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    restoring mack trucks.retired in 2008 from off highway log truck driver driving a hayes hdx since new in 74.M&B H-320 preload.

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    1948 Mack EQSW log truck.restored 1955 Mack B-60S log truck for port alberni mueseum.

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  1. KO1927: What is chassis number of your LTL .My friends is 1884 and 1883 was at K&S at same time.Is your's the one with OSBOURNE name on the door? Have picture of it but no chassis number to go with it.I have photo album of just LTL's and LTH's. Thanks: Bob Dingsdale

  2. Looking for cover story about Mack LTL on cover. Old mag but maybe someone on here has it. Long shot.
  3. the two six bits engine was a good reliable engine. sout after to day by a lot of people.take the shims out of the pump and increase power till over 300 hp.
  4. Thanks J HANCOCK for chassis number. Have it on back of picture now.
  5. now owned by JOHN LEWIS in MASS. Photo was at ATCA in South DEERFIELD MA. in 2011
  6. Photo was taken at BUTTLE LAKE on VANCOUVER ISLAND. They had three of these models when they were clear cutting to raise lake for a dam project. The trailer was a COLUMBIA made in Vancouver with 50 ton K-B axles 14.00x24 tires and 12 foot bunks. Truck was a B-81 Cummins powered @275 super charged ,65000 lb rears with 12:00x24 tires, 5x4 trans Owned by CATTERMOLE & THERAWAY.
  7. J.HANCOCK: any idea of the chassis number of the 52 LTL
  8. without going to a lot of remanufacturing of the booster bracket you will be better off to find a couple of the remote spring brakes that MGM .B/W made with rod or chain attached to the slack adjuster. piggy back type won't fit o factory brackets .
  9. seen a dockumentry on a line haul driver down under and the big concerne was fuel temp on long hard pulls. raising a cab up like that makes sense when you have to do any work under there. n/a trucks are mounted to low and you can't even see under them. I've often thought that the engineres should be the mechanics after they design something.
  10. don't what it went for but my friend in b.c. got. waiting for chassis number
  11. There were a lot of LT's up here on Vancouver Island of S&S trucking with HALL-SCOTT engines chassis numbers 1011 - 1017 and quite a few on the lower mainland with 707 engines chassis numbers lt-2d1224 & lt-2d1225. These were log trucks with off high way suspentions 11 & 12 foot bunks and about 25 ton trailers.Pictures show them to be way over loaded for size of truck.
  12. friend of mine has one he is doing up in VICTORIA B.C. There still out there .
  13. quite a few western mack's in the b-73 range with that rad were made in calif for western market. but with the b model cab.i think when they put the bigger power in that rad they just made the core thicker. my friends ltl had a 200 cummin's with narrow core and i seen one with 300 cummin;s but thicker core.
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