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  1. Sounds ok. Do you need to cure the paint any special way? I've seen some brands say to run the vehicle for 10 mins or so but my truck won't be able to run for a month or so as it's got no fuel tanks just yet.
  2. Is there anything you guys use to coat your exhaust? Ive used high temp exhaust paint before on my kw but it's still rusting. Can't remember the brand. Didn't use a primer and not sure if you need too? An acquaintance has had his exhaust hot dipped which is basically galvanised. Not sure if they need the exhaust super clean to do that. I didn't want to go the ceramic coating way, as it a working truck and the bits I'm doing won't be seen. And not sure of cost of ceramic coating? Thanks in advance.
  3. If you insist! Thanks Jim. Another year balder. Dam auto correct, I mean older!
  4. It's always handy to know a cop, for when you have a check engine light come on... Said no one, ever! Until now.
  5. I still can't see a beach... what am I missing?
  6. I was wondering how you did it. Nice work.
  7. Nice to hear from you mate. Good job on the weight loss, I know it can be very hard. Hope to hear from you a bit more. Take it easy Mike.
  8. Yeah I remember it being weird. I was wondering wether you could cut the original mount down, maybe add some brackets and slot a standard radiator in place? With out pics it's hard to say... It won't be original but sometimes functional beats originality.
  9. Got any pics of the said part? Ive seen one in here a long time ago but I need a refresh.
  10. That's a beauty! im hesitant about finishing my Mack cause I know when I do it will have to park outside.
  11. Could you get cat and cummins in the cl? Is the a chu bonnet in that one?
  12. Is that a grader-cycle? Haha, that's brilliant!
  13. The L cab was sheet metal over a frame correct? Maybe the b cabs were lighter and stronger? There's your sales pitch right there!
  14. I can assure you that no trailers were harmed during this trip.