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  1. I have used Hi-line plating, Cuba , Missouri. They have a facebook page
  2. Would anyone have the date(s) for Trucktoberfest 2017 ?
  3. Will let you guys know how it turns out. Thank you !
  4. Thank you. I bought this truck a few months ago. It's in great shape but a few things need some tweaking. I try not to have it out when raining. But I am bound to get caught in the rain sooner or later!
  5. cant get the drivers side air wiper to come on. Right side works but the wiper path is short or limited in its wiping . Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  6. High Line Plating 1800 596 5473 POBox 65453 Cuba, Missouri Ship your pieces to them. They will call you with the price. I saved by re-plating as opposed to new. Not fast, but looks great.
  7. Thank you Maddog 13407. I am " outside" and I started soaking the bolts with penetrating oil last weekend. I appreciate your help!!!
  8. Would someone be able to tell me about replacing the rubber cab mounts on a B model Mack? How many do I need and any tips on replacement . Thank you, Bobby
  9. Saw one on facebook earlier this week in Lisbon, Ohio. bad engine for less than scrap price of 1900.00 330 429 4601 its a 1963 B-75. Has the usual Mack Rust. Inside looks good. Will need a drivers side fuel tank and a case of sandpaper. They are all going to need something unless you have a fortune to spend on one.Name posted is Jennifer Tucker. She says to text her if interested. Its a good looking truck.. No L model cab sorry. just read your post again
  10. Every situation is different. When I get to that point on My B-model I plan to put my Dad and sons name on the passenger door in the same font that my Dad had on his B-61 Back in the day.They are both gone from me. but I think it will be neat to see that.
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