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  1. T2080 single stick transmission, 60k miles has long input shaft for flywheel mounted pto $1500 obo
  2. Tossing the idea of selling my Superliner project. Has good bones. Good cab hood, I have a half finished dash, on neway air ride. Asking 2k having trouble uploading pics. #6202021302 Edit: no motor no transmission no 3rd members
  3. That is the shaft I need to install. How hard of a job is it to do? Been told by a shop takes bout an hour
  4. Update: I did find out that the long input shaft was indeed correct for the truck it came out of. It did have a flywheel mounted PTO.
  5. just curious to know why the input shaft sticks out at least 8 inches forward of the of the round casing. This came out of a 93 DM690, supposedly has 50-60k original miles. I have a picture of but it will not load. Thanks for any help
  6. Should double check with parts but the vmac 1 Bosch module could only end in 1 of 3 part numbers. If the dealer didn’t have one, then it would not have fixed your issue
  7. Try checking the wires to your coolant sensor in the tank on the radiator, my 93 613 would run well then shut off. Found out to be broken wire at the connector
  8. What about going the other way, injection pump, injectors and turbo from e6 350 from an 89 into a tip turbine 237
  9. That's down by kinsley isn't it?
  10. Is that a single cut out? And whose willing to bring it to Kansas? Lol
  11. Yea it looks good, looking for a flattop. Looking for 36-48. Found a freightliner and international bunk
  12. I'm looking for a bunk for my 89, just don't know if I want to put a big hole in the back
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