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Found 107 results

  1. Here is the 8Th DM800 that was produced, 1966 model. it's a DM867SX, with RTO15 gerabox, i.e .5 gears, hi lo and extra 5 in deep reduction engine is Cummins NTC335. This truck owned and operated by MIFALEY TOVALA in Israel caring Potash from dead sea in the 200 KM route threw desert rocking hi temperatures, in road train combination. The first trailer takes 35 tons, 2nd takes 25 ton, GCVW is 90 tons. until mid '70 there was no air condition, great experience for the driver. nevertheless drivers took their families sometimes 4 at the cabin (!) to long trips to Eilat and sharem el sheich in Sinai, Actually, this is the 4th DM800 in 'Mifaley Tovala', their 1st DM800 was the 4th in the world. Engineer Avraham Halivni (D.) had big inputs on the DM800 design. DM800 opened new era in Mifaley Tovala, about 190 unit of DM800 worked in Mifaley Tovala well into the '80. DM actually build Israel from 1966 till today, some 1975 are working as tippers.
  2. Hello. I have a 1999 Mack Mid-Liner MS200P with 450,000 miles on it and it smokes like hell. It overheated once and thats when it started to smoke. The engine service like IS ON. Can if be glowplugs. I have to leave ignition on for a couple of mins or itll kill the batter cranking or need starter fluid. Thanks. Please help
  3. 1926 Mack AB For Sale in Tulsa, OK. Contact Ken Davis at 918.446.5571
  4. I have a Mack LEU that the Mack Dealership couldn't fix, on a pretty new truck. After the Variable Geometery Turbo (VGT) failed we had a new code pop up. Data-link J1939 Can 2. Tech Tool said ACM offline due to J1939 Can 2 missing signal. The ACM was tested and works fine. the Turbo was installed correctly and calibrated. we tore apart the wiring harness for the ACM no faults were found. We checked all fuses. followed the twisted yellow and green Can 2 wires. We also broke open the sealed engine wiring harness by the turbo and it was normal as well. I need locations for the Terminating resistors. but also We found engine oil wicking to the ECU would this be the fault, or do i need to trace the entire J1939 circuit? any help is worth it thank you. Replaced the Batteries as well
  5. hello to all. i am saeid, from iran. there are some mack trucks in iran(known as War mack) like NR and EXBX . You can see b85 badge on them. But at that time Mack b85 was not produced in America!! I did a lot of searching and could not find its model.. I heard from a driver that their model is "LM2DM," but I'm not sure it is correct. We know that during World War II american trucks used iran roads to transfer cargo to russia. But I do not know that these macks are same trucks or re-entered. Please help me to find model. thanks.
  6. I have an issue with my transmition is only shifting the first 4 gears I already check the fuses, the solenoids and everything seems normal can some one help me with this?
  7. I'm looking for a R-model Mack T/A Fair condition with a MVI! pto wet line would be nice! I live in BC,Canada Thnx for watching this add Eric
  8. I have the best of the world a few dogs, Macks, and a hog, Harley, to keep me working on something. Ya know what they both have in common, comin from the factory with a leak or two. I have high hopes this Christmas and it is coming true. Believe it or not the wife said I should go and look at a new Harley, after Christmas. I got a nice one but it is getting up in years or so she said. So time for a new one but I still like the old one. I don't know how to take this one, I'm getting up in years too, so... My old Mack's are off the table but those new HD's are sure nice. Anyway do you Guy's have 2 wheelers old or new?
  9. The Mack Trucks Historical Museum will be open tomorrow and the next two Saturdays to kick off the Evel Knievel "Big Red" display. There will be a snack bar by donation and the Mack Shop will be open. The hours for tomorrow, Dec. 5, 12 and 19 are 12 to 4. Bring the family for a wonderful day of truckin' down memory lane! As always, admission is by donation. See you there!
  10. Looking for a crankshaft for my 1974 Mack, V8 866 engine. Would purchase whole engine if need be, any info or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Paulie.
