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  1. I was looking at that auction too,I'm glad someone got that truck and is doing something with it.
  2. So looks like this show will be a washout as of right now. Would it still be worth going in the rain ?
  3. I was told if I had 65k rears the stock brake chamber mounts are bigger and a new style can will fit. I have a maxi chamber that I tried fitting on my rear but there is no clearance for it to fit.
  4. So I have pulled the rears out of my truck for several reasons. While I'm at this point I am thinking of faster ratio. I have 7.49's now and from what I read and was told that was the fastest ratio available at the time. A friend of mine keeps telling me to find dm800 rears for the faster ratios and for having 30/30 brake chambers. Dose anyone know if gear sets are still available for these older carriers I have crd113 stamped onto the hogshead. I'm 99% sure I have a double overdrive quadbox and I'm looking to get up to 65 mph
  5. Stay away from trucks with 11:24 tires also look at the vent Windows, most of them are rotted out and cost a lot to rebuild or if you can find a nos set they are around a 1000 bux a side
  6. Here you go, let me know if you need any measurements.
  7. I can take a picture later this afternoon the only thing I don't understand about the housing is it has 2 out let's
  8. I have one from a 70 dm I'm not sure if that would work for you.
  9. I'm looking to sell this cab it was from a b30 I started modifying the driver side floor to the b81 style floor it can be changed back to the flat style. The floor was rotted out on the driver side before I cut it out so I didn't ruin a good cab by doing this. The rest of the floor is just about perfect and still has green paint, the passenger side rocker is nice and straight. The driver side rocker and the area below the air vent needs some work. The back panel of this cab took a beating and would probably need to be replaced.The roof has a few small dents. The areas around the windshield whe
  10. Yes there has been some progress, I been having problems uploading pictures. I got the engine painted and put in the chassis.I took a road trip to Massachusetts and bought a vary solid cab and perfect hood and a bumper. I also had a good friend of mine Paul and his dad come down and fix that broken piece of my trans case. The last few pictures are of what they did. There is no weld just pins.
  11. I have the pai part number for my pins but can't seem to find them anywhere. I googled the number but nothing comes up.
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