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  1. I like that one! Good job on it so far. If you have a 5th wheel camper or trailer then I'd leave it as a tractor but a tray on the back would be just as cool.
  2. Now how's that poor dodge guy gonna sell you spare parts when you keep looking after your car!
  3. Yeah I know what your saying, luckily I never put my order in! My brothers truck had automatic slack adjusters and it was the only truck we've had to reline the brakes on. Maintenence free inevitably leads to a lot more maintenance. They boast about sealed uni's being good for 1mil kms. I replacedmy greasable ones at 1.5, and they still looked good.
  4. Big engine, an eaton gear stick and neway suspension for me. Will have to be a COE also. And while we are all dreaming, I'll make mine a maintenence free model.
  5. Man that's a shame. I guess in the condition it's in it's worth more in parts than complete. Not in my eyes though.
  6. The All New Mack

    Well, I can say that I don't like it but it's not too bad. I don't like it cause I just don't like any of these new aerodynamic trucks. But in saying that, I think it's certainly as good if not better than a lot of other brands getting around. It looks modern, which I'm guessing is what they wanted. And now the steering wheel attendant can stand up while he is attending the steering wheel (that's important for fleets). I agree with everyone else the mirrors don't look very nice, but I'm sure they are functional. But at the end of the day it's just a fleet truck in my eyes.
  7. Working class or best working truck is about the only prize I'd ever want. Well done man!
  8. Truckin with young Kirk

    I grew up going to work with my dad in an old yellow Kenworth with my two brothers. It was pretty squashy in there with 4 people, but we would go all over Australia during the school holidays. It had an 8v92 in it and I'd get headaches cause it was so loud.
  9. Perspective...

    Just seen this post, congratulations on the little bundle of joy. Enjoy every moment, even just the little ones cause they grow up pretty fast!
  10. I want to my dash and give it a textured finish. Wondering about this now. Being a bedliner paint I'm guessing it's uv resistant.
  11. I love it all Paul. The colour, the shine, the whole experience! And especially your laugh! Well done mate, and send Mal over my way when he is done. What's another 5000km to his trip already?
  12. Rustproofing formula needed- new vehicle

    A mate of mine does a lot of beach fishing. He swears by lanolin. You can buy it in liquid form and spray it on. It does dry a bit tacky and dust will stick to it however.
  13. I just had the paint shop do a computer colour match for my tan interior. Came out pretty good. I'd imagine it would be the same to get the grey.
  14. Your truck looks like mine Paul. No bonnet, no doors, no glass and no fuel tanks. Hope you progress smoothly. What colour scheme are you going to paint it?
  15. Beautiful Catastrophe

    I almost wish that was my engine. Almost, but not really. Does the owner see the lighter side of it yet?