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  1. If it has cruise control, with the key on engine off, turn on the cruise then press and hold the set button. Count the flashes. This is find out what code you have. There will be 2 series of flashes, i.e 6-2. Electronic malfunction lamp flashed 6 times, pause then flashes twice. Can call Mack dealer and they can decode for you
  2. I know that a 6-2 code in Vmac1 is a death code which means your Bosch module is toast. A 6-2 in vmac 3 I believe is a turbo sensor, so I do believe they change. Mine went out and put a used module in, but have my old one. Still trying to find a place to send it to to rebuild it so I have a back-up
  3. Right on, seen you got a superliner, willing to trade some parts?
  4. White works. What you gonna want for it? Where you located?
  5. No luck as of yet, got busy on other things, still looking. I got a superliner thinking bout parting out to pay for one
  6. Wide single frame but has strapping welded on top and bottom. That's how I bought it
  7. Got my 93 613 dump truck for sale. Has E7 350 with super 10 transmission, has Mack top load rear difs, front rear has bearing loose but truck does run and drive. Bed is 16.5 long, 48 inches tall, 8 ft wide. Has pintle hitch, virgin tires May 2016, new kingpins July 2016. $10,500. also have 89 superliner with core E6 350 no trans, air ride axles. Bought it as parts truck for the diffs but other work has taken my time away from fixing it, would sell the pair for $12,500. Or would consider trade for a sleeper truck , Pete KW, or Mack Note: Pic of superliner not wanting to upload will try again soon
  8. Small cam?
  9. 1990-95. But if cabs are the same til 99-00 I think they should work.
  10. Looking for a couple sleepers for CH613 macks. Going to convert daycab to sleeper. Looking for 48" flat tops
  11. E6 350 blew the block, had 13spd but it was sold already
  12. Superliner has a blown motor, no trannny. Cab, doors, hood ,frame, air ride suspension, front axle
  13. Got a 93 ch with 48k camelback, front diff is bad, 3200 for reman 1000 from salvage. Picked up a superliner on air ride with recently replaced diffs( front and rear ). How much trouble am I getting into by trying to convert it to air ride?
  14. Good deal!
  15. I'd be interested in some more info