  11. Hi All, any idea what is this? frame plus , well, nothing pictures somewhere '50 Israel Credit: Kibbutz Gan Shmuel
  12. This is some pictures of the trip to see mom on her birthday. I hand delivered her card and present. (only 2 days late). For some reason my computer is not working right. The first 2 pictures is of the first battle of Riverton about a half mile from mom's house. The next 2 is in Riverton of the blue and white Mack and a Brockway. They are on the same lot. Next is Seneca Rocks. When I was growed up there, there was several cases of ice cold beer put away every weekend in Seneca. Next is a truck waiting to get gas to haul some wood. The next one is a cave in the river at the Pendleton-Grant county line. On route 28 or 55. Then there is some rocks on top of a hill. Then the trucks setting there back when Harold Dettinburn had it it was full of Big Mack Trucks. Three old Chevys. They look real good in person. After the cars away off yonder on yon hill is where Other dog was taking pictures the other day. A white Big Mack dump truck taking the day off. The next three is from Petersburg Block. Then a horse and a railroad track in the middle of the valley. Next is a golf course in front of a hill. I had to stop on interstate 48 to kick a tire. Some more hills and hollers. Two old cars waiting to get some new paint/ If you look close there is 2 squirrels in the tree. A buggy rack waiting on next summer. A superliner pickup in sawed on the interweb. I went to get the pot of gold but the little man in the green suit beat me there. This scank was hitchhiking between Seneca and Petersburg said she was headed to Winfall could I give her a ride. Didn't have time had to go deer hunting. Sorry but I can't add pictures to the post for some reason. Enjoy.
  13. I sawed a 98 CH613 on ebay and I axed the boss if he was interested. He said he was. It is a E7 427 rated at 500 hp with 50200 miles. Is it a mechanical motor or computer. It looks good in the pictures but we need to see it in person. Is this a good truck and motor. I know all Macks are good but some are better than others. I need something that runs faster on the interstate. The '81 is screaming 1900 at 60 mph. Basically should we buy it of stay away from it. Thanks in advance
  14. Dear All, please help me identify this truck Picture taken in Israel at the 50' BR Guy guy.edelist@gmail.com
  15. Dear All, please help me idetifty this truck Picture taken in Israel at the 50' BR Guy guy.edelist@gmail.com
  16. i recently called lancaster county upholstery to purchase a headliner kit for my dads 1947 LJ. they no longer make the this kit.its the last item needed to complete the 10 yr restoration. Any information on where to locate one would be appreciated
  17. Hi, Selling my 1950 A30 with dump body. Purchased in 2006 to restore. Runs and dumps. I blasted paint off of the fenders and that's when project went south. A real mechanic and a real body person would probably restore this truck to look and drive great. I disassembled breaks and started to replace everything before I realized I was over my head. Cab, bed and drive train never removed. Here's a good list of what you'll get. Decent cab. Good sheet metal.Interior is fair. Has seats that are marginally functional. Needs new seats. Grill is in very good condition.Fenders with lots of good metal with crappy repairs by me.Hood in good shape requires new piano hinges on both sides.One original running board in great shape and one almost completed new running board, some metal work needed.Blasted and primed light buckets with parking lights...great condition.Frame that's been modified or repaired. Doublers welded on near cab/dump division. Drives straight.Dump body modified with cab protector, lot's of metal work needed (could scrap or repair).Mack Magnadine 331 Straight Six. Ran up until 2 years ago.Mack Rear End, no issues.Master cylinder rebuilt and the vacuum booster rebuilt (looks new). All or most of the parts to completely restore the breaks.Blinker buckets for mounting on fenders.6 new 9x20 tires, rims blasted and painted gray. Two front tires original tread, 4 rear are retreds. 6 tires on truck are 10x20s. Rubber is junk and suicide rims can be scrapped for $.New window channels from Watts still in plasticNumerous other odds and ends such as new motor mounts, gaskets, carb rebuild kit.Thanks for looking. I'm in Beverly, MA. Selling truck as is where is. You'll have to haul out of my backyard or arrange for transportation. Call me at 978-223-3346. Lon Mack Picture For Rich.pdf
