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  1. I am going through registration in CT. I had to submit a notarized letter saying This vehicle will be used to attend car/truck shows and the occasional drive for pleasure. It will in no way be used in the furtherance of business and is specifically for personal use. This allows me to not have a DOT number and use Classic plates. I haven't started looking for a trailer yet, so I have no idea on that aspect.
  2. Has anyone run across a R model Glovebox interior? Im going to guess its a high density cardboard?
  3. I am up in New Milford. I hope I run into you at a show or two.
  4. It I believe actually may have come out of Georgia dealership. I am in the process of chasing that down now.
  5. So I have an odd sized Dog. The face is rough, which made me think It was a knock-off. It also is about half the size of my other Dog. The other Dog was plastidipped a few years ago to protect its finish. Is the smaller one off of the Cigar ashtrays? I bought it off eBay (yes I know) guy claimed it cam off his Mack with 600,000 miles on it.
  6. Hello 🖖 In the process of Dancing with CT DMV getting the paperwork right for a 1972 Mack R685 I purchased. Looking forward to keeping her for the most part stock. I have long loved the simplicity of how Commercial trucks are designed. No extra frills. No extra sheetmetal. They are designed and made for one thing, Work. I will be taking the 5th wheel off and finding a flatbed, so I can use it bit around the small farm I have. Other than that Truck Shows and taking the wife out for ice cream. Lets hope she will ride in it. That didn't go so well with my Harley. I enjoy all of your posts and thank you all for making this place the success it is.
  7. Hello Folks I am in the process of purchasing a 1972 R685. Has the pretty 237 gold engine and the 5 speed. There is a chrome Dog on the front of the hood and one chrome ½ dog on each door. Is/was there any rhyme or reason to the gold Bulldog of that time period and should this truck have one, and if yes where the ½ dogs on the door the same color as the hood? Thank You and I am sorry to bring this up again. It is an unmolested tandem single stack Mack with a window in the back and I would like to keep her stock.
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