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  1. old gear jammer

    Thanks Brocky, appreciate the guidance. Just sent him a text, hope he gets well soon.
  2. bull dog bit back.

    I watched my mate do some stubborn king pins once. He ended up using a hollow ram with a nut welded on the pin and threaded rod inside the ram. I don’t have that sorta equipment so I leave well enough alone! I think you deserve to put your feet up after that effort.
  3. old gear jammer

    So if I sent him a text from down under, would there be an area code in front of his number?
  4. Mack Trucks | Australian Made

    Recently Kenworth announced their 60,000th locally made truck. About the same time, Volvo announced its 60,000th locally made truck. Are you kidding me? But after doing some reading, Volvo has included every Mack sold in Australia, even prior to Volvo’s purchase of Mack. So Mack does matter to Volvo, when it makes Volvo’s numbers look better.
  5. Expando LowBoy Trailer

    Hey swishy, seen this for sale. Thought it might interest you. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/belgian-gardens/trucks/truck-and-float-/1175097127?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  6. Willie dog, you do some mighty fine work man!
  7. Gauge Reading Low Oil Pressure

    If it’s an electronic gauge it’s most likely the oil pressure sender. Same thing happened to my gauge not so long ago.
  8. broken wheels studs

    Maybe mark the stud and see if it’s the same one/s. Is it possible the stud is not straight?
  9. Mack Trucks | Australian Made

    The way Volvo run Mack is also sort of like communism wouldn't you agree? In a democratic system, Mack would have some sort of say in what affects them.
  10. broken wheels studs

    Is it 10 stud or spider hubs? My understanding is the hub only locate the rim while installing, and the nuts clamp the rim in place and it shouldn't really be running in the locating arms. Of course I may be mistaken in my knowledge I had a mate with worn cleats that kept breaking studs. If you have 10 stud then this obviously won't concern you.
  11. I have a few other reasons to keep your current truck. 1, You know the truck. Unless your planning to replace it with a brand new one, you'll never truly know what your getting. Yeah your truck probably isn't perfect, but you know it's flaws and can use preventative maintenance to make it quite reliable. 2, As already has been mentioned, you can add an axle, replace valves and airlines and boosters. You are also stimulating your local economy. Also if the job is done properly I would think it be reliable. 3, If this truck makes you passionate about work, that shouldn't be taken for granted. If you enjoy driving it, and enjoy working on it, then you'll never work a day in your life! Also th RW is probably the best type of truck to do this too, in my mind it's a classic. Just a few points you may not have thought of. So what make/year and price are you think of replacing it with if you did?
  12. The technology this article is based on exists, but it is not perfected. BIS industries use this, and I’ve spoken to a few drivers who have said it’s been nothing but trouble. Mainly false readings. And subsequently, I’m not even sure if they’re still using it. BIS use it for shift workers. Night shift is from 6pm to 6am. Surely a 12am to 12pm shift would be better option to combat fatigue?
  13. felicello122

    Haven’t seen him on here in a while. Hope it was a great birthday for him.
  14. Aussie Heavy Haul

    We never knew either, some guy from Brisbane told us. He was a truckie, so naturally, we believed him! Ive seen 2 others over the years. Way to pick them is they won’t have the v8 badge and usually e7 powered. Not many people would repower an e9 with e7. Usually cat or Cummins.
  15. Aussie Heavy Haul

    Nah. Apparently Mack made about 50 of them with e7’s. They were both R788’s, instead of 722’s.