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    A big fan of all Macks, but especially the B-61.My father ordered his from mack truck factory branch in Louisville, Ky. He was unfortunatly killed in it in an accident in 1960. I would like to have his old truck(it was repairedand resold) but that may be impossible.
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  1. Absolutely. I’ve got 3 B’s from AITM. They are unbuilt. I fear there may not be more. I see myself getting multiple models of this. They could make other B’s easily too . Just by changing the front end.
  2. If you have a steering box to rebuild contact Power Steering Specialists 690 Green Crest Drive Westerville, Ohio 43081 800 235 3076 They replaced the seals in mine. It sat too long after restoration. It's not going to be a quick job . There is great joy when you see it again and even more when you get it back on
  3. Many F and the early MH’s tractors UPS had were equipped with hydraulic clutches. If you know any old UPS mechanics they can probably help.
  4. I’m think Mack used more than one shade of green. I can’t prove it. Most likely more than a single brand of paint too, which would make for a slight difference in what is considered the same color . Comments?
  5. Thinking of upgrading the headlights on my B model. Don’t want to destroy the classic look with the wrong LED’s. Any suggestions?
  6. Smaller steering wheel from an R model would buy you a couple more inches
  7. Take something green from the cab and go to a PPG or other automotive paint store. They have color wheels that have an almost endless amount of shades. You will be amazed. Single stage urethane has worked well for me.
  8. The gold/chrome dog thing reminds me of the other heavily opinionated topic. Mud flaps and the way the dog faces. Both chrome and gold look nice. I’d just have them match and don’t worry about the rest.
  9. The previous owner actually set it up for a rollback. They wanted it to haul cars they collected. Thank you for responding
  10. Wanting to build a stake bed for my B-61 Mack. Anyone care to share any tips or have suggestions?
  11. If it came with just seat belts when new you are good. I crossed the scales near Hurricane West Va. in a cabover Volvo. The officer stopped me and said put your foot on the brake and I’m gonna open the door. He saw the truck had no shoulder belt. He said ok , you can go. if you decide to add the shoulder strap check seatbeltplanet.com
  12. I’d try Facebook. Don’t worry about over priced. They are fairly rare as many have been exported. If they don’t like the price they don’t have to buy it. Truck restoration is expensive!
  13. Have you thought of contacting Cummins with the serial number on the engine ? They should be able to help with this
  14. Love the Mack service sign! I have only seen three of these in my life.  Where did you find it?  An almost perfect one was for sale about a year ago from a fellow in Europe.  Can you tell me how wide and how tall is it?  Carey Leitch, aka Steelman


    1. Bobby Covert

      Bobby Covert

      I got it off ebay. Sorry if I didn’t respond sooner.  I plan to check in more often

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