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  1. There are some differences between Aussie and US. We have many more than the 2 major parties as in US, that put themselves up for voting to get into parliament eg the Nationals (formerly Country party) Greens, Sex party (now renamed) which did get a seat in Victorian state parliament, Australia party, Shooters party, etc and also supposedly Independents - lone rangers. Also our voting system has preference voting, whereby all the parties contesting the election do deals to give each other their votes, if their party does not win the majority of the votes. For example the Greens party dire
  2. It appears from the many pictures of the concrete agis that the companies dont seem to have a keen interest to have clean trucks and agitators, is my perception fair. Compared to our concrete companies, particularly Holcim, the Swiss company, which bought the Australian operations from Cemex of Mexico after Cemex bought the original Australian owned company in USA about 10 years ago, big presence in the Sthern US states of Texas, Florida - name just now escapes me. Cemex did not want the Australian and New Zealand operations. Locally Holcim has a culture of clean trucks, and most are owner dri
  3. Oh I forgot to mention, the German shepherd on top of the wool bales is not a fake photo, and he jumped up from the truck cabin. When I was young, often I saw dogs riding on top of semi loads. I recall at least 2 of my dad's drivers had their dogs ride up top, one had a similar Shepherd, if the dog did not know you, you would not dare try go near the truck. Dad's drivers never let the dogs in their cab, they never fell off the loaded semi, even when tarpped, only if there was a gap in the load or a bit of trailer floor free then the dog rode in there.
  4. And Nev is climbing up and down his 3 loaded trailers every day at 77 years of age, including tying 3 long horizontal ropes around stacks 1 to 3 and load binders, once it was all tied down by ropes. It will be looooooooong time before a driverless/AI truck drives out to the sheep stations, loads the trailers and drives to the wool traders or loads the livestock and drive to the yards, stopping to check no cattle have fallen down and then getting them upright.
  5. He is 1 part of our real Australian heritage, the real people that built our wonderful country. I appreciate what he has worked at with passion for 60 years and continuing. All loading and unloading by hand under the outback hot sun and dust and no air conditioned road houses. There are no protective safety hand rails up on that load. On the B model with 4 bales stacked up, that is at least 16 feet up top. Originally, the bales were hessian bags (slippery) that had to be tarped if there was a chance of rain and then they went to the plastic bags, they are very slippery to load and walk over. T
  6. Okay Paul and readers, I got it wrong. It was the Antonov 124 ( 4 engines ) plane that came to Australia with the Kone lifts and was at the Avalon air show. Both planes are same basic design, the 225 is approx 15 meters longer than the 124 and the 225 has twin rear tail fins, plus 6 engines. Both open front nose and back end. And both are 175,000 kilograms/385,000 pounds empty weight. Reading the 225 info it was used to transport the Russian space shuttle same as NASA's specially built 747 to carry the US shuttle. Interesting that Russia and US had similar space shuttles. And info says that o
  7. Hi Paul, thanks for the comment re Crown Casino, that was around 1994/95 when I was working with a company that was the back up premix concrete supplier to the builder of Crown Casino. A friend worked for the builder doing the concrete, often 12-14 hour days, at least weekly they started a 150-200 cubic metre pour at 4 pm and they got off the finished concrete at 9 pm and then back on the job at 7 am. So based on your recollection, the Antonov flew into Syd around 95/96, Kone would have supplied the escalators in addition to the lifts - there are many long escalators in the casino. The An
  8. David, I enjoyed walking thru the 225 Antonov some 16-18 years ago when it was at the Avalon, Victoria Australia air show, including climbing the stairs to the flight deck, it was massive, it was lowered to minimum ground clearance and the front and rear were open, there was a very long que of people to see the Antonov, we entered from the back and out the front - 1,000's attend these shows to see, walk into and thru some magnificent aircraft and watch some real flying, including 1 jet plane similar top wing design do the 360 rollover. I have some recollection that the Antonov did a take
  9. Hello Matt - how is your B73 restoration progressing?
  10. About 10 years ago we had I recall E10 petrol fuel (gasoline) over here which had some bio additive, not sure, it was strongly promoted as the way to for our petrol motors. So I started using it in our Toyota Prado 4 litre V6. Some 6 months later motor would not start, the engine sounded like it was choking. I rang the service manager at our local Toyota yard. First question - what fuel are you using, I said E10. His reply was - never use it again, put in 10-20 litres of 98 fuel and a bottle of injector additive and try kicking over the engine without actually starting the motor 3-4 times and
  11. Passion equals success 👍 we have the same inter-cooler on our E6-350, definitely a second air cleaner (dry element unit) to match the right side air cleaner, which should also be a dry element unit with your EM6 - 300 engine, it will pull real good
  12. Good observation and yes seems to be a novel way to make it work, i was told by owner that it ran excellently. The air intake is pumping air in and the turbo is allowing the exhaust to release the blow out, so a new way of application that works.
  13. Here is a pic of new Shell Macks with the same exhaust muffler. Pic of blue frame 10/89 Valueliner with the steering box mounted inside the frame/chassis, the red frame Valueliner build was 12/89 it had the steering box mounted on outside of the frame, seems that Mack Aust decided soon after Oct 89 to mount the steering box outside the frame. All Superliners that I have seen do not have the V8 emblem, however all the Valueliners with the V8 engine have the V8 emblem. Maybe only the early V8 Superliners had the V8 emblem. The blue Superliner seems to have lost all it's hood emblems m
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