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  1. This sounds funny but it works for me. If a pic has been edited some how it will upload. So cropping should work. If it doesn't need cropping then rotate 180 and save then rotate again and save and it will work. I'm using an iPhone.
  2. Just pull empty trailer. Once you get them loaded is when you start using fuel!
  3. Thanks Superdog. Yeah sounds like a beast of an engine!
  4. What's a Hall Scott engine all about? Can't say I've heard of them. Were they a factory option from Mack?
  5. Yeah Paul, just what exactly are you gonna do with yourself now?
  6. Here is one. I seen that one for sale earlier for $2500 with doors. So I think he would be flexible with price. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1144288520?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  7. G'day Paul. Have you considered a galvanised cab? They usually go for between 3-4g and it will last you a long long time. I could keep an eye out for ya. Let me know how you go with the rust if that's the way you decide to go.
  8. Haha, well if your good for nothing else at least your good for a laugh. I have a lot of respect for 41Chevy, and find his knowledge and experience very helpful and he is always willing to share both. His opinions, whilst different to mine sometimes, are respected because he has experienced a lot and has good reasons for them. If you open your mind, you too could learn from this site. And a healthy debate is fine, but calling him a drunk (which is what you implied) is just plain silly.
  9. One asshole cop shoots an unarmed person and you call all the police trigger happy. That too is stereotyping.
  10. As far as the vortex things goes, I was lead to believe it's for removing water. My dad over the years has 7 cab over Kenworth's. 5 of them didn't have them, 2 of them did. No correlation to engine or year. So it's anyone's guess.
  11. I am lead to believe the e7 was designed for a capacity increase. It was in an article I read, hopefully kscarbel2 can confirm this? If it was indeed true, I wonder why it never happened?
  12. Can you get the litres of fuel burnt outta the computer? That would clear things up a bit. If they wanna sell it make them jump through some hoops. Get a blow by test done too. And a dealer should have a healthy profit margin so I'd definitely be knocking some off the price.
  13. The ad says mp7 doesn't it? Wasn't there a year with no emissions on the mp7? Sorry man I'm not familiar with it all but it's a nice looking truck.
  14. Just throwing around an idea. But I'd cut the hood as per factory then mount air filters to match. Reason being, it would look closer to original. And if you ever had a bingle and wrecked your hood you may replace with factory one. And your making the rest from scratch so you can work around the hood.
  15. I've had good luck with the computer colour matching thingy that paint shops have nowadays. Just painted the inside of my cab, just took a bit of trim down and they did the rest.