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  1. Would lower profile tyres/tires help? Also, what sort of leaf springs are on that? We just changed some trailers over from 9 leaf multi pack to 3 leaf parabolic and noticed a slight drop in height. Maybe you could convert to underslung suspension?
  2. Kevin, in a way it’s sort of like the vegemite scenario. We grow up with it and a sort of used to it. Our houses are designed and built around surviving heat, but not so much freezing weather. Plus air con helps. Paul might tell you if your working out doors you would start early to avoid the heat of the day. I always keep my hat wet. Now the polar vortex you guys are having at the moment scares the hell out of me.
  3. Apparently hay can spontaneously combust if it was wet when bailed. Sure some guys in here can explain it better than me... but I have mate who cart hay some time and when I rains it delays them a fair bit.
  4. You done a good job. I’m putting my truck in for a paint job on Tuesday. Ive seen so many clear coats lift off down here it’s not funny.
  5. Hayseed, the only thing I can think of is it’s maybe to reduce wind drag when emtee?
  6. I just was contemplating the same thing with mine. I ended up going 5 inch (twin) and think it looks in proportion with the r model cab. I think standard down here was 4 inch.
  7. This is a factory Mack mount. Not sure if would be of any use to you but it might give you a few ideas.
  8. Assembly was the time consuming part. Trying not to scratch the new paint, and lots and lots of cleaning bolts. Worth it in the end.
  9. So the truck is nearly done. No real dramas except for work getting in the way and having to take my dads truck. Two coats of 2k etch, followed by two coats of valspar 2k industrial paint.
  10. I haven’t used it yet, but my plan of attack would be to apply like window tint. Using windex, then squeegee to (hopefully) remove fluid and air bubbles. Hopefully someone can confirm if that would work.
  11. Loving it! Gotta do mine too. Does it stick better to etch primer than bare steel?
  12. Jim, I’m not a fan of 8 bag either. They use neway to get a higher rating. But I personally think neway is a lot smoother, and something this short you need all the help you can to smooth out the ride.
  13. Did anybody catch the train derailment on the news?
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