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  1. Mack Ste. Foy use to order some of the biggest Macks in North America. Some of the big logging companies in Quebec ordered trucks from there. That shop use to be full of RD822SX trucks constantly. If any dealer in Canada knows heavy spec that would be one of them. Simon Poirer I believe was the owner. My personal opinion is stay away from the Mack Trans and diffs. Seen to many warranty issues lately. One Titan is on its 3rd 18speed Mack Trans. Not to say Fuller doesn't have its issues, but they are cheaper to repair. Same with Merritor axles. And parts are everywhere.
  2. Betting money on the cancellation of the Maxitorque transmission line over here.
  3. Working on 1 of the only CH 's built in Canada as well. Only 20 test trucks built before Winnsboro took all of its production.
  4. If I'm not mistaken....... The Granite and Titan both use a reinforced cab shell. It has more structure to it in case of impact damage. The reinforced cab can only take the old style V opening Mack used on older sleepers. Pre 99 without the full cab back wall cutout. The reinforced cab oak optional on Pinnacle day cabs I believe but standard on Granite and Titan. The current factory sleepers would not be compatible needing the full back wall opening if I remember correctly. Could be wrong though.
  5. The R 700 here is legit. It's a Canadian ex military with a 350 Cummins and a 15 fuller. There was an order of about 10 or 15 of them built in Oakville assembly NOT in Hayward or whatever. These trucks were well kept with very low miles. This truck however has a cracked rail (dbl frame) above one of the new way air bags. He wants $10k cdn and won't take a penny less. Goes on about he will part it out for more money then sell it complete for less. My father did PDI's on these at Toronto Branch Mack back in the 80's
  6. The bunk issue was the same argument over and over again. The first Titan delivered in Canada had a stupid looking aftermarket bunk on it and was published in the Bulldog magazine. Engineering was the excuse that never went over well. Friggin joke.
  7. All the more reason to be a disappointment from day one. The granite frame was just a VHD frame. and the customer will never even
  8. It was a poor concept from day 1. I was able to speak directly to the Mack Canada marketing guru at a show at the time and he flat out said there was not enough market to justify the cost of engineering a sleeper on the Titan. That was before the small bunk option was made available. The customers cries for a large bunk totally fell on deaf ears. I'm sure Volvo played a part in knowing all you had to do was by a VN with a D16 if you wanted a mid or large sized bunk for your truck. The CL engine option demise was the market. Mack made the options expensive and people didn't buy them as much to save jobs at Hagerstown in the long run. I know customers we had up here that loved CAT options etc but they paid a premium for them. In the end Paccar would sell a truck with the same power train much cheaper then a CL. Titan was a flub from day 1. The day I was shown the Titan front end clip at the then test center I knew it was going to be a fail from the one question I asked an engineer....... Where are the tow hooks? Why does this truck have NO tow hooks at the front end!!!! Go back and look. The first batch didn't have them. There was more to this story but it showed this truck was going to be an engineering and marketing flop.
  9. The CL was a nice highway truck but was expensive and heavy. Most highway customers wanted something cheaper and lighter. Highway being a large market that Mack still misses the mark on. Probably my favorite model of Mack for versatility but those engine options were very expensive purposely to keep customers buying Mack engines and components.
  10. Before photo shop boys...... The D16 was never going to get the common rail update I was told before the unveil. I was also told there was a plan to phase it out over the next few years and it passed the emissions cert with very little changes. This crap is getting out of hand.
  11. Sorry man...... Who ever your insider is likes to screw with you. Both trucks are Volvo VNX trucks on the road. Whom ever saw the walking floor on the road was long over due for some sleeper berth time. The blue VNX is the unit making the rounds in Ontario as a demo unit.(without the photo shopped grill)The picture without the Mack grill was in a major trucking magazine 3 months ago. The black one is owned by Mammoet and is currently in use out west (as seen on you tube videos on Volvo page) that customer used Macks for decades with E9's and has been using Western star to bridge the gap. Now using Volvo VNX. Volvo wouldn't bother going through a rebadge to keep Mack guys happy. They loved the fact every Mack you drive today is just a cab hood and sleeper that makes it Mack the rest being a volvo. I own some so I should know. The test trucks making the rounds in the states do not have a global cab but the updated mack Pinnacle cab. Nice try
  12. I think Mack will be focusing on the product lines that sell. Granite and the Pinnacle or its soon to be released highway update. Sales are down right now and it may be a good time to shed the model lines that are not selling so hot. I'm surprised to hear that the D16 is being cut. I'm seeing more Volvo VNX spec trucks up here lately and Volvo seems to be marketing that model up here pretty heavily in the last few months with videos on YouTube and literature. I was thinking Volvo killing the Titan they would just push customers to the VNX. That changes things if the D16 is being phased out. I was of the understanding it was still offered with 2017 emissions engine lineup. Guess not .
  13. Bet they quoted you on a stock or soon to be built unit to boot.... ouch.
  14. Dont overlook that's a Volvo frame you are sitting on. almost everything you have on that truck comes on a truck without the dog. I keep forgetting that too. But I'm sure Western star will be the next order.
  15. They bought 5 from Durham Mack....not happy already. May have more to do with the dealer. They also have Granites doing the same job for a lesser purchase price. That and the Granite tare weight is less. So every load they haul on a Titan it's less pay in the box. They were a Paccar fleet. Too many issues with Cummins power.