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  1. You raise a very good point....Mack Engines started going down hill with E-Tech. They were a joy to work on and operate before 1998.
  2. The Renault name casting is only on the e tech 1998 and newer I believe, not the PIN engine that was developed in the late 80s.
  3. Well aware....so tell me about Renault being involved in the design of the E7PLN. Share ownership doesn't directly involve them in the design of the engine. As a Mack technician, I'm sure you've seen some subtle differences in their engine designs. The E7PLN engine is one Renault never used in any of their own production trucks globally. They used the E9....someone else on here will tell you that another European truck maker was hip deep in that one.
  4. May want to quote your sources on this one....to my knowledge, the only engine Renault really had a lot of input on was the Etech. The platform of the E7PLN was basically a Metric beefed up version of an E6. The E7 was in development years before Renault had controling shares of Mack. Fill me in....
  5. I was referring to the system on the ISB...its a Cummins/Bosch system.. The only real difference common rail design wise between the ISX and the ISB is mostly pump related. I know you feel the need to split hairs on here to make your day complete, but i was refering to when comparing ANY of the common rail fuel systems available on ANY Cummins engines, it's far superior on all levels to the Delphi Volvo/ Mack fuel system.
  6. E7 platform was French? Are you referring to the E7PLN or E7 E tech?
  7. Same gasket on Pinnacles and Anthems..lol
  8. bbigrig

    Mack Midliner Questions

    The Midliner pre freedom models use both oil and fuel filters that were used on other Mack engine models such as E6 and E7PLN (before 1998 engines) If I remember correctly, they were used right up until the cancellation of the CS and MS models and the intro of the freedom. The Freedom models take filters that are specific to the Freedom line of trucks and engines. Basically rebadged Renault speced filters
  9. Just got our 5th P20EE in the last 2 weeks. All 2018 trucks with the stand up SCR unit mounted behind the cab. $7K to replace the SCR unit up here. The E case was 1 small paragraph description of the results of the testing. The E case response was 1 sentence...replace the SCR cat. Must be a bad batch.
  10. I use to call E-techs "E junks" when comparing them to the E7 PLN engines. I'm now eating my words comparing MP to Etech...cant win.
  11. That's an easy one....in comparison to the Bosch fuel system used by Cummins, this Delphi "wanna be" common rail I think will be a bit of a let down. It's more difficult to work on, more difficult to diagnose, full of issues that came with the last engine design and still more expensive to repair in both labor and parts then the Bosch/Cummins common rail. The fact that the plunger injectors are pulling double duty now not only injecting into the cylinder as usual, 3 of them are also responsible for building up rail fuel pressure when not firing into a cylinder shows they are doing double the work...(for those that are scratching their head on this comment Macks YouTube channel has a video that may help on the fuel system) instead of a pump that in some cases has a high and low pressure pump on an external to valve cover pump or a high pressure pump with an electric lift pump feed from the tank. I was hoping this engine was a bridge engine (a band aid fuel system on an old engine before a better design is released) I'm told by Volvo engineer people it's not... Cummins however took a step backwards with the release of the X15's new exhaust after treatment set up. Like the medium duty engines Cummins builds, it's going to be fuel dosing in cylinder only and doing away with the 7th injector after the turbo. It's bad for the cylinders and has wiped out many a ISL and ISB over the years where high idle time is part of the engines duty cycle. I wish these engines would get more simple with every release. Sadly, They are not.
  12. We have replaces a few SCR assemblies on that code as well. E case made the calls on those. Also had one that was an output nox sensor that would be about 75 ppm drift from the other sensor on cool down. Should be 40ppm or less Only seeing this issue on the 2018s so far.
  13. bbigrig

    MP8 low power and stalling

    I'm wondering if like Detroit on the 60series we should start installing a thick o ring between the injector tip body and the injector cup to slow down the combustion gas infiltration to the fuel system.
  14. Also, keep an eye out for low power/chugging, low fuel pressure or codes for fuel restriction. We have had 2 with a fuel "flapper" check valve in the intake of the primary fuel water seperator filter in the housing that goes for a crap. Apparently if you put a Donaldson primary water separator filter on that was made for the none common rail engines it may cause this valve to be damaged. The common rail engines have no Donaldson primary fuel filter crossover available. The Flapper valve is serviceable separately from the fuel filter housing assembly. We have also had a couple of the new AHI moduals that are part of the fuel filter housing go for a crap already
  15. Which one?.....lol. We have had several all under 1 year old. A few team driven so between 60,000 And 250,000kms. Nothing has changed. Same issues.

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