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  1. OK, I'll keep them in mind for a backup. I appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. Yeah I'm in Branford. That's very close by. I'll check it out! Thanks! I appreciate it!
  3. Yeah, it's a real bear dealing with the insurance company. Thanks!
  4. Hey there, I was in a collision a few weeks ago in a snow storm on the Massachusetts Pike. I ended up with approximately $11,000.00 in body damage to my rig. My insurance company is giving me a tough time. They want 3 estimates. I'm having a hard time finding shops that will work on big rigs in my home state of Connecticut. They all say they don't work on big rigs. I might have to take it out of state if I can't find anyone local. Does anyone know of any body shops in southern New England that work on Mack Trucks?
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