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  1. Worked at a fleet that had a dozen CS units. We had a freedom demo and wasn't impressed. Owner didn't like cabovers. We didn't like all of the extra technology on the freedom. We ordered more CS units just before they were discontinued and the freedom was the only frog dog available. We had really good luck with Midliners. The technology was what killed the freedom series. No one could fix them.
  2. You could get a Cat 3406B 425hp (a 3406C 460hp test truck made the rounds here in Canada but disappeared) CL653/753 1993-1999 The Detroit series 60 430/470hp was an option from 1993-1995 (CL643/743) Cummins option was only the ISX from 2000 to 2007 (CL733)
  3. These trucks will likely be tank haulers and will run mostly in Canada between bases. They have a fleet of trucks that are very similar to an every day highway truck. No armor.
  4. If it had just the single stick with just the air shift knob and deep reduction air switch mounted on the dash instead of the floor it would be a TRTXL 1070B 12 speed Mack trans.
  5. Yep...just keep an eye on them.
  6. I'm hoping the market share on the highway side will increase with the new truck being released end of this year. I've seen some pictures of a test unit. It has the improvements I am looking for. Hopefully the pictures I've seen are correct. Same cab. I'm happy with the current cab just needs minor tweaking. Bunk is new and so is front end. Here's hoping.
  7. Y arm issues. Cracking and breaking. The heavier the axle loading and doing lots of twists and turns the worse it gets. Good to hear yours are doing well.
  8. 355 eaton rears Stay away from the twin Y suspension. Lots of issues and little product support.
  9. I've heard that the plant will not be open for tours this year. They say it's due to construction but the timing also fits that the new Mack Highway truck being unveiled to sales forces in the 3rd 1/4 of 2017 may be in the building at the time. The museum will be open with the ability to drive over to visit and no busing available from the show grounds. Still worth the trip south.
  10. I think these will haul tanks like the Western Stars they have now. Below is a picture of a broken down Star unit getting a tow.
  11. Buddy just posted a rear end picture.
  12. Not my picture just passing it along to those who havn't seen this yet. A picture taken by a kind insider at the plant and posted on Facebook of a Canadian Armed Forces Mack Titan tractor. He went on to say it's one of the last ones being built. Nice to see they finally engineered a 60" midrise bunk on a Titan with what seems to be a tri- drive planatary rears. Most likely a tank hauler. A day late and a dollar short. Let the parent company bashing begin....
  13. Not here. The single drive with dummy axle has MP7 405SE Have yet to see any MP8 powered UPS tractor in for dealer work yet. Havn't seen any twin drives up here yet either.
  14. Was anyone aware that the UPS Pinnacles of the last few years are MP7 405SE (SuperEconodyne) engines with 10speed fuller transmissions. You can get the engine without the Mdrive. They go like heck when we road test them.
  15. Mack Ste. Foy use to order some of the biggest Macks in North America. Some of the big logging companies in Quebec ordered trucks from there. That shop use to be full of RD822SX trucks constantly. If any dealer in Canada knows heavy spec that would be one of them. Simon Poirer I believe was the owner. My personal opinion is stay away from the Mack Trans and diffs. Seen to many warranty issues lately. One Titan is on its 3rd 18speed Mack Trans. Not to say Fuller doesn't have its issues, but they are cheaper to repair. Same with Merritor axles. And parts are everywhere.