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  1. Yeah it’s been park up for close to 20 years. Only just been de-registered. it’s has a 320 cool power and a 12 speed. Couldn’t make out the diff ratio.
  2. How’s this... The old bloke said he put a brand new cab on it in the 90’s, I was curious so I asked him how much it was. He said about $3500 for a bare cab back then. How times have changed. My drives door cost me $2200.
  3. That is a beautiful truck, no doubt about it! Definitely worth the drive to see it.
  4. This is a pretty cool old truck. Is a 76 R700. The old bloke who has it put a brand new cab on it in the 90’s and the superliner bonnet at the same time. Paint seems poor but chassis and cab are completely rust free. Has a 320 cool power, 12 speed and 44’s with eagle claw.
  5. I personally know people that have changed from a 9 leaf front spring to a 3 leaf tapered/parabolic leaf and said it made a huge difference. This was in a COE where your sitting on top of the front axle.
  6. Apparently the road is being dug up. In other pics I didn’t see the Mack towing the side tippers has the back two trailers tipped over. Some people are speculating that he hit the tankers.
  7. I’ve seen on YouTube a heap of guys will put some enamel hardener in with rustoleum paint. Apparently it improves drying time, gloss and durability.
  8. Your probably right there Swishy, I remember seeing the same truck for sale up at geraldton which isn’t too far from exmouth in the scale of things.
  9. The chassis was pretty strange. Almost certainly was bent in some way, from the angle I looked it seemed as though it was deeper at the front and tapered down to a more usual size at the rear.
  10. I was heading south to Albany for Christmas with my family. We stayed last night at a little place called Kojonup, and I notice something parked off the Main Street. Had to go back and check it out. So am I right in guessing it a DM? It’s still left hand drive, and DM’s were never available in Australia. Wonder how it ended up down here?
  11. The plot thickens, turns out they are actually AC breakers. Had 2 mates confirm that for me. Yeah mine came out with 34’s and short wheelbase and single rail. All of that has been changed in the 36 years it’s been alive. it also has an emergency shut off button, which activates the engine brakes to kill the engine. As well as the shell colours under the door rubbers.
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