  18. Hi Folks - 1991 Mack Midliner CS300 First the PARK BRAKE indicator light on the dash stays on even when the air builds up and releases the parking brake. I replaced a crusty old valve near the air tank with this SEE ATTACHED PICTURE 1 This new valve didnt fix the dash light stay on problem. Also I get a air leaking sound from the (2) identical WABCO valve type parts located under the hood on the firewall. When I tap the valve housing lightly with a hammer, the leak stops. SEE ATTACHED PICTURE 2 The only writing on these 2 identical valves is the word WABCO . Was thinking I could rebuild these valves with a kit but no part #'s found. Any help you folks could give on either of my two issues posted here would be greatly appreciated. Other than these 2 issues, this Mack Midliner has treated me very well since 2002 when I got it. Thanks
  19. For Sale is an original full set of Tandem axle rears out of a b-61 Mack. To the best of my knowledge they are 58000lb rears. There are some cracks here and there please see pictures and text, email, or call with any questions or to arrange to see them. Rears are still in the truck at this time we will remove them for the buyer but they have to be picked up. Will consider delivery for an additional fee $2500obo Will 215-589-5028 wd11141@comcast.net
  20. We have the following Mack trucks for sale: 1926 Mack AC with factory mounted winch – engine rolls over stored inside 1974 Mack DM695 SN# DM695ST1789 – Mack 866 325 HP V8, Mack 6 speed Trans, 54,000 lb rears. New Cab, fenders and interior 1927 Mack AC with 1930 Byers Crane 1960 Mack B83 SX SN# B83SX1638 220 Cummins, Mack Quadraplex Transmission with power tower, 65,000 lb rear axle, new tires, 60,000lb Branden Winch, rolling tail board 1978 R Model SN# R686ST17442 – 237 Mack engine, 5 speed trans, Mack Rears 1981 R600 SN# M2N17845B4067403 Mack 300 Engine, 5 speed trans, Mack Rears, fifth wheel and wet line Mack M70 SX Prime Mover 750 HP V-12 Cummins, Clark Automatic Trans, 140,000 lb rear axles Trailer for above unit – Rogers 300 Ton trunion axle with 3 axle jeep (2) new R Model fiberglass Cabs (1) used R-model hood Other items for sale 1946 Dart Model 150 SN# 120390 – 275 HP Cummins Super Charged Engine, 5 Speed with 3 way brownie and power tower, 60,000 lb Timkin rear axle, 60,000 lb Tular winch, Rolling tail board 1946 Minneapolis Moline Industrial Tractor – Boom and 10,000 lb Highway winch If you are interested let me know and I will send pics with asking price.
  21. Hi, everyone. We have this 1987 Mack/FMC Pumper Fire Truck for sale (Model MC686FC): http://buffalo.ebayclassifieds.com/trucks-vans-suvs/cassadaga/1987-mack-fmc-pumper-fire-truck-model-mc686fc/?ad=37539107
  22. From the album: Apple bins

    Letting the air pump up and the motor warn up before a days work.
  23. FOR SALE... Mack R model cab & hood Very good condition 1987 Cab & hood are off chassis Galvanised cab, all window glass intact, nice clean straight cab with a/c Standard cab intact except missing drivers seat & Steering column Located in Pittsburgh PA 412-475-6274
  24. For Sale is an original full set of Tandem axle rears out of a b-61 Mack. To the best of my knowledge they are 58000lb rears. There are some cracks here and there please see pictures and text, email, or call with any questions or to arrange to see them. Rears are still in the truck at this time we will remove them for the buyer but they have to be picked up. Will consider delivery for an additional fee $2500obo Will 215-589-5028 wd11141@comcast.net
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