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  1. Anyone have any good grey plastic bumper ends for a CH or CL they want to sell? No one seems to make or stock R or L ends anymore. Center section still available from multiple vendors.
  2. Series 60 Detroit was only ever fitted to the CL643 chassis from factory. The 12.7L version was available in 400hp and 425hp ratings but only between 1993 and 1995. The N14 Cummins was never made available for factory order. Cummins only lasted as an option till 1991 in the MH and RWII chassis. You could get up to the 444hp in RWII and the 400 in the MH when Mack stopped carrying them for the 1992 model year. Cat 3406B was available in the CL753 starting in 1993 but changed to mechanical 3406C in 1994 which carried till 1999.
  3. Incorrect. The 60 series Detroit was never available in the MH. The older 2 stroke Detroits were available in the MH chassis.6V92 as an example. Only the CL643 was ever available with a factory installed series 60 12.7L.
  4. RD800 AWD was built and tested in both Canadian and American logging industries in a tractor multiple trailer application.
  5. The Cat in my CL753 is a nice squeeze. No R6 series is going to take a kitty without some serious modification and lube.
  6. He would need an he would need an ELD. If its not a 1999 year engine on the serial plate, they will just give you a hard time. Same goes for up here next year.
  7. Those seats were available from Mack in the 2000s. They were available for Granite CV interiors. I had one as a driver seat in my R model years ago. Bostrom mid backs tan vinyl.
  8. Still could have built it on a Mack Chassis and called it your own. You are correct, it was bad timing as Mack was rolling out the Anthem, pushed a football player etc.... Mack probably couldn't get clearance from what ever movie studio who owned the rights to Convoy related names etc to allow it's creations/ideas to be used by Mack and make money from it. It would have been cool.
  9. I was wondering how many CLs there were in the fleet. I've even caught an E9 powered RW in some of the shop scenes on a few occasions. Thanks for the updates.
  10. It was 112" until they added the 4" to the cab for the MP engine doghouse and new interior for 2006/7
  11. This truck is in several brochures. Thus angle is from a DM model brochure in 1980. As 41Chevy stated earlier, the side view you are looking for is in the 1980 construction line brochure. I don't have a copy of that one.
  12. Up till last year you can still order the silver/grey door panels and other interior pieces from the dealer.
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