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  1. Rw cab

    Requip in Emlenton PA has one. I got some parts off that same truck and cab seemed real nice. Small dash fire that someone got put out before it got out of control.
  2. Superliner Engine cross member

    Different from an E-6 for sure
  3. Got lucky and found one here from an old Mich. special that was being parted out. Guess if you can't find one you could trace it out on a piece of plate and cut it out your self, lot of work but maybe no choice. Good luck
  4. E-6 300 and 7LL trans, other parts

    Down to just the trans now, if someone had any use for it ,i'd take $500
  5. Big Muskie Bucket

    Used to be a lot of drag lines around here in western PA, most (like big muskie) have been scrapped .
  6. E7 shutting off randomly

    I had had some similar issues with my '95 CL. would run fine ,but shut off going down the road. Went on for a year and got progressively worse till one day it quit and would not start at all. On a hunch and lots of $ later, I did the only thing that was left, installed a used Bosch module from a salvage yard and she lit right up, ran for years after with no issue again !
  7. Filler panels where fabed, the KW cleaners work fine, but not the mounts! Can't open the door with the Kw ones, got new mack bands to mount mine, moves them far enough forward to get door open . from there I used KW tubes and a couple odds and ends to angle around clutch cable and connect to turbo, keep in mind this KW donor had a Cat and that was what I put in my Dog.
  8. Check out my thread( Anouther superliner rebuild) in this section,but back a few pages. I did the same thing with one that never had them. Found KW cleaners worked best.
  9. Brandon dump body?

    Just got one for my superdog with 1/4 front and gate,3/16 sides and 3/8 floor, looks and works great !
  10. 13 speed Fuller

    Don't know if any of you followed my post on another superliner rebuild or not, but my total cost over a two year period was over a 100k in a '87. I have a fleet of new western star gliders/ all dumps, and they have cost over 160k every time. And that's all in house work exept for rebuilding of driveline components . Some say dumb to spend that much money on a 30 year old truck, but I look at it like this, I saved 60k over the cost of a new one and it runs up and down the road every day making the same money as the others ! And one thing is for sure, when I drove on of the new ones people did'nt give me thumbs up everywhere I went, or stop me to tell me how awesome they thought the truck was.
  11. 13 speed Fuller

    I took a mack 7 spd out with same rears and put in a 8ll in one of my old superliner dumps and still got 55 to 60 out of her. She would sink to the wheels in soft ground and barely grunt !
  12. Would have been easier to buy a pete or kw with a CAT too ! But what would the fun in that been.
  13. I lucked out and got the bumper for under 400 from lkq, had a few scratches in it. only one they had. Stone guards came from youngstown KWs online store, bought the last two packs they had. Found both by looking around the internet in places you would think you would'nt find the stuff.
  14. Super Dozer

    Looks alot like some one pumped compressed air into a D11, lol !
  15. Figured I'd trow a pic of my dog on this thead, '87 ,big 3406 cat, 18 spd. , 44's on HN