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    restoring mack trucks.retired in 2008 from off highway log truck driver driving a hayes hdx since new in 74.M&B H-320 preload.

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    1948 Mack EQSW log truck.restored 1955 Mack B-60S log truck for port alberni mueseum.

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  1. There were a lot of LT's up here on Vancouver Island of S&S trucking with HALL-SCOTT engines chassis numbers 1011 - 1017 and quite a few on the lower mainland with 707 engines chassis numbers lt-2d1224 & lt-2d1225. These were log trucks with off high way suspentions 11 & 12 foot bunks and about 25 ton trailers.Pictures show them to be way over loaded for size of truck.
  2. friend of mine has one he is doing up in VICTORIA B.C. There still out there .
  3. quite a few western mack's in the b-73 range with that rad were made in calif for western market. but with the b model cab.i think when they put the bigger power in that rad they just made the core thicker. my friends ltl had a 200 cummin's with narrow core and i seen one with 300 cummin;s but thicker core.
  4. The rad is definatly off a LJX with that alum. side . The bottom side of rad is where it sits down on frame.I think the whole truck has been made up. A real clone Maybe the person who built it is on here and could explain things
  5. wipers were lowered on the 1953 models.on top of wind shield in 1952.
  6. model is a WC 26 PLTD prior to moving wipers to below windshield.
  7. is there a one way check valve between compressor and primary tank.If not your valves in compressor could be leaking back. Something you would never hear. If you havn't got one in line get one and try it.
  8. The yellow B model in pictures say's it's a B-85 but I thought B-85 was a fire truck or was this one converted to B-81 series.
  9. have what your looking for in basement. Shipping from here to you would be expensive. Will get grand kids to take pictures if your interested. Email me.
  10. picture of blue and white CHALLENGER log truck with E 9 Mack engine 12 speed Mack trans 91000 Clark Planetary rear@11.1 ratio 60 ton log trailer 1400x25 tires and 15 ft bunks 7 ft stakes.
  11. I would say your rear end ratio is either 8.15 or 9.02's if you have 11:00 tires.
  12. be interesting what it goes for and to where
  13. nice looking Mack LTHSW in auction in LEDUC ALBERTA this weekend .heavy winch on the back. ED Prodaniuk Auctions in ALBERTA
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