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  1. Quite a transformation! Looks like your having a lot of fun with it. Move had mine for 5 years now and it’s still in pieces! 🤔
  2. KS, was that particular v8 offered in trucks not long ago?
  3. Ok, now they are going to have to make the front of the trailer aerodynamic.
  4. Timmyb

    The bandit has died

    I loved this movie as a kid, and have since bought it for my sons to watch. They love it too! Wasn’t too keen on the 2nd one. 82 is a good innings, and Burt seemed like a nice guy. I did hear he didn’t particularly chase serious movie roles, he just wanted to do ones he thought were fun. Good on him.
  5. That’s really starting to take shape! You must be pretty happy so far...
  6. Timmyb

    Tieman introduces innovative new tanker

    My old man isn’t doing too bad for 72 years old. He still drives the trucks!
  7. Timmyