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  1. ISO an AC compressor bracket for an E9 or photos / measurements for one so I can fabricate one .
  2. Here 's a photo of my 89 RW700 after we purchased it in Nov. 02
  3. I haven’t been on here for a while . I missed seeing other dog’s weekly photos. Always wondered how he manages to so many girls in car pics without getting caught . Seems like every time I look at some girl in a car she’s looking back I can never get photos in Lol !
  4. I have one from my Dad’s 94 he bought new with an E9
  5. That’s exactly what you have to do . Back when I was running a 12 spd I used to go out start the truck put shifter button in neutral and the stick in 5th let the clutch out and go back in and have a coffee and read the newspaper .
  6. Fuel pedal and the mounting hardware should be still available from Mack ? I got those fasteners for mine not too many years ago for mine . They didn’t stock them but were able to get them for me . Pretty sure they should be able to get you a fuel pedal too . Watts Mack used to have them in their online store under Superliner parts . I think I got one from them once too . If not try PAI for the pedal pretty sure I have an older catalog here has them in it .
  7. Northwest Truck in Edmonton Alberta is where I used to get my 866 V8 water pumps remaned . I bet they can fix you up .
  8. I believe that Dave decided to keep tbe truck talked to him at a couple shows I don’t think it’s for sale anymore.
  9. Makes sense’. We’ll have a look . Thank you .
  10. I’m driving a 2016 Pinacle with a 505 MP 8 has 341,000 km on it . Works mainly local but does do some highway runs regularly too, has Dorner a fantastic job till recently . I been driving it for a year now . It has had a check engine light on on my the dash the whole time . Note I’m just the driver , guys in our shop use all kinds of excuses but apparently they just don’t have the software or plug to hook up to it . Anyway . Truck pulled pretty good till it started to act up a bit over the last month , earlier this week it flashed on screen about needing DPF device but only did it once not long either . Funny part is you can be driving and hit a bump and it will loose power still pull it self and like ad but serious de rating on hp . You can turn a corner and all the sudden it will pull like a raped ape ? I was wondering if it possibly has a bad ground or electric connection somewhere . Bring up diagnostic on the dash everything checks ok .anyone have similar problem ?
  11. Francis Engineering in Ohio has brand new dipsticks and tubes for E9s
  12. Ok . That is a really nice ride ! I met the guy at the show and we talked shop for quite a while at the show in Seaforth .He told me everything he done to it and he’d be residing it a while so I think it would definitely be worth what he’s asking for it all day long !
  13. I had Neway under mine. But put a Hendrickson from a 2000 CH under it . Nothing wrong with either but I highly recommend the Hendrickson Air Ride !
  14. Was he parked across from us at Clifford this year Alex ? If so I didn’t get a chance to go over and check it out but it caught my eye when he left , it looked and ran really good !
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