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    port alberni b.c. can.
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    restoring mack trucks.retired in 2008 from off highway log truck driver driving a hayes hdx since new in 74.M&B H-320 preload.

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    LJSWX log truck
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    1948 Mack EQSW log truck.restored 1955 Mack B-60S log truck for port alberni mueseum.

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  1. 1947 all original Geyhound Bus

    I rode from alberta to vancouver b. c . in 53 . most fun i had when i was a kid. it's a beauty. BCMACK take note be good companion for your's
  2. visited the grand coulee in 52 when i was kid with parents but could not drive across it because of korean war. long drive around it then.
  3. V 12 cummins

    we had a lot of the 1486s in off highway log trucks. (Hayes WHDXs, Kenworth 850s,) We had 3 Pacific's with Cat 3412s @ 600hp which I drove sometimes . No end to the power they had. There were 3 Pacific's that had the 12V92Ts but had crank problems so were replaced with?. there is still one of the in the ocean with grapple yarder on top of it. They fell of the barge in bad seas.
  4. V 12 cummins

    can tell if it's 1486 or 1710 by rocker covers. if covers have 3 bolts holding them then it's a 1486 if there are 5 it's a 1710.
  5. Coal Power

    BCMACK: how are you doing with the cruiseliner and the bus. I haven't been on here for quite a while
  6. we had a company here that had 4 MB 400's with Scania engines.they were in the shop more than on the road and they were only running about 8 miles per round trip 5days aweek 24 hrs a day.if they were the MB 600 with the 673 diesel it would have been a different story.
  7. V 12 cummins

    is this the 1710 or the 1486 cid engine
  8. 1953 MACK LJSWX

    wouldn't look too bad if the headlite houseings weren't there
  9. 57' Mack

    nice model.i hope he puts proper mirrors and brackets on it.
  10. New anthem

    why do they put there turn signals, parking lights so dam close to the headlites?
  11. 1960 B61

    not to be picky but whats with the FORD cigerette lighter.nice set up though.loved that model
  12. J series Sterling

    notice the BIG mirrors on that J model
  13. floor mat

    pattern would be easy to reproduce but it's the MACK script lettering between gear shift levers and rear edge
  14. floor mat

    could any body give me a clue as to what I should be asking for a [L] model NOS floor mat would be worth.I was going to put it my LJSWX but never got around to it.It is uncut -no holes-.
  15. Caterpillar For Sale

    that is one sweet looking CAT