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  1. e7

    Available between 1998 and 2003
  2. Engine swuap

    The frame should be too narrow and the space from rad to cab too short on a 2000 Vision I like the 60 series as well, better off trying it in a CHN with the Volvo frame rails. If you get it to fit, send pictures or it didn't happen.
  3. New truck order

    I'm seeing more and more issues with that M ride spring suspension. Lots of bushing issues. Mack carriers exploding everywhere as well. I'm shocked. These Mack carriers are dropping like flies.
  4. Anthem production

    First one hit Quebec start of this week.
  5. 2180 13 speed

    I will drop you a line after the holidays. Thanks.
  6. 2180 13 speed

    Do you still have this transmission for sale Alex?
  7. New anthem

    Unreachable tow hook mistakes were only made on the first batch of Titans (yep, no tow hooks) and the Rawhides with the big bumpers. They say the covers are like the visions plastic bumpers that snap in and out.
  8. She's a bit off.... First digit 2 does not always mean glider.... First digit 2 is actually Canada. Goes for cars as well. Also the listing for digit 11 is missing the "C" for Canada (Oakville assembly" The Canadian Oakvile trucks were not knockdown kits. The steel frame rails came in from Hayes Dana in Beamsville Ont. Using Canadian steel.
  9. Most likely correct on both counts. Oakville built Macks were at times ordered as underframe exhaust if they knew the truck was going to be upfitted with a bunk. An after market stack and bracket kit would be mounted and piped from the underframe muffler up beside the cab/sleeper. Others that had a factory stack/muffler and bracket would be remounted behind the bunk and piped in. Not many after market bunks in Canada were built with cut outs large enough for muffler and bracket space. This bunk does look like an Alumi bunk as pointed out with those molded hook up lamp brackets.
  10. This might be easier to look at for some...
  11. I'm not sure if anyone has seen the new model numbers so I'm posting what I have been given. More confusion. Yeah. New Model Description Cross Reference(1).pdf
  12. Production of the Anthem for customers doesn't start till the 3rd week of January from what I've been told.
  13. Hino to launch heavy trucks in North America

    I think they are still building Hinos in Woodstock Ontario Canada at the Toyota plant as well. Knowing someone at a Hino dealer, it's extremely rare that a valve cover has ever been removed from one of their engines. Some of the engineering on the trucks seems strange, but very reliable trucks. Lots of Hinos in the Penske and other rental fleets here.
  14. KS

    My salesman said more like over 6000 orders. Can't get a Mack out of the factory till end of January right now. Antham production starts at the same time.
  15. KS

    He gets praise from myself. He can come off a little sharp and opinionated sometimes but who doesn't everyday. He and i have had different opinions about topics but I've always looked forward to his witty banter and different views from the other side of the fence.He is full of information and should be respected for that. Many people like myself would be less educated today without information he has been willing to share. It takes a lot of time to share the articles and knowledge he has picked up. That's why we are all here. Some forget that. All the best.