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  1. Northwest Truck in Edmonton Alberta is where I used to get my 866 V8 water pumps remaned . I bet they can fix you up .
  2. I believe that Dave decided to keep tbe truck talked to him at a couple shows I don’t think it’s for sale anymore.
  3. Makes sense’. We’ll have a look . Thank you .
  4. I’m driving a 2016 Pinacle with a 505 MP 8 has 341,000 km on it . Works mainly local but does do some highway runs regularly too, has Dorner a fantastic job till recently . I been driving it for a year now . It has had a check engine light on on my the dash the whole time . Note I’m just the driver , guys in our shop use all kinds of excuses but apparently they just don’t have the software or plug to hook up to it . Anyway . Truck pulled pretty good till it started to act up a bit over the last month , earlier this week it flashed on screen about needing DPF device but only did it once not long either . Funny part is you can be driving and hit a bump and it will loose power still pull it self and like ad but serious de rating on hp . You can turn a corner and all the sudden it will pull like a raped ape ? I was wondering if it possibly has a bad ground or electric connection somewhere . Bring up diagnostic on the dash everything checks ok .anyone have similar problem ?
  5. Francis Engineering in Ohio has brand new dipsticks and tubes for E9s
  6. Ok . That is a really nice ride ! I met the guy at the show and we talked shop for quite a while at the show in Seaforth .He told me everything he done to it and he’d be residing it a while so I think it would definitely be worth what he’s asking for it all day long !
  7. I had Neway under mine. But put a Hendrickson from a 2000 CH under it . Nothing wrong with either but I highly recommend the Hendrickson Air Ride !
  8. Was he parked across from us at Clifford this year Alex ? If so I didn’t get a chance to go over and check it out but it caught my eye when he left , it looked and ran really good !
  9. Doesn’t show any interior under hood or frame pics but looks pretty straight and cab doesn’t look too bad so I’d say it’s worth $5000 sight unseen all day long !
  10. Looks good but I prefer a flat top sleeper or better yet a nice ce daycab version but I love the forward axle way better than the setback !
  11. It’s a 6 axle trailer 3? On the ground 3 lifts
  12. I rung haul scrap iron oxide from A scrap yard in Windsor Ontario to a landfill in Romulus a Michigan . Truck has 250,000 km on it 2 years old and so far so good no real issues . 18 spd Eaton Fuller
  13. A little I’ve a month ago I moved into this 2016 Pinnacle . I love it ! Next best thing to my Superliner . It came up for grabs the beginning of last month at work when the guy that drove it and abused it for the last year wanted out of it because he wanted the 2006 International instead ? Go figure The guy ain’t right . So I went in the office and asked the boss if I could have it surprisingly he said yes ! I’m getting it cleaned up a little more all the time . I love the truck I pull s great not as good as my E9 I have at home but I’m still very pleased with its performance as I’m grossed out T between 115, to 132,000 lbs all the time . It does an excellent job .
  14. I’ve been on our Club tour of Tackaberry ‘s collection the last 3,years in s row . I took a bunch of friends about a month ago . They were amazed ! It grows every year , so much to take in in a day . Unbelievable ! Never gets old . I highly recommend to anyone who gets the opportunity to go for a tour to definitely go . George and Charlie are a couple of super good guys always a pleasure to talk to !
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