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  1. Hey buddy I have a Magnum cab over as well.  what Is your vin?  this will tell us if your magnum Is an earlier or later build.  My Magnum Is vin # 006873  Mack Museum says mine is the 13th magnum built.  if you need some info on a magnum let me know.  there were only 64 cab over magnums built .  Only 48 stayed in the States and the others went to Canada.  You have a very Rare truck.  Be careful what you do with it.  if you decide to sell it please holler.  if you need any help on fixing it up.....I can help.  I live in Oregon and I am sure I have the only Magnum cabover around.  They are a blast.  call if  you need anything.  Jake 541-280-1849  I will try to post some pics of mine soon.  I would love to see pics of yours!

  2. I'll get some pics up soon. The salvage title is because it was an abandoned vehicle and was towed away and impounded. The owner was notified and didn't want to pay the tow bill and storage so we filed for a new title through the state. They won't give you a clean title for it without DOT inspection, I don't want to put the time and money into making it legal because DOT are assholes around here and probably wouldn't pass it no matter what just because of its age. It's not a bad truck at all, definitely a candidate for restoration in my opinion.
  3. They only made 64 of them. What would you estimate it would be worth in running condition, but needing some work. Also has a salvage title.
  4. The truck would be strictly for pulling, no need to work it every day. I believe you about information being hard to get. I think that's gonna be my biggest hurdle.
  5. How much HP could I get out of an E9 without spending $100K. I would be in the street licensed class.
  6. You just crushed my dreams. Very good points I never thought of.
  7. Hello everyone, I stumbled across a 1985 mack ultraliner magnum cabover with an E9 in it. My plan is to build a pulling truck out of it but I'm not sure what condition the engine is in. What would be the best way to asses the condition of the inside of this engine? Also does anyone know if cabovers make decent pulling trucks? Any advice on this subject is greatly appreciated.
  8. Have there been a lot of changes to these motors an/or emission's systems since they were first implemented?It seems to me they should have this stuff figured out by now.From what some of you are saying it sounds like 2010 and after aren't bad trucks,except for thunderdogs '12 damn those are the kind of horror stories I keep hearing.But I guess there's gonna be some bad ones,And a good dealer would be VERY important.I like what Im hearing from the guys here who are around fleets of the new trucks it's encouraging to hear 50+ trucks and no major issues.
  9. I was told that by law if you buy a glider have to put an emissions motor in an emissions era chassis.Im sure I could put any motor I want in it if I were going to do the work in my garage but that's not the case
  10. I'm in the market for a brand new truck 2013/2014,will be having a crane/boom mounted on it,to be used for taking down trees.I'm thinking a Granite with at least 400 h.p. but for years I've been hearing horror stories about the new emissions motors that all the manufacturers are using.I don't want to pay 130,000 or more for a truck that's always at the dealer getting fixed.I know a lot of guys have been trying to buy chassis's that are pre-emission but in my opinion those trucks are getting older every year and are going to have problems simply because they are used.Also it's hard to find a chassis spec'ed the way I want it and also hard to get the bank on board for a project like that.The easiest way to do it is buy the whole setup brand new.It's hard to beat new!!but I'm hoping since the emission's motors have been out for a while,maybe they've worked the bugs out?I'm looking for some feedback from guys who run these new trucks.
  11. i get what your saying,but if i'm gonna start from scratch i might as well buy a truck thats as close as possible to what i need.That being said,if the price was $5,000 then of course!!!Now back to the topic,where do you get the parts you need to build these trucks,turbo's,clutches,injector pumps etc?i've done some looking on the internet and i cant seem to find much.Anyone have a link??
  12. sorry cant be a dump,has to be a fifth wheel.
  13. Yea i'm sure this stuff is far from cheap.where do you get these clutches and pumps?
  14. I want to build a competition pulling truck out of a superliner.Can anyone tell me what specs i should look for in one of these trucks?
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