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  1. Ok, I exaggerated a bit when I said pretty. But im 90% sure they were girls and I certainly didn't tamper with their car... much.
  2. Nice work mate! Hope they won't work you too hard now!
  3. Billy, you make some good points. A few issues come to mind. Driving the truck is the easy part. But have you ever driven with a difficult load? I'm checking and tightening chains every few hundred kms. Also, I grabbed a liner last year in my truck. Not one engine light came on, but I could hear a difference in the way my engine sounded. And noticed it was breathing heavy. An autonomous vehicle would have destroyed that engine. Tyres are something I check multiple times a day. And what about all the pretty girls that break down on the side of the road? An autonomous truck would drive straight past them.
  4. You wouldn't have to worry about too much black smoke with flames like that!
  5. I'll be honest with you... I was thinking of different kind of suspenders. My bad.
  6. Could be you have low revving engine. E6300L will only rev to 1700 I think. But you can raise that by playing with the pump. Don't ask me how, I wouldn't have a clue but I read it somewhere on this site.
  7. Can you fit an air to air intercooler in front of that beast? I was told that helps them get going.
  8. Some have rubber bushes, some have brass. Some have hollow tubes, some are solid. From what I've seen just by looking around is rubber bushes on hollow tube and brass on solid tube. Not sure if this is strictly the case. Springs are best identified by the part number.
  9. Happy birthday guys!
  10. Looks great! You should do a video so we can hear it. I've been debating whether to remove my muffler. I've only gotta little short one mounted down next to the gearbox.
  11. So long as you enjoy what your doing, you'll never work a day in your life!
  12. Volvo Australia doesn't sell a conventional truck, they have Mack for that. I don't think they would let Mack have a COE because that would be intruding on their territory.
  13. What can I say mate, that's a pretty shitty turn of events. Hope all turns out ok, and hope you can get back in the superliner soon.
  14. It looks a lot more loved than the first pics. Keep at the good work.
  15. I'm not an expert but we use scotch brite pads to scuff up paint before respraying. Doesn't really do any damage to a painted surface, so I would of thought a metal surface would of been even less risk. Just my thoughts.