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  1. Name: Mack B83ST (1962) Date Added: 31 August 2009 - 07:37 PM Owner: Arcnsparks Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  2. Hi guys, I was give the air system on my '62 B-83 some much needed TLC yesterday and while cleaning off the compressor name plate I noticed this part. Is this where I can add an air brake conditioner/antifreeze to the system? The part has a tube the sticks down inside the plastic canister and the hose appears to connect to the side of the gov. on the Tu-flo 500. Also is it a good idea to add a dryer to these older systems? I traced down the lines and it appears this system never had one. Did they not add dryers on some models?
  3. After purchasing my Mack sight unseen off of eBay and driving it from Detroit to Indianapolis on its maiden voyage, I've finally got around to posting some pictures. Just hauled 14 ton of limestone for a neighbor this past weekend and it drove like a champ! Still getting used to the ole q-plex but still a blast! B83 Pictures
  4. Hello All, Just wanted to introduce myself as the latest addition to the family! I've been watching ebay for some time now for an old project truck and when i ran across this one last week (Ebay B-83) something just felt right! Well after placing the winning bid with 11seconds left on the auction; my dad and I are heading up to see if we can get it running and drive it home. So come Monday i'll probably have a nice story to add the the "how you got your truck home" topic! The ebay auction has some pretty decent pictures and if anyone can shed any information at all on the truck i'd be very appreciative! My very first question is can anyone tell by the rather poor engine picture what it is? After looking at the info on Oldmacksrus I didn't see where a cummins 200 was ever listed...did he mean a 220? I'd never heard of a B-830 either but i believe that was another slight typo, since the vin is B83ST 1787. But anyways i plan on giving this the full resto treatment so I'm glad I found you guys and like it or not i'm hear to stay!
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