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  1. Will do. It's in its phase of running fine at the moment but I'm sure it will start acting up in a couple weeks.
  2. I don't mean to sound dumb but what exactly do you mean by snubbing?
  3. The engine is the only thing that shuts off . And when you cycle the switch it'll fire back up. I changed the solenoid on the firewall and it didn't help. I've went through and replaced all of the breakers in the fuse box thinking maybe that I have a bad breaker and that hasn't helped either. I've wondered if it could be a ground issue but with it firing back up with the cycling of the switch makes me think otherwise. It's getting now when it does shut off it does it about every 10 seconds. Truck sits over night and does fine for the first hour of running and then it starts acting up.
  4. No still no luck. I've swapped out the shut off relay and didn't help. I've searched the firewall and can't locate a relay that was mentioned. It still comes and goes it'll go a few weeks and not act up then out of nowhere it starts acting up again for days. I've tried checking the grounds and everyone i've checked has seemed fine.
  5. Got a truck with a 400 e7 Vmac 1. It will shut off going down the road like you turn the switch off. When it does shut off you can turn the key off and back on and it fires back up. Sometimes it takes a couple hours after the truck has been running before it starts acting up. Some days it doesn't do it at all. But when it does start it normally happens every few minutes. I thought it may have been the Ecm so i plugged another one in and it does the same thing. Previous owner had replaced a lot of the sensors including the fuel shut off. The Tachometer recently quit working but not sure if that would have anything to do with it. The truck doesn't have a light in the dash that i know of to see if it has a code. This things has been a pain ever since we bought it .
  6. Thanks that fixed that problem.
  7. This is my first post here but have been lurking for a while. I've got a 95 RD690 with a E7 400 electronic pump. Bought the truck a few months ago and had some issues when we bought it. Have fixed everything except the power issue. We think the engine is in limp mode. The truck starts and idles fine. But it has no power whatsoever. We've checked for boost leaks. Installed a pyrometer and boost gauge. 15 psi boost on a hard pull and pyrometer doesn't get any hotter than 5-600 degrees. The speed sensor is not hooked up and we can't find the speedometer wires going back under the truck (no twisted wires). My question is can I just not run 2 wires from the speed sensor and tie into the ecm or the harness somewhere? And if so what wires to splice into. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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