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  1. is this the same model that Mack used to badge as the Mack baby pick up?
  2. Sad news of 1 dead and 1 critical. How could he be holding and firing a live loaded gun on a film set in 2021, with all the industry safety procedures? I read he is the producer, so he is in ultimate control and should be accountable! He ridiculed the President with joy for what, 3 years weekly on TV, what will be said of Baldwin now? Where does the buck stop here?
  3. Now that we are in politically correct times, there was a time back that our fairer gender was referred to as a cow. It seems that Billy boy is thinking of his golden times now that he is "free" as they say from the big "M"!!! And maybe if we were or are locked up with a "cow" in a comfy garage, I am not convinced that the cow would be emitting much pollution - what do you think? And maybe Billy boy has spent so much time with computer machines he may have forgotten how to tell the difference between a ... and a machine 🤣
  4. Matt Is your radiator bolted to the trolley? 🤔
  5. Is Fauci getting much media exposure presently over there in USA? Around Feb or March this year, in our weekend Melbourne Age newspaper in the separate "Weekender" magazine there was feature story about Fauci, his history, rise to the top job and how fantastic a job he was doing, all positive glory. It was hero status stuff. After that glowing story, our Australian Newspaper published a major damning article about him about 3 months ago, detailing information of his supposed connection and US funding contributions to the Wuhan lab on viruses. Since then there has not been 1 mention of Fauci, as if he has gone AWOL! We never hear his name mentioned in any of the news stories! Whereas before the Australian article, Fauci's name was reported maybe weekly to do with the Covid medical updates.
  6. Yes Orville did make the sleeper cabs for all the Eastern US truck manufacturers, by modifying the new bare metal day cabs. which the manufacturers sent to Orville plus new panels and parts as required. Orville did the complete extension and painted the bare cabs, the painted cabs were then sent back to the manufacturer for completion. I have copies of Orville original factory pictures and hand written notes, by one of the ex serviceman who worked at Orville after WW2, of how they extended the cabs. Problem is that I cannot post attachments, I have asked what I can do but no answers.
  7. Hi Paul thank you for the video, especially during our 🔒 here in the wonderful state of Victoria 😆 All the best with the remaining repairs and then the trip home to Kerang. Please is there a hole in the bonnet/hood nest the Doggie for access to the radiator? Enjoy the rest of your passion for this unique livestock trailer. Harry
  8. Any knowledge of motor in it, appears to be diesel! Maybe not original as back then it may have been V8 petrol or gas or 6 cyl Inter motors with the Inter 5 spd box and 2 speed rear diff Stunning truck, I notice it has the later indicator turning lights, they were on the later comfo vision cabs, yet this is the older Inter sleeper cab with the 2 split windows (built by the Orville cab company for Inter) and the earlier style door handles, so wondering if the cab is a retro fit or just the later indicator lights fitted?
  9. Is it in hibernation? Do you know what motor and gearbox it has?
  10. Hi Matt I have tried to post a picture of our under dash Vintage air unit, but cant post it. I see you have the original heater unit/box under the dash, so I think that with the original heater box and the fire wall, it is unlikely the Vintage Air unit will fit in the space you have. You can check the Vintage Air web page to see what air con units they have, good luck and it's looking fantastic.
  11. Hi Matt You mention air conditioning. We fitted Vintage air, mounts under the dash and excellent cooling and heating, especially with the lizard skin. I will try posting some pictures as I have not been able to post like a number of the guys on here.
  12. Alan Jones, a true Aussie, does not mince his words.
  13. good looking cab over. New KW cab overs here in Aus have some of the external features copied
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