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  1. Also the joining double sliding doors, i finally got cut in and built. It is very hand to have that size of opening to move things in and out between the two ends of the shop.
  2. Agreed a 1968 is considerably less wires than a 1987. I ran a main power to the fuse/relay block and then replaced one old circuit at a time. Have patience and best of luck with the repairs.
  3. The back end peak took three hours with two helpers. The front took me 4.5 by myself in the dark. But I’ll take the progress🙂
  4. My dad , myself and my brother after completing the rear peak wall over thanksgiving.
  5. I always use sylvania led bulbs and never had a problem. This side of the barn will eventually have two two post lifts and a 1 ton jib crane . This is the crane awaiting my gathering of the I beams to mount it .
  6. Had my brother and dad out to help put up the back peak section after thanksgiving dinner. Much better now that it isn’t a wind tunnel anymore.
  7. I plan additional bracing to the sides. It is a yellow pine 2x6 right now and will have a 2x6 brace v ‘d off each side. The sides mounts near the wall will just go horizontal to the rafter above with a 2x6 But can you sketch out what you described.🤔 One more row of lights wired in only two more to go.
  8. Got 1 row of 9. 1500 lumen can lights wired up. I think when the other three are wired in I should have more then enough light .
  9. Managed to get a little more progress done with getting the doors partly installed. Tomorrow I hope to hang the upper tracks and install the springs.
  10. The walls are still going on but I couldn't resist backing the trailer and F-model inside just to see how it fits. 😁 About 6" to spare on the length of the trailer and more than enough height . Now to finish up the sides and hang the overhead doors.
  11. It’s got a roof finally, shingles go on tomorrow. Not to bad as a solo building crew in the evenings after work. 🧐
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