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  1. Do you have the name of the company that makes these flares for a Superliner2? I know Hi-Way truck accessories carries them but they are $800+ aus which comes to $500+ US without shipping.
  2. Anyone ever find where to get custom grill for Superliner?
  3. Looking to put GPS speedo and electronic tach in my 87 Superliner, need to know what size gauges I need to fit in dash holes. Truck is in shop so I can't get to it to measure holes, can anyone help me out? Somebody told me it's 3 3/8" gauges, just wanted to make sure before I order them. Thanks!
  4. superdog405, do you have some pics and measurements so I can make some?
  5. Anybody know where I can get the brackets for the hood alignment wheels for my 87 superliner I need both sides, can still get alignment wheels but brackets not available thru Mack.
  6. Still looking for engine cross member for superliner with cat engine if anyone can help.
  7. Need a front engine crossmember for a RW753 superliner w/3406B cat engine also need the motor mount bracket that bolts to the crossmember.
  8. Beautiful job, I have a 87 RW753 and my front engine mount crossmember broke do you have any idea where I could find one also need the motor mount bracket since the holes for the rubbers are wallowed out. Any help locating parts would be appreciated.
  9. Don't know if this is the right forum, I need a front engine cross member for a 87 RW753 Superliner with a cat 3406B motor Part #10QL4296, local Mack dealer says not available anymore. Could also use the lower motor mount that bolts to the cross member and the upper mount that bolts to the engine.
  10. Thanks Terry, I found the line that runs into the cab don't know if it's the one to the stop light switch but it only has pressure when foot pedal is applied, spliced a tee in it and ran a line to the application gauge and it seems to work ok.
  11. Hello, where do I find the brake light switch on my 87 RW753 and can I install a tee fitting and hook up a brake application gauge there?
  12. Thanks guys, that really helps I guess I can just use self tapping bolts.
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