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  1. Mack Midliner Questions

    We had full air CS250s in the 90s. I believe full air for 250s became standard in the early 90s. Planetary hubs on rears were standard on 300 series.
  2. Mack Midliner Questions

    200 series had air rear brakes and hyd front with light axles 250 had air front and rear brakes with mid weight axles 300 had air front and rear brakes with heavier axles. From what I recall in the 90s models for both MS and CS midliners
  3. The ISX will not fit due to the short hood on an Anthem/pinnacle the MP series barely fits into the doghouse carved into the cab firewall. The ISX engine is wider and longer then an MP. The Volvo hood is longer to accommodate the vendor engine. Granite has the same issue.
  4. Sleeper for an R model...

    With a little help I've found a Mik Mak off an R
  5. Heavy Haul Serei Dratchev

    He speced that Pinnacle wrong from day 1. The guy is a quack and blames everyone and everything for going wrong. Unfortunately, it's like watching a train I check in once and a while to see how many more poor choices he has made.
  6. 2008 CXU Pinnacle 70"

    Yes...wont let me upload the same pictures from Kijiji for some weird reason. These are better pictures anyway.
  7. 2008 CXU Pinnacle 70"

    Selling our 2008 Mack CXU Pinnacle with 70" double bunk. MP7395. 13speed fuller 12f 40r 390ratio 22.5 on alum. Front and rear air ride suspension 1.1millionkms Needs rear rubber, exhaust leak at manifold, batteries. Good runner when we took it off the road in fall. $12,000cdn. As is (certifiable with above repairs done) In Ontario Can.
  8. piston oil cooler actuator

    Have seen loose pins at lower solenoid connection

    10amp ignition fuse in center dash panel. F7 I think..... Ive seen these fuses blow when the polarity at the mag solenoid on the starter is reversed by mistake or the solenoid is fried. Your dash will light up etc but on key turns the starter won't engage. Check the ign fuse. These trucks usually don't use the starter over heat switch supplied on the starter but as said earlier, time out by ecm. If it won't engage at all this may be your issue. This simple issue surprised the heck out of me and only found it through using the Mack/Volvo online wiring diagrams. Stumbled on this issue after new starter was installed by customer. Let me know if that helps.
  10. Sleeper for an R model...

    No thanks on these ones...
  11. I've worked on lots of 60 series. Great engine. I've actually thought of putting one in an MH if I ever get the chance. I've seen a few in CLs. Pretty good set up.
  12. Sleeper for an R model...

    Had a look there earlier. Nothing period correct Thanks.
  13. Sleeper for an R model...

    I'm exploring all options. Preferably either Can am or Able body either a 60 mid-rise or 42" or bigger flat top. Doesn't have to have cut outs. Thanks.
  14. Sleeper for an R model...

    I will pass on the double eagle offer. Thanks for the offer.
  15. The only electronically controlled engine installed in the RW II chassis to be sold to the public was the E7 with Vmac 1 controls. It was available in late 1990. Cat and Cummins was still mechanical. No Detroit in the last years of RW production. An ex Mack engineering friend of mine tells me there was a test RW fitted with a series 60 Detroit that never made production. The 60 series offering ended up with the release of the CL instead in 93.