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  1. It is quite a busy street as it is one of two roads in and out of the towns industrial park area. Oh no worries on the building I hate having my things sit out side anyway. Now on with the permits and footings 🧐
  2. Ah, a final resolution to the issue I finally met up with my villages zoning officer. Plans are in the works for a 26x36x14 addition to my current barn to keep the Mack and trailer inside of. Life is good and I have some time as construction beings depending on the weather . 🙂 Also found the source of complaint . Apparently a swift driver was trying to park his rig in front of his house and few blocks over and was complaining about why I could have mine and he couldn’t . Slightly different parking situation than mine mine I would say
  3. Yep painted it flat black and slid it in where there are trees on two sides and my barn on the third.
  4. The loctite is only on the out side of the bearing races. I wager that if your bearings are running so hot that a tiny film between the race and hub causes it to fail you had bigger issues to start with. The hubs are all tight to the races and good to go.
  5. Loctite on the races and I put the large radius bearings in as Vlad’s reasoning makes sense. All should be good. I have to set the bearing preload tonight then onto the other side seals and bearings. Swishy , I do plan on changing the fronts to grease after I am done with the drives .
  6. Can you elaborate on why the lock tight?
  7. Ooooooooo. That is one nice looking door. 🧐 Sadly mechanical things are inline before cosmetic. Right side up pictures:
  8. Ran into an unknown this afternoon when replacing the wheel bearings and seals on the f-model. I ordered based on the timken book for my axle,hub casting #’s and year a 382-372 cone cup for the inner bearings . These has a “Mack special radius” according to timken. Now the glitch is the bearings I took out are 380-372 set. Both the 380 and the 382 are identical in dimensions, but the 382 has a larger inner radius. See pictures. Which is the right one for my f-model? Should I go with the timken catalogue or what was installed previously? Thanks
  9. Excellent looking b-model. The purpose built bumper and rear racks just add to the brute aspect. Still jealous of all you guys that fit in a B-model cab.
  10. Yes I sent an email to watt's and I am just waiting to hear back. I will look into the CF fire truck gaskets as well.
  11. I know on the don't break the windshields. I have a tiny chip in the drivers and it is worrying me. I had to search quite a while to find a good replacement for the all chipped and cracked passenger window. I think the main difference between the F-model and the R-model is the cab is considerably wider. I may have to break down and buy two R-model gaskets and splice together enough width.
  12. It is looking good and I hear you on the pain of wheel painting as I painted all mine when I swapped to tubeless 22.5's.
  13. Any leads or suggestions on where I can get a windshield weather strip and lock strip? Thus far my searching has found infinite r model gaskets but none for the f-model. thanks
  14. State Farm insured it as a recreational /pleasure vehicle with limited miles per year. Definitely non commercial and it states it on the proof multiple places. The mack is registered at a 13,650 pounds weight and the plate fee was based on that. I have no idea what it really weights that is just what the 685st Mack info says. On the ordinance, I am not sure but I have next week off and am trying to set up a face to face meeting with the zoning officer. I want everything agreed on and in writing on if I am good or not.
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