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  1. Oh, sorry mental blank for a second. That’s the one you were building? You should post some pics I’d love to see more of it. Links work now so I’ll give it another try.
  2. I read somewhere there was a special edition of the RD, legend, which were the last ones built. Anybody know of them?
  3. I can’t click on the links... using iPhone. Do you know any information about the truck? I know a member on here from Perth built one many years ago. Started life with an 866 v8 but when I seen it for sale a while later it had a 3406b cat in it.
  4. Timmyb

    MP8 Broken Crankshaft

    Is that because they don’t intend to supply new parts longer than 10 years or something? It’s what I’ve heard somewhere.
  5. Timmyb

    Nice Pair!

    Good to know we both have clean unadulterated minds! 😂
  6. Timmyb

    Nice Pair!

    I was thinking fruit! Lol
  7. You got me thinking now. I know the last b model and the last superliner are pretty well known trucks. Anybody know of the last R model built? As in true R model, not RD.
  8. Timmyb

    Screw up Saturday

    I don’t think this guy is cut out to be a truck driver. But when I seen him jump out of the cab with his hands on his head I felt sorry for him. But it makes me wonder, what sort of driving test do they make you do over there? Surely there is a reversing aspect of it? And sure as hell, I wouldn’t of sat there recording it all, I would of been out there helping him!
  9. Timmyb

    Toy Bulldog

    Like this? http://www.rodtiques.com/catalog.php/DavidHarris4/dt92771/pd2120033/Hood_Ornament_Mascot_Bull_Dog_Lighted_Eyes_12_v_
  10. What size is your exhaust stack? I’ll be doing something with my exhaust pretty soon and like the way yours looks. Is it 5 inch?
  11. Timmyb

    Among the coolest things I ever did...........

    Now that’s a feel good story! I’m glad you shared it with us all. I just had an operation on my throat and haven’t eaten much in the last 2 weeks and seeing all that meat got me a little excited!
  12. Awesome work! Should be a beautiful truck when it’s done. Keep at it.
  13. Timmyb

    For the cabover lovers. Low miles. Pre Emissions

    Yes Maxidyne, you are 100% right. Lucky most of us understood exactly what he was saying.
  14. I seen yogi on outback truckers got a pearlcraft wheel last episode. Looked like a quality product! I gave them a call and think I’ll be getting one for mine when I eventually get it going.
  15. That’s a beauty. Nice work!

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