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  1. Those seats were available from Mack in the 2000s. They were available for Granite CV interiors. I had one as a driver seat in my R model years ago. Bostrom mid backs tan vinyl.
  2. Still could have built it on a Mack Chassis and called it your own. You are correct, it was bad timing as Mack was rolling out the Anthem, pushed a football player etc.... Mack probably couldn't get clearance from what ever movie studio who owned the rights to Convoy related names etc to allow it's creations/ideas to be used by Mack and make money from it. It would have been cool.
  3. I was wondering how many CLs there were in the fleet. I've even caught an E9 powered RW in some of the shop scenes on a few occasions. Thanks for the updates.
  4. It was 112" until they added the 4" to the cab for the MP engine doghouse and new interior for 2006/7
  5. This truck is in several brochures. Thus angle is from a DM model brochure in 1980. As 41Chevy stated earlier, the side view you are looking for is in the 1980 construction line brochure. I don't have a copy of that one.
  6. Up till last year you can still order the silver/grey door panels and other interior pieces from the dealer.
  7. There was a U model inside the back cover of the brochure that was silver with red stripes. The U model brochure was green on the front. Still can't post a picture here for you because something changed on the forum site.
  8. Hold up....every daycab ordered Mack (Granite ) come with a single stack mounted to the cab. (AN/CHU) on a stack mount. Ok, so it would have an emissions box under the RH of the cab....and we all know a few guys with exhausts on new Macks that have some things " re routed" with a big stack on the passenger side and a few program updates. Its totally doable. The Rubber Duck had an aftermarket sleeper, could have slapped that on any new Mack. This factory WS bunk looks out of place. I'm thinking someone was just really peeved at Mack/Volvo for a reason yet to be disclosed and went else where.
  9. From what I remember (which don't mean much) that truck came up for sale in the states by owner at the time. The ad was posted by a BMT member that the truck needed to be saved. Fullfuel (the Malo family) from Joliette Quebec stepped up and saved it. They are huge Mack collectors here in Canada. One of their trucks is about to be featured on next year's Mack Calendar.
  10. Yes. That MH is owned by a couple of Big Mack collectors from Canada. They are on this forum.
  11. Nothing sounds like an E9. Except a Scania V8, and most know why. A 3406 Cat has a sound all its own.
  12. Loved when this came out. I was a youngin then. Mack announced it internally before it came out so my father warned me it was coming. Glued to the TV set and grinning from ear to ear after i VHS taped it. Im a big fan of 80s Macks, but those CH and CLs were some damn good trucks back then in the 90s.
  13. We have had to pull down a few to repair leaks behind that turbo monstrosity. One complete turbo unit failed on its maiden voyage off the lot. The removable bumper design is from the Volvo VN. We are seeing some pitiful warranty issues. Chrome bubbling off of the front grill, bunk leaks, bunk boot doors seized shut from factory. More warranty claims on the Anthem trucks versus the VNLs. 4% market share now up here. It's going backwards. Of the Anthem wasn't $10k cheaper then the VNL, no one would be buying them here.
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