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  1. Here are some parked Mason Dixon B models - I recall reading somewhere that because Mason Dixon had big orders, Mack built custom B models to Mason's specifications - these seem to be similar to the B67 models, short hoods however with the alloy radiator and the straight rear cab wall - whereas I read that usually the B67 had the concave cab and the steel radiator cowl with vertical shutters. And from the pictures it is hard to see what motors were in Mason's B models, possibly not the V8 - 864's, so likely a 6 cyl Mack motor that sat back into the cabin. I remember seeing a B 67 here in Aust with the concave cab and vertical shutters. I recall the passenger seat was factory cut out like a quarter circle, for the two gear sticks because the engine was set back into the cab, so the gear sticks were further back and so the seat was modified for the gear sticks - the driver of this B67 complained of the tight space, as he changed gears his elbow hit the rear banana cab wall. And somehow this driver, about 6 feet, actually managed to curl up and sleep in the cab. And the green B model could be a Mason Dixon unit, red paint under the green and same square fuel tanks and red frame
  2. 2 pictures of a 56 B75 with the same cowl and vertical shutters as the B43 and B61. When was this alloy radiator with horizontal shutters, that is on the B73 and B75 series, (and B615) introduced by Mack? It was before the B615 which were available approx 1962 and ended 1964 or 65 - B615 was a short production period. If the yellow Mack B75 is a a guide, then alloy radiator was maybe after 1956!!!
  3. Thank you Vlad for a story of successful improvising, where there is a will there is a solution. And your English as second (you may even speak more) language!!! You mentioned 25 years ago, so is that 25 and possibly more years that Macks have been imported into Russia? Do you have knowledge of when the first Macks came into Russia and did they come via a European country or new direct from USA or Canada? Here in Australia our media reported 25 years ago and before, that there was no such trade into Russia on account of the cold war. And that is what I remember from my school teachers as well. Now I am not convinced that we were correctly informed by our teachers!
  4. The colour is easy on the eye, should not fade and excellent finish, congratulations to you and painter. Are you going to fit original grab handles and original clearance/marker lights? We had 5 original Mack clearance lights, made about 1956. When we re-chromed the frames we found the frames were brass, the original lens were glass, that had not faded, needed a gentle clean, like new. We replaced the globes with LEDs bayonet globes, work perfectly. Mack fitted quality equipment! Later B models were light metal and plastic lens.
  5. Brocky, yes we did speak at Tony's dinner, a wonderful celebration provided to us by Tony and his family. And yes we also spoke at Ian's place, when you looked at our Kermit, the name Ian gave our custom green B75
  6. And I forgot to mention, this is the original B75 single rail frame that was extended - it was a light built B75, tandem drive
  7. Have a look at Ian Lee facebook page and also have a look at his Tylden Heritage web site, it has his life story. Tony did not take Seduce to the 2015 Alice truck show, it was parked outside his museum the days you guys visited his museum, I remember it was outside the day we had the dinner in Tony's big open shed. Unfortunately the angle that I took the photo, does not properly show the cab lift and hood extension. Yes the extension and cab lift are real, purposely the modifications were made so that they are not obvious. Compare the depth of the metal panel below door sills of the blue B75 and Seduce, that is a how the lift is disguised, it has been modified to make it look completely original. The large air cleaner also covers up the extension. The original B75 cab sits low on the frame same as the B61 cab, both have the same low cross member under the back of the cab. Seduce has a custom made raised cross member similar to the B615. Picture of Seduce's rear of cab cross member is below. Again photo angle is not fully showing the cab lift. The V8 Mack is an 866 and a swap in, has power steering and air con in both cabins
  8. Hi Brocky These pictures were 2012 when Seduce was completed and before Tony came down to Ian's to take Seduce home to Rockhampton. Seduce was at Tony's when you guys visited in 2015 after Alice Springs. PS, have your heard that Ian passed away last Tuesday afternoon at his Mack desk? Take care - Harry
  9. For the ATHS and Big Mack gents and ladies that visited Tony Champion's museum 2015, here is Seduce. It is not easy to pick the 2 subtle modifications, being the B75 hood was extended about 6 inches and the cab was raised about 4 inches, so there is a slight fall from the fire wall to the alloy radiator top. And below the doors the cab was also extended about 3 inches.
  10. Brocky The finished pictures were at Castlemaine truck show Nov 2016, soon after Ian's team completed the truck. The unpainted bare cab was around 2013, kind of lost track of time, our Mack took about 17 years, from start to finish, time seemed to pass us by and being a custom job, the end was nothing like what we originally started. That was same for Ian's Princess Diana, Diamond T - not time wise, but what was planned and what Ian completed. When you guys were at Ian's after Alice Springs and then Tony Champion's, Ian's team then put in a big effort to get it finished for Castlemaine, always a mad rush to finish, but it happened with lots of goodwill and passion. We are going to Gatton, Queensland with our Mack for the 100 years of Mack in Australia - 28 & 29 September 2019, should be a big popular Doggie show.
  11. This is also the R model clutch pedal and yes standard right side drive, the reverse should apply for LHD. We fitted the complete R model steering with adjusting slide in/out and clutch system, all mounted to reinforced lower B cab dash board - all works perfectly. These are our work in progress with R model steering system, a bit dark but should give you an idea. Also here is Mert Huberts B75 with the the standard B75 steering system that you may want to consider, you should be able to find a B 75 steering system - maybe try contact Kevin All, he has a good stock supply. And here are 3 pics of the Outlaw B75 steering column and an original B75 B 75 green 8.bmp B 75 green 6.bmp B 75 green 8.bmp
  12. here is a couple of pictures of R model steering column in B model, copy the pictures and then open them through microsoft office so you can zoom in close to get a good clear vision, you won't get a clear picture if you just zoom in.
  13. Oh, I grew up around Jimmys, their V8's have their sweet sound, however I agree with AZB, all Mack V8's - on another level of ..., like Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound, no music comes close - play loud Righteous Bros - You've lost that loving feeling - Mack V8 raw power!!! especially if coming out of 8 inch straits
  14. Thank you, we are thinking of a colour plan for our V8 Valueliner and this R model green colour matches our classic doggie, something to think about for a while yet.
  15. Please J, do you have any more pictures of this beaut Mack with the hood closed, I would like to see it with the complete truck, thank you
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