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  1. The last CL Elite Limited Edition build serial number ends in 1466
  2. The hooded Midliner built by Renault was never available in Europe. There were a few customers from the Netherlands (as an example) that had to order CS Midliner models (with hoods) from a Canadian dealer and have them shipped back to Europe. Renault/Mack refused to sell them direct from factory. CS and MS Midliner were never offered with spoke wheels. The CM400 model line was referred to by Mack as " The Baby 8" (small class 8) The CM was engineered and built solely by Mack in Macungie PA.
  3. For comparison purposes. Similar frame rails. Not exact. Very few bends and curves in comparison to other models Mack offered. R series style cross members used.
  4. Spoke wheels were never an Option on Midliner in North America. I believe what Vlad posted is the CM baby 8 info he found on the net. Midliners use Eurpoean wheels and hubs on Renault axles.
  5. Similar to CH, straight rails. Slightly smaller. I have a breakdown of the rails I will post up another day.
  6. Post up the last 6 digits of the VIN. Has to be a CL613 model. I have a list and I will check.
  7. Air tanks were mounted side ways (left to right) and only 2 of them. (Midliner 3 tanks front to back) Battery box is above tanks but space for 3 (midliner 2 spaces) the midliner axle is drilled differently then a CH axle. Spring spacing is narrow and uses midliner front brakets
  8. We changed out the spoke wheels which it was built with to Hub Pilot aluminum disc wheels. Easy to do as these are Mack axles and hubs are readily available. (Mid liners never had spoke wheels as an option) Same wheel track as Mack R as same axles used on both models. The baby 8 was built to be smaller and cheaper then an R model but heavier then a Midliner. It was only available from 88 to late 89. Just over 600 CM422 (single axle Renault power) were built. Cab mounts were same as Midliner but bolted to Mack Frame rail.
  9. The frame is "basically" the same as the CH. (Not Renault) the crossmembers are older single frame R model Axles were Mack front and rear and available in either spoke or stud pilot wheels (alum or steel) Engines were Renault (E5) or Cummins 8.3L Trans was Spicer or Fuller 7 and 9 speeds Besides the engine option cab shell and some interior parts, hood, everything else on the CM was Mack. For those that have seen Midliner wiring/fuse panel, they will recognize the picture I posted of the CM fuse panel. Complete air system is North American. Big difference.
  10. Only 6 paint colors and 3 stripe color options were available on the CL Elite Limited Editions. I would upload the brochure but it looks like I've reached my max for file uploads.
  11. There were 5 CHs built as a test for a US customer with L10 Cummins in the early 90s. They exist on the Mack parts system as CH633s. Never made it to production and not sure who they were built for.
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