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  1. Had to make mine. But u might get lucky and find a parts truck,
  2. Sold my '95 two years ago at that price. Not out of reason for retail number on a '99
  3. Sounds like you may have a rock or something in back of your pump at the "pull out" on the slide, not letting the shaft open the return side of the pump completely. They can also be slow to go up or not at all, for same problem. On the rear of the pump there should be a plastic piece that u could hook a cable to, it will have a small metal guard around it. If nothing found your air shift cyl. that controls pump direction is binding and may need replaced. Good luck.
  4. I run and maintain a small fleet of 7 dumps, I only use stemco voyagers . Easy install and the turn inside its self design lasts longer than the traditional seal that rides on the spindle. But they do go for about $40 apiece . As far as torque , I've always cranked them down tight and backed them off, just like h67st said.
  5. We run 6 tri-axle dumps , they all get greased with syn. grease every 3 to 4 thousand miles.
  6. Cheaper,easier to get parts for,jake that does more than make noise lol,and I got a good cat guy.
  7. Same frame, but set back axle and a cab thats atleast a foot wider
  8. It is much better than other r series cabs i've run in past. No problem hearing the radio
  9. Requip in Emlenton PA has one. I got some parts off that same truck and cab seemed real nice. Small dash fire that someone got put out before it got out of control.
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