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    port alberni b.c. can.
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    restoring mack trucks.retired in 2008 from off highway log truck driver driving a hayes hdx since new in 74.M&B H-320 preload.

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    1948 Mack EQSW log truck.restored 1955 Mack B-60S log truck for port alberni mueseum.

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  1. it looks like it's a LF with that engine. LJ's came with 707's.
  2. the best thing to do is to take damper off and see whats behind it to change it.might have to drop pan or take timing cover off.
  3. Brocky: Is the Mack LJ with the big bumper a single axle or tandem and is that a Diamond T or Federal next to the white Mack dump truck. Any Idea if the owner of the LJX is on BMT.I would like to get chassis number for my records.
  4. there are two styles to those lenses .I have one of the ones your looking for. don't know what there worth .I don't have the rubber gasket though but you can make them out of thick cork material.
  5. a gold mine for VLADISLAV
  6. harry s: big bumper is on a MACK LJSWX not a LTL
  7. yes that's the one but what type of suspension did they have. the tridrive's here in B C have to have all three axle with same suspension so they all have air bag's.
  8. does anybody on here have any info on the suspension of the B model tridrive. don't what model B had them
  9. The International Conaco fits right in with them as far as design is concerned.I like side cabs.LM Mack's ,those three , Hayes HDXs ,Pacific P-16,Mack CL350s ,Kenworth 850s
  10. going to be hotter than hell under there in the summer
  11. what does chassis stand 4 EQ5D 1059 cause I don't think they put diesels in EQ's in 41
  12. the chain drive set up looks like someone put a tag axle on and sprockets between duels to get drive to tag. was done here on west coast a lot espesialy on log trailers to stop back axle from sliding on steep loose roads.
  13. just take duels of and put on one each side fat fronts
  14. canadian military used a lot for fuel tankers (fords).
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