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  1. That pic with the bonnet up and the Cummins showing. Is that turbo on backwards? All great info Harry.
  2. I’ve thought about this too. I was going to simply paint mine with bed liner with a roller to get a textured look. Should be hard wearing too.
  3. Vlad, outstanding work! 👏 I like the roof supports. How are they fixed in?
  4. I’ve seen a few pics of it for sale. Looks like you done a good job of fixing it up.
  5. My dad currently has one, and has previously owned another. When you lift the bonnet it is a mechanics dream. There is lots of room. Maybe 12-18 inches between the engine and the firewall.
  6. Here it is when HHA owned it. I think I like the new colours better.
  7. Awesome work! Thanks for the pics. My truck has insulation on the firewall, and I’ll just found a rust hole in the engine bay which has started from the inside. So looks like it’s all gotta come out now. Is the insulation for noise or heat or both? If it’s just for noise then I plan on doing what you done and dynamat the lot.
  8. It’s not a bad rig. Sounds beautiful! Its a bit too high for my liking though. Lots of comments about whether he has gone broke or not and whether he paid people for work they did.
  9. Cool, I did the same on the bolts on the back of my truck last year. Anti seize on them all, glad to see I was on the right track. We have a sulair 185 but it’s not on a trailer. Definitely something I want to build for it eventually. That should look pretty classy once all dressed up.
  10. Will anti seize stop the threads rusting once it’s all assembled?
  11. Just with the vinyl wood grain stuff they sell. I’ve gotta re do the rest of the dash. I dunno if it would be too much wood?
  12. Got my dash pretty much finished. Gotta paint it now, and tossing up whether to do the aluminium section in wood grain or paint.
  13. Paul, I didn’t know about the guy in Toowoomba. Had I known about him, I would of bought one of his dashes in an instant! Dads valueliner has square lights with the writing on the lights.
  14. Should make it look kinda professional and a lot neater. Saves me making stickers to identify each light. My speedo is actually a tachograph. A bit before my time but it would record your speed and driving time on a bit of paper inserted behind the gauge. Im going to make something that looks more standard so I can run a normal speedo.
  15. It’s an amount set aside by your employer (9.5% of your wage) and put into a fund which you can’t access until after a certain age, around 65/67. At the moment the elderly can receive a pension, but with superannuation every one will look out for themselves. In theory.
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