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  1. I have run CDS lines and not had a lick of trouble. Wimers in Sandy Lake, PA makes lines. Any pump shop should be able to make them you may have to send them an old line so they can reuse the fuel pencil that goes into the head. On my inline pump we made two plates and put foam inside them to sturdy down the lines coming out of the top of the pump
  2. Could be an injector that hypermax has modified since Dale gets a lot of stuff done there. I bought a set that is way to big that had bosch dual fed bodies with hypermax tips
  3. We mount our externals without cutting the hood. You can hook both up or use just passenger side and have drivers side for looks. If you do both this way its tricky with the wiring panel on the firewall. I can get a pick of it if you want.
  4. That truck has been in Ohio its whole life. Bought brand new by Bill Leach Sr. from Hartville. They used to to work a little, but mainly pull in the street class. Bill passed away a good while back and his grandson John Higginbothom ended up with it and he sold it last year. Nice, clean, good running truck and its orginal
  5. Parts to rebuild the ambac V-pump haven't been made for a long time, so its hard to find them even for the pump shops. I have 4 or 5 v pumps on the shelf and would trade for a bosch p7100 inline. The inline is the far superior pump, not even close.
  6. My suggestion is pull in the street class. Get a set of one over injectors (.013), borg warner s480 charger, and turn fuel up on pump and get the big governor spring for the v pump which should give you around 2,700 rpms, a fass supply pump, and the big lipe clutch. You go any further than that hp wise the money will go up A LOT, trust me lol. Also make sure your air-to-air charger has no leaks in it.
  7. Swap injectors around and see if #7 still does it with another injector and see if the old injector makes the same tick noise in another cylinder. its likely a bad injector, probably scored. A good pump shop can fix that pretty easy. My Francis heads leaked when we first put them on we ran them so they got some heat on them, let it cool down and re torqued and they sealed. I torqued mine to 240.
  8. I haven't heard a lot of good things about the mack 610 turbo. Need to get an BW s480 turbo. He sells them, cant believe he didnt recommend/ sell you one. Low RPM's still get you 45 lbs of boost and low EGT's with that turbo.
  9. Sounds like same issue I had with one of our MP7's. Oil came up through the wiring harness. Wiring harness and computer ruined.
  10. We sold our RW Magnum it went for a lot of boxes of ziti. our RW was mint inside and out too.
  11. I'm guessing there is because of the drop Frame on the Superliner 1
  12. Anyone know if there is a difference between the e9 radiator from a Superliner 1 and Superliner 2?
  13. Fuel % and timing are the difference. Even in Australia they have e9 in 525 and 610 hp versions.
  14. I think there was more Marine e9 motors produced than what people think. I know American Marine or whatever marinized some. I think all their motors were painted white. Daytona e9 mack marines are the aqua green/blue motors. I know they also made a 2 piece piston for the marine motors. There was a truck parts warehouse across the street from that kept odd ball truck parts anything from motors to cabs. Macks, Volvo, Ford, sterling, etc had different parts in this warehouse. Long story short the warehouse shut down and sold to some local business guys with all parts in them. There was several complete brand new Marine motors. Dick Bonner ended up buying them all. Makes me sick to this day to know they were there and I didnt find out until they were gone
  15. You want to sell or trade me that 18 speed lol.... nice find Jeff. I think the MH are one of the best looking cabovers made. Just not for me I am a superliner guy to the end.
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