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  1. Is truck still for sale? where are you located?
  2. EM7 350 with a mechanical injection pump. the pump needs to be tuned to a 300 maxidyne specs is this what Im hearing?
  3. I recently had a engine let go in one of my R686ST. Motor was a 287hp 2 valve engine. Truck has a 5 speed currently. Im wanting to know if I can put a E7 350 mechanical engine in this truck and if it can be done what conversions or modifications would I might need? Im thinking I might have to dial down the pump a little, but I heard it is doable. Thanks Lee
  4. While hauling grain this harvest the engine in the one of my R686ST gave up the ghost. Rod made a fist size hole in block. I need some help or advise or leads on a reman E6 300 or 350. The truck has a 5 speed trans. has anyone had experience putting a 350hp in a 5 speed? Any help would be great Thanks Lee Anderson 317-490-6121
  5. Thanks for the reply. If guys out there have any pictures of their set up let me know.. I would love to see.
  6. Any body have a kit they know of or a collection of pices to make puting on dual stacks easier than just looking on line for parts that you think might work. I have OEM exhaust standstions that I plan on using.
  7. Grain farmers in NW Indiana. back are used to haul grain from field to elevator in the harvest season.
  8. im looking to buy Stainless air cleaners for 2 of my R model mack trucks and also Alum batter box covers. Thanks Lee
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