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  1. Larry, you need that one to keep your other Mack company.
  2. https://huntsville.craigslist.org/cto/6179919373.html Pull the 300 and put it in your 79. Then put the 237 in the smaller dump and presto more power and a back up/smaller second truck. then again I am a sucker for a project.
  3. One of these years I am going to get to that show.
  4. It just laid down for a bit of a nap.
  5. You need some 385 floats on the front, but it the b model is looking good these days.
  6. Welcome and excellent choice of trucks.
  7. it is in west virgina. I can understand the weight distribution with all the axles. But why not make use of the long frame with a equally long dump box. I guess it plays into the bridge laws some how. It still seems odd and a tire eating monster.
  8. Can some one explain why this truck is set up this way? It seems the dump bed should be longer. https://fredericksburg.craigslist.org/hvo/6123648223.html 2001 MACK 7 AXLES, 435 HP, 18 FEET ALUMINUM BED, ELECTRIC TARP, 13 SPEED EATON TRANSMISSION, 46,000 POUND REARS, ALUMINUM WHEELS, LED LIGHTS ALL AROUND, IT'S A MACK FACTORY DUMP TRUCK. TRUCK IT'S READY TO WORK!!! YOU MUST SEE IT!!!!
  9. Let me re phrase that. The Detroit diesel 8v-92 will be automatically applying a oil coating to the bottom of your truck. It is a Detroit diesel joke that they leak. I wouldn't ever recommend or suggest such a thing as an automatic transmission in a Mack. Sell the new Mack and get your self a nice Mack super liner. For what you have in engine repairs alone you could have a decent old Mack and modify it to your liking. Then you would have something more reliable and cheaper to maintain and repair.
  10. Pull the MP8 and slide in a 8v-71 or 8v-92 for equal hp. Then you can have a blower and turbo as well as a automatic rust preventative underbody oiling system.
  11. It was promising right up till the plastic dash board that is just way to modern. What is the function of the contraption on the back of the engine with the holes in it?
  12. looks neat. Ah to never buy another starting battery again that would be nice.
  13. for sale

    Be interesting to see the look on a loader operators face if you pulled this in to the gravel pit and said fill it and with 58,000 rears I bet you could put a nice mound on it.
  14. You could weld it up and grind it back to size then send it for heat treat if the epoxy doesn't work out.
  15. not mine just saw it on craigslist. https://scranton.craigslist.org/hvo/6125016854.html 1950 LJ Mack Tractor/boom truck - $5700 (Scranton) 1950 LJ Mack tractor with a full function crane boom. It has a cummings motor that starts and runs good but needs cosmetic work. There is no title and I am asking $6000 for it. Neg on price.