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  1. The walls are still going on but I couldn't resist backing the trailer and F-model inside just to see how it fits. 😁 About 6" to spare on the length of the trailer and more than enough height . Now to finish up the sides and hang the overhead doors.
  2. It’s got a roof finally, shingles go on tomorrow. Not to bad as a solo building crew in the evenings after work. 🧐
  3. The two will be connected with a 10 wide x 9 tall sliding barn door (split 5x9 doors) that roll on tracks in between the two buildings walls. You can see the header for it in the new building right hand wall. That keeps the heat and a/c in the smaller end of the barn. Also I don’t have to go out in the snow to get the the taller end πŸ™‚
  4. Making progress thanks to my brother and dad for help with the heavy lifting. I got a lift rented for this weekend so progress should be a little faster.
  5. After a brief 2 month wait for menards to get my yellow pine 2x6x16 in stock. ( I ordered all the materials back in June ). It has arrived . Well short a few hanger brackets and lacking cap shingles. So I had to drive in to the store and argue with them a bit. We will see how many more months it takes for those to come in. 😑😑😑 At least I can get the walls and ridge board up this weekend . The Mack and low boy make a handy way to keep the plywood off the ground .
  6. Well it appears the guy got fired from swift and now has his own truck he is trying to park on his drive way and puts his cars on the front lawn. That isn't a very good hiding job. I can't wait till he tries to point over at my F model and there isn't anything there but a shinny new barn. The F-model is lying low on vacation at a buddies house well outside of town until the barn is up. 😁
  7. Footings poured and brackets set, with all the materials ordered. Now I sit and wait 3 weeks for them to show up. They brought a little to much concrete so i had it spread where the overhead doors are going. So when i get around to pouring the pad the front 3 feet will be 12+ inches thick.
  8. If you have a source for the F model windshield gaskets please share. A nice looking Mack that you found. πŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. I am not far from St Joseph. You just never asked??🐒
  10. 68-f-model


  11. The 24 wide x 36 long x 16 tall barn expansion build has finally begun.😁 Just laying out the string lines,post locations and getting things leveled up.
  12. It is quite a busy street as it is one of two roads in and out of the towns industrial park area. Oh no worries on the building I hate having my things sit out side anyway. Now on with the permits and footings 🧐
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