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  1. Loving it! Gotta do mine too. Does it stick better to etch primer than bare steel?
  2. Timmyb

    Kenworth Klean up.

    Jim, I’m not a fan of 8 bag either. They use neway to get a higher rating. But I personally think neway is a lot smoother, and something this short you need all the help you can to smooth out the ride.
  3. Timmyb

    BHP train derailment.

    Did anybody catch the train derailment on the news?
  4. Timmyb

    Kenworth Klean up.

    Doing a clean up of my work truck. It’s 15 years old this year. It’s not really that bad, but to work it for another 10 years which is my intention it needs some tlc. The paint is lifting on the cab and chassis, little bit of rust starting in between the rails. Only half rails so it’s not too bad of a job.
  5. Timmyb

    GPS said to go this way....

    Does no body read the signs when they are in beaver?
  6. Timmyb

    5th wheel, replace or rebuild?

    I just rebuilt mine. I have a k-hitch which I don’t think you get over there. It’s a jost style of turntable. Anyway to cut a long story short, it was just the jaw that was worn. Lucky for me cause it’s an older model and the new rebuilt kit didn’t exactly fit. Picture below is of the worn part.
  7. I was getting bad mileage out of my steer tyres. Would be flat out getting 80,000kms from them and that was pushing it. Rotated them every time I serviced it. I replaced the rims and straight away I’m up to 120,000km. I’d be interested to see if you get better wear with the new rims.
  8. Timmyb

    Night time illumination devises

    It’s a pet peeve of mine. A big problem with the bright lights is they seem to drown out the other lights coming over the hill. And for some reason they don’t drop them when they see my orange clearance lights, no they wait till they can see my headlights then wait 10 seconds till they drop them.
  9. Timmyb

    Took A Fine Ride in Toowoomba with a V8

    Every once in a while, on the down hill section, they will roll a ball of cheese down the hill and let the rigids/straight trucks chase after it.
  10. Hi sodly. I guess how much it cost depends on how fastidious you are. A hobby truck and a show truck in my mind are two different things. Which are you hoping to achieve? I think like has been said before, buy the best truck you can afford. If you can avoid any major mechanical repairs then you have a bit more money to personalise it.
  11. Quite a transformation! Looks like your having a lot of fun with it. Move had mine for 5 years now and it’s still in pieces! 🤔
  12. KS, was that particular v8 offered in trucks not long ago?
  13. Ok, now they are going to have to make the front of the trailer aerodynamic.

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