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  1. Yeah, you see those blue KW’s of theirs everywhere in the GTA.
  2. Yes - Anpro Excavating who were based out of Rexdale (Toronto) at the time this picture was taken. This Superliner was replaced by a T800, as were the rest of Anpro’s Mack fleet when they relocated to Vaughan.
  3. Kawartha Capital Construction (Peterborough, Ont) has multiple tri-axle Titan dumps. They are the only company I can think of that runs more than one in Ontario - majority seem to be single purchase float tractors.
  4. Jaws612


    Pic test..
  5. 2010 TD713....no complaints so far !
  6. Very nice...any more pics of that Titan you can share ? That old Superliner looks like it's got a few loads left in 'er too.
  7. Thanks for the compliments. Yes, this is my new office....at least once we get the keys on Tuesday. They still have to get a cb installed for us on Monday morning...then the owner takes delivery. It will leave the dealer and go straight up to get the new lowboy it'll be mated with. (Picture below) Not sure if we make that much money....but we've got an owner who is a die-hard MACK man and fell in love the first time he saw the TITAN. So, my current office (2007 CL 700) will be up for sale after Tuesday. I'll get some more pics once we get the trailer and put her to work.
  8. Well, it was due to be delivered originally in March but she's finally arrived and had it's shiney new collar(s) put on. MACK MP-10 with 605hp, 18speed Fuller Tran, Rawhide interior, 20,000lb front, 46,000lb rears, and a few custom goodies just to make her stand out from the crowd.
  9. Found a couple pics of the Titans at All North Mack....they look good:
  10. Just wondering if anyone has seen any of the new Titan's on the road yet ? I'm guessing with the way the economy is right now, that a lot of contractors aren't lining up to purchase 1 or more new lowboy tractors. I did hear that Haines&Kibblehouse have either received one, or have one on order.....other than that (rumour) I haven't heard of any out there.
  11. Hello, I was hoping there might be a couple guys on here who could help me out with some pictures ? After a recent cruise through Pennsylvania, I spotted a couple beautiful MACK's owned by Haines & Kibblehouse. Unfortunately at 70mph in the opposite direction, pitcures aren't an option...so a search on the internet led to lots of pics of their old MACK B-61 etc, but nothing of their new Granite dumps or CL700 lowboy tractors. So, in hopes of finding some good pictures, I figured I ask here.....figured if there aren't any die-hard MACK guys here who have'nt got any pictures of a die-hard MACK company, than I'm simply not going to find them anywhere. Thanks in advance for those of you who can offer up a little help, Ryan
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