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  1. Re groove tires?

    Some wise words Billy about the small chainsaw. Yeah my young boys love outback truckers so we record it for them. It’s mostly accurate, but very dramatised. They love ice road truckers too, but I don’t as it scares the hell outta me. Hat goes off to you guys who drive up there!
  2. Bumper cars at the loading dock

    Secretly the guy is a genius. By hitting the dock hard and fast, the truck will unload itself.
  3. Knife fight in our kitchen tonite

    Hope you gave them a nice hot bath afterwards?
  4. Re groove tires?

    You don’t recommend getting thirsty or using the chainsaw?
  5. Re groove tires?

    We ran recaps for a long time. We used recamic which is Michelin’s brand and I had good experiences with them. But locally it cost $270 to get a trailer retread. But I can get Firestone 11r brand new for $250.
  6. Re groove tires?

    We do a little bit of regrooving, if it hasn’t scalloped out already. Like BC Mack said, you can go too deep, and I certainly have done so in the past. But new tyres are cheaper the retreads here so it was no big deal. Its also very handy if you can mount your own tyres. It’s one things to regroove one to get 20/30,000 miles but if you have to pay $20 to have it mounted it may not be as cost effective. We mainly do our drive tyres to run on dollys and our trailer tyres wear in the middle so we cut a groove there to marry up with the outer grooves. You might get 3 or 4mm exrta tread, not a lot.
  7. I know of some people who run HID kits in their headlights. The newer kits have a ballast no bigger than a box of matches. Dont forget to adjust them properly, as this also helps. Another tip is to back off when your on low beam, and check on coming lights and reflectors, if one blacks out for a moment then you know there is something there and to back off.
  8. Always nice to something like an FR being restored to such a high quality. My dad had one of them long ago.
  9. 1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    Yeah I agree on the interior. Was going to ask what you used to clean it?
  10. Memories for Old Truckers

    Its only 20/30yrs before my time but I still appreciated the video.
  11. Ford 9000

    That thing is beautiful!
  12. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    It was them troublesome trucks! They are always causing mayhem!
  13. Ford Australia stuck with their straight 6 for 46 years. It was always an exception performer. In its last incarnation it became turbo charged and ended up with 335kw (450hp roughly) and has the low down torque you'd normally associate with old school v8's. You only have to sneeze on them to double the power figures.
  14. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    What's next, the fat controller will simply be referred to as the controller?
  15. Also, a lot of Aussie manufacturers are making smaller radios now, like half the size. Not sure if that would help you any?