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  1. BAD DOG

    4:17 Mack rears on air ride from a CH

    Should’ve put that whole suspension and tears under the R like I did .
  2. BAD DOG

    E9 Fuel In Oil

    My Dad had a brand new CL in 94 with an E9 it did that within the 2 years he had it . I would bet money it’s an injector o ring giving you grief . I’d start there cheap fix and you’re back going in a couple hours .
  3. Not a CL but here’s my RW I put the exhaust behind the cab years ago .
  4. Got something that important ? Pitch a tent over it ! I put this up for nine about 8 years ago our of site out of mind . Best $3000 I ever spent . Was the next best thing to building another pole barn to keep it in , some munipalities don’t require a permit for them either because they are considered to be portable shelters .
  5. BAD DOG

    Happy Birthday mowerman

    Happy Birthday !
  6. BAD DOG

    Happy Birthday Doug Maney

    Happy Belated Birthday Doug !
  7. I used to get them from a place in Toronto but I haven’t got one in about 15 years . I always wanted to switch it to a remote reservoir because it wanted to leak where the reservoir and pump fastened had to make a gasket out of cork because I couldn’t find one anywhere . I’ll look through the archive sometime soon and find out where I got it , I know it was Toronto .
  8. BAD DOG

    mack 866 water pump

    Mine had an 866 in it originally but mine is a glider . It’s registered as an 89 I repowered it with a 92 E9 with the in-line pump .
  9. BAD DOG

    mack 866 water pump

    I think you can get a kit for them from PAI still ? Got remained ones for 866’s from Northwest Truck In Edmonton Alberta a few years back , they can rebuild yours too .
  10. BAD DOG

    Ontario to start driving on the left

    Lol ! Good one ! But anymore I wouldn’t put it past our windfall bunch of nit wits running things to actually do something like that !
  11. BAD DOG

    Pictures of the Week

    Picking stuff up at the Nuker soon nds like a Royal pain in the Butt ! I’ve been past that place a few times and the SSteam was coming out of that thing and going across #2 Hwy . Roll up the windows for a bit . Lol ! I can see that place and the one in Monroe Mi right across Lake Erie from wher I’m at on a clear day .
  12. BAD DOG

    Happy Birthday Superdog!

    Happy Birthday !

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