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  1. Hey buddy I have a Magnum cab over as well.  what Is your vin?  this will tell us if your magnum Is an earlier or later build.  My Magnum Is vin # 006873  Mack Museum says mine is the 13th magnum built.  if you need some info on a magnum let me know.  there were only 64 cab over magnums built .  Only 48 stayed in the States and the others went to Canada.  You have a very Rare truck.  Be careful what you do with it.  if you decide to sell it please holler.  if you need any help on fixing it up.....I can help.  I live in Oregon and I am sure I have the only Magnum cabover around.  They are a blast.  call if  you need anything.  Jake 541-280-1849  I will try to post some pics of mine soon.  I would love to see pics of yours!

  2. just curious if you might be able to help me identify my mh Magnum serial# 006873.  I am thinking 2nd or 3rd made???  I am also wondering which hp E9 it would have come with?  who would I need to call to get the build sheet with all the specs on the truck originally?  thank you in advance.  541-280-1849 jake

    1. farmer52


      Contact Doug Maney at the Mack Museum.  He can provide the build information.

    2. MH Magnum

      MH Magnum

      Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  I will send them an Email.  Thanks man I appreciate it!

  3. Do you still have it? I have a couple MH trucks with V8's.........Might as well have a Magnum too!! I am going to look at the one over here tomorrow.
  4. Did you ever find your 12 speed? I have one:)
  5. Just curious what some of you guys feel a fair price would be for an MH Magnum? I have an opportunity to buy one that needs restored. The V8 is gone but, I have one to put in it:) Thanks in advance.
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