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  1. Sorry to hear that Billy. Some sad news, hope you get through it all ok.
  2. Where abouts you located? Aluminium tanks are available in Australia with the step cut in to them. Only in 26” not 24”. Also there is a stainless grill still available from Mack. I bought one for mine from Gleemans in Australia.
  3. I managed to find a pair of bostrom Viking T-bar seat on Gumtree a while ago. They were even brown! But my truck had holes in the roof when I bought it so roof lining and rear wall lining are stuffed.
  4. Paul, try tylden heritage. They have seats or seat covers with the bulldogs on them. Might just get you what you need.
  5. Paul, that one was steel cab but I have seen a few of the fibreglass cabs around. I remember dad saying that old truck weighed 12t. There was an Australian truck manufacturer years ago called Leader and they used fibreglass Mack F cabs.
  6. I had a 38 housing that cracked in that same area, on the left hand side. Apparently it can be done but I ended up find a new housing cause labour rates here are very high.
  7. Based on the green colour I’d simply have a guess and say Euclid? Not sure how many brands were painted green back in the 70’s?
  8. What needs to be done to the axle housing?
  9. Not too sure. Looks like a dump truck but with no dump body. As for breed...
  10. My dad owned an F (FR) model back in the 70’s. Not 100% sure of its specs, but I know it had a 375hp v8 and was heavy spec. Actually we just found some pics of it recently.
  11. Bob, the paint on the porch matches the paint on your Mack! Nice touch!
  12. https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace?q=mack#more-products Hope this helps a bit. Not sure if it’s correct scale.
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