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  1. I’ve narrowed the issue down to the treadle valve. The previous owner had bought a replacement and I installed it. Unfortunately I assumed it was the correct replacement but after charging the tanks with shop air it was pretty evident that the ports weren’t lined up the same on the new one. It was dumping air right out of the exhaust valve on the bottom. I’m going to call Mack in the morning and see about a replacement. I searched around The internet with the number I found on the old valve (Pic attached) and didn’t find anything, not a huge surprise. I’m not sure if this will solve the issues but I’m sure it will make a difference.
  2. It’s alive! After ten years it started right up as soon as I bled the fuel system. I have always enjoyed getting engines running after they’ve been sitting. This engine seems very tight as the initial start wasn’t the typical smoke fest or anything, just fired up and ran good. Only blew a few dead birds and straw out of the left stack! It doesn’t build air and I didn’t have time to trace it but it must be a stuck valve blocking it off. The line coming out of the top of the compressor was getting warm so that tells me it’s restricted. I’ll take a closer look next trip down. Again any tips or tricks would be appreciated. I tried to attach a clip of it running but it’s too big of a file.
  3. I ordered some clip nuts from restoration specialties and when they arrive I’ll go back down to the truck and see how they work. It’s about 60 miles from my house and I plan on getting running and driving it home. I’ve been taking videos and pictures of the progress. Once the pedals and treadle valve are back in it will be time to lubricate as much as I can before cranking it over. Here’s a pic of it with the hood up from last winter.
  4. Thanks Bob and Vlad, I forgot about restoration specialties, used to use them when I was into cars. I think you’re right, the clips I got don’t look like what was left of what I took out, not to say they won’t work. I’ll see what I can find at restoration specialties, it’s just a 3/8” nut is all. I’ve been used to working on tractors where most common brands have an free online parts book for reference. I couldn’t find much for RW613 parts diagrams.
  5. Stopped into Utica Mack today and they set me up with an aftermarket accelerator assembly and what they said are the right fasteners for both pedals to the floor. These are a cage nut/ clip style deal, not sure if they will work looking at them but will find out when I get back to the truck. The pedal will work and it was cheap but I’m still going to keep my eyes out for an original.
  6. Appreciate the responses, I have a few salvage yards around that I want to hit up so I’m hopeful to find a pedal but I would like new clips. I’ll try calling Utica Mack today and see what they say. I am planning on pulling valve covers and lubricating the valve train, I like the suggestion about the turbo.
  7. I’ve started the process of getting my Superliner ready to start and drive for the first time in over a decade. (See my first post in the introduction forum). The treadle valve and accelerator were all corroded so I’m getting that fixed before I crank it over. A couple of questions. I need a whole accelerator pedal assembly, mounting hinge as well. The part number on the back is 40B34. Anyone have a source of where to look? Second is the hardware that mounts the brake and accelerator to the floor, the holes in the floor are square and I could see remnants of clips or some sort of inserts which I assume are what the bolts thread into. Can I still get there anywhere? Third is the engine tag (see picture) which I found in the cab. The previous owner had been told the engine went through a bunch of warranty work and this tag has a date of 1994 and the truck is an 87 (built late in 86). Anyone have any insight on what those updates could have been? Looking forward to getting these issues fixed and bringing it back to life.
  8. I will take video of as much as I can. I’ve come really close to getting a GoPro to start documenting my projects and sharing them. My stuff isn’t elaborate or over the top so I never thought it was worthwhile sharing. But the more I look around YouTube and see what’s out there the more I’m tempted to start a channel. If nothing else it will be fun to watch years from now. So..... stay tuned? MG
  9. Here’s some more pictures. I sent the VIN off to the Mack Museum and will share the results when I hear back. When the weather gets better I will load up some batteries, look it over really good and then try and start it. Most of the videos I’ve watched on YouTube of these have the E9 mated to a 12 speed. This is a 10, does anyone else have that on here. Please share the plus’s and minuses. I’m just interested, I won’t be putting this one back to full time service so I’m my case I’ll be happy with what I have. Unless of course it’s geared really low for some reason. Thanks for looking, MG.
  10. I’ll work on getting more soon, I haven’t gotten the Superliner home yet as I just came to terms with the seller last week. It’s all Mack components , E9, Mack 10 speed and Mack rears. I’m going to grab the VIN and see what the build info is as I’m curious how the drivetrain is going to be geared like. It’s been sitting for 8-10 years and came from and asphalt company I’m told so it never saw salt. Fairly low miles too. Thanks for all the welcome messages.
  11. Hello, I signed up because I am buying a 1988 Superliner and will no doubt be looking for some advice down the road. This will be my first Mack. My dad has a 1929 AK and a BM and BQ still that I grew up around but this is a whole different animal. I enjoy old tractors and farming and have a young family that keeps me busy and very happy. Take care, Matt
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