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  1. We've had some issues with the newer style fuel filter housings. A couple of strange diaphragm looking parts falling out with the removal of the fuel filter. Not related to this issue, we had a few cam lobes on the camshaft (which are now pressed on) turn out of time.
  2. We have been playing with common rail engines for over a year now. We had them in the Volvos months before the Macks. Lots of pressure sensor failures under the valve cover. A few of the same harness and about half a dozen injector failures. A couple of the plunger injectors became quite noisy through the valve cover. Also issues with the AHI module that is now part of the fuel filter housing. All in All, Mickey mouse design and an engineering step backwards. Can't upload any pics of the tear downs I have in my phone. Wish the system was external with a high pressure pump.
  3. Truth to that point, but fleets don't buy powertrains based on engine brake gains......id be surprised if you could come up with another ..
  4. If you owned the E7PLN engine before the Etech...they wernt a great engine. Besides more torque that you paid for through fuel useage....someone name me something better about the Etech versus the E7PLN...
  5. bbigrig

    Rare MH613 dump

    I was thinking the same thing. It's a nice heavy frame but....the Canadian one built as a dump had a 12 speed and 44s.
  6. bbigrig

    Mack/Renault Diesels

    You have an E3220 in that 1997 MS300....on your engine plate does it have an engine model sequence like ... 06.22.06....or something like that. I will look it up on Monday.
  7. bbigrig

    Rare MH613 dump

    Customer from Quebec Canada had one as well. His had spoke wheels with basically the same set up.
  8. Here in Canada....you can almost pin the loss of fleet sales to the Mack Etech engine. Mack started to gain huge in fleet sales here with CH and E7PLN engines. Those fleets then renewed their acceptance of the Mack CH product but anything 1998 and up was Etech powered. The camshafts, plate oil coolers, sand in block castings, roller lifters, loss of fuel mileage and other inherent design issues were a disappointment to fleets that enjoyed the simplicity and reliability of the E7PLN. Sucked in a lot of fleets but lost a lot by the time of e tech. 1 fleet I worked at would buy 15-25 anually had to send 1 to 3 trucks a week out of 150 back to the dealer for warranty engine work for CHs built after 1998. This fleet hauled on avaerage 120,000gvw regularly on double framed 427hp 220wb CHs. The resale export market took a hit as well when PLN engines became scarce and Etechs were of no interest because electronic pumps couldn't be converted to mechanical. If we could get a line graph printed off, it would start in year 1.5 of post Etech roll out.
  9. Even the newest Volvos with X15 Cummins have the 2 ports. Silly.
  10. It's sucks too because some, especially on the Volvos, come in and the plugs look like the factory data link. Wastes our time having to unscrew the dash to make sure its the factory port. It's usually these low cost ELDs that connect with a phone app we find tucked away in the dash.
  11. We have the same issue at our dealer all of the time. GPS or ELD tied into the data link. It's the first thing we do now when the truck is in triage.
  12. Soooooooo..... Would you believe I found a brand new never sold CM422 fully dressed service replacement cab in Ohio.... It was built up for UPS and was stored in a Mack/Volvo parts warehouse since 1989. Talk about horseshoes up my butt.... It's getting painted Mack White to be installed. And for some reason, I can no longer upload photos from my phone.
  13. Hood scoops cut into CL hoods is very common in Western Canada. They use to do it to E9 powered units first, then carried onto E tech powered units. Macks engineering dept. Already figured out they could get enough air with what was provided from factory. These guys out west just "knew better".
  14. bbigrig

    Highway Through Hell

    The BC Mack/Volvo dealer brought him out one of the first Anthems in Canada. Jaime is also a Volvo customer. He has a 780 tractor. The Anthem is almost $10k cheaper then the closest comparable Volvo product.
  15. bbigrig

    Highway Through Hell

    The Anthem is going to have a small wrecker on it no rotator. He is going to use it on fleet customers recovery and switch outs in the US and Canada.

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