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  1. I like the factory cans but if I half to buy new one proubly be 13 vortex I can get them around $500 each I don't know about the factory ones
  2. Thanks I'll check with my Mack dealer see if they can c come up with some does anyone have the part number for the mounts the parts people at my dealership are young and don't try very hard to find anything for you hafe the time I haft to go behind the counter and look it up my self
  3. Thanks for the pics looks good I think I'm going to go with the same breathers and use kw brackets I'm building the motor now then I'm going to start on the breathers and then have it painted if I can ever decide on a color
  4. Thanks beautiful build I found everything factory on a truck in a junkyard waiting to hear back from. Did you fab the filler panels or they kw too I need to find the measurement for the panels then every thing else should be a breeze
  5. Thanks do you have any close up pic of yours. I reckon the frist thing to do would be to get the breathers mounted and it should show where the hood will need to be cut then make a filler panel
  6. Thanks for the reply.my main concern is the filler panel s and cutting the hood . I'm trying to figure out if I can buy any of it factory or do I have to come up with my own.
  7. I want to put 13 inch dual breathers on my superliner.does any one have a factory one with dual breathers where I can use vin for part numbers. Or any advice for getting me on the right track of what I will need.
  8. Thanks I trying to find one for my truck but I think I'm going hafe to buy one for another truck and fab mounts like Alex did
  9. i looked on there website today and they had a pic of r model with one on it but it said rd I emailed him and got a price on the part number advertised and he told me $ 3000 I yours looks better than there pic reason I was asking
  10. Do you know where or if you can still buy those bumpers I just put a new hood on my r model about 6 months ago I hit a deer last week busted hood and bent the bumper I'm tired of buying bumpers
  11. looks good im in the middle of redoing mine are you going to try to match the fuel tanks up im looking for a alum pasnger 110 gal tank
  12. im in need of pasnger side fuel tank mack r model 110 gal alum. tank
  13. Thanks for the pic I got to weld some tabs to bottom of after cooler
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