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  1. Looking for the bolt on air scoop for the cab roof vent. The “M” shaped metal scoop that the middle cab light bolts through. txt or call me at (317) 490-6121 thanks Lee
  2. I have a front set of Dayton spoked hubs wheels and tires for sale $200. Located in Northwest Indiana call or text 317-490-6121 315/80r 22.5
  3. I need help Finding a wiring diagram for the speedo. I know there is a ground and a key on power, what are other functions of the wires. The eaton has a 2 wire speed sensor.
  4. I did a transmission swap from a Mack 5 speed to a Eaton 8LL. In doing this I’m going from a mechanical drive speedo to electric. Wanting to know if anyone has a wiring diagram for speedo to sensor. 5 wires coming from speedometer to the 2 wires on sensor . thanks
  5. I have a hood off of my superliner. I ended up purchasing a new one, did not want the headache of grinding and glassing hood to repair it right. $100. Hood only, no grill or trim. Comes with turn signals. Hood is located north west Indiana. Call or txt 317-490-6121
  6. Looking for some stainless center hub caps for the Dayton Spoke wheel. Hub diameter ruffly 8 1/2" inches. Any info on where to find these would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Im looking for a Chrome Bumper like the one pictured but only chrome. Any insight on where to look would be much appreciated.
  8. I have one, $150 painted black.
  9. I have a superliner hood, has a few cracks, cut out for air cleaner in passenger side. Comes with turn signals and headlights. Headlight buckets are in ruff shape. Located in Indiana. Call or Txt me 317-490-6121 $500.00USD Lee Anderson
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