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  1. I’m looking at restoring a 69 R600 for logging use hauling logs from the woods to the paper mill. It has a 235 Remack engine from 1978. It also has a 5 speed tranny and 4.17 rears on a camel back suspension. Would this be a quality candidate for hauling 80 to 90k # loads? I’m not a fan of it’s spoke wheels and no brakes on the steer axle. Not sure how DOT will like that.
  2. I'm sure a water cooled turbo and after cooler can be fitted pretty easy. Finding a water cooled exhaust manifold that fits a Mack 675 might be tough. I wonder if a ceramic coated manifold would be good enough? I plan on leaving the fuel pump stock. With a big enough after cooler, I wouldn't think the exhaust would get too hot. I have seen people simply add more ventilation to the engine room with some success!
  3. Thanks for the info everyone. Manchester Mack still has a few limited parts in stock for a marine E7. Sounds like the T675 was never intended for marine use, so a lot of creativity may be required! Since Volvo has their own marine division (VolvoPenta) they had no interest in supporting Mack Power. Next question: How easy (or hard) is it to get parts for a T675? Are things like injectors and overhaul kits available?
  4. Does anybody know if Mack engines were ever used in marine applications? I have a T675 I have thought about someday using in an offshore boat. I can't find anything in a google search on whether or not this has been done. Surely a marine transmission will bolt up, as long as the bellhousing bolt pattern is universal. Other prob may be Mack's placement of the motor mounts. Was there a bellhousing made with mounting brackets like cats or cummins? I doubt any marine transmission will have Mack style motor mounts. Any info would help. Thanks
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