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  1. Send me your email. Can give you some options.

    1. hqplz





  2. im fairly sure this truck made 50k + buyers fee
  3. thanks but im looking for complete running engines
  4. Sounds like here in Australia how ever the engines i do see advertised are less then half the price of what we have to fork out for them.
  5. In Australia the e9 engine is getting harder to find just wondering where would be the best place in america to look ?
  6. cheers mrsmackpaul thats about as much as i can find also
  7. hi guys i have a 84 Australian R6x6mil that has the 285 cool power and im trying to find out what components are required to bring the horsepower up to 320 or 350. the tip cooler has the water cooling and from what i can find the turbo and injectors are the same between the 285 and 320 so dose any one one here know what the exact differences are ?
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