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  1. I saw what looked like a newly restored Mack R model pulling a flatbed on tarentum bridge road in New Kensington last week. Good job whom ever it was nice to see!
  2. Good post Im not an environmentalist but i often wonder how much more pollution is caused by going out and buying a brand new environment friendly truck when we could just keep an old one runnig
  3. i stopped in this morning and picked up the new t shirt very nice will be wearing it to work tonight!!
  4. great pics cant wait to see the rest !!!!!! :bmod2:
  5. Im in lower burrell near New Kensington dont have a truck but have a longtime interest in trucks and trucking and will be driving at some point looking to get my cdl in the future
  6. What a great site. I live not far from Watts ill be stopping by to pick up one of those new T shirts !!
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