They are 2 different ratings and have different frame cross members etc. There were different sizes of rails available on the Pinnacle but the Granites offerings were much heavier. That is also the reason why to this day you can get heavier the a 16,000lb front axle on a Granite but can't order the same on a Pinnacle or Anthem. Up to last year you couls only order up to 14.6 front on Pinnacle. Please post up some proof that the rails are the same. Not just RBM ratings either. Many a customer here in Canada have been upset that they were forced to buy more expensive Granite tractors because the frame ratings and available axles on Pinnacles were to low.
  6. bbigrig

    Heavy Spec Anthem

    Those big steers are just show. You can get up to s 16f axle on an Anthem.
  7. Hard start is only one symptom of injector cup failure. Some will only fail once hot and under load.
  8. bbigrig

    Titans in Canada

    Titans died a quick death in Canada. There was a race to show how much money tou had to buy one. Shortly after most fell to buyers remorse and couldn't sell them quick enough to huge depreciated losses. They were no less reliable then any other MP8 powered Pinnacle. Just more expensive to buy and hard to justify comparing to the competition. Even Canadian salesman knew the price would kill the truck before the first ones hit the dealers. They couldn't even go out and sell it to customers.
  9. bbigrig

    Pinnacle PI64T

    No side stacks available with the new bunk. It hangs out over the top of the cab. Even the Rawhide package is on hold. I was told by a project head that the mid-rise may return for 2019 woth new interior upgrades from grey plastic. Some customers want the mid-rise back. Was told due to budget restraints on the Anthem roll out the mid-rise, fuel tank skirt extensions to the rear wheels and interior upgrades had to wait till 2019.
  10. bbigrig

    Heavy Spec Anthem

    This truck is owned by a gentleman who owns a fleet of Petes and KWs. Don't get to excited about Mack getting into this Paccar fleet. The son of the owner is an apprentice at a Mack dealer and convinced Dad to buy it. They still have Paccar products ordered and on the way. It's only a 14.6 and 46 spec. Mdrive blah blah. Lots of elecectrical issues with that one already. The owner of the fleet drives it.
  11. It's injector cups most likely. Takes less then an hour to confirm in most cases.
  12. bbigrig

    Grill options

    Just found out yesterday the grill on an Anthem will only fit an Anthem. The Anthem hood doesn't have a lower fiberglass section below the grill that goes from right fender to left fender like CH,CX etc hoods do. The shell is wide open below the grill. It's the grill and supporting brackets that bridge the gap below the grill between fenders. The newer set forward pinnacles I've seen seem the same as old stuff.
  13. 24 volt starters are all over the place here in Ontario (just a couple of doors down from you eh) 24v is quite common for city transit buses. Lots of places in Ontario that would ship out west worst case.
  14. bbigrig

    Grill options

    Up to this week, all of the Pinnacles with set forward axle have been coming with the old grill style used since the CH days. Funny thing I have noticed is that the screw pattern for the grill is the same as old grill on the Pinnacle set forward. I will have a look to see if the screw pattern for Anthem is the same. Would be interesting to see what a CH grille would look on an Anthem.
  15. The MP8 and MP7 powered Granites of todayvthat are Allison equipped work together with the converter lock up and engine brakes to really slow the trucks down much better then the Etech engine days. The programed downshifting while braking with engine brakes on is surprisingly powerful. Our current customers are impressed with the setup.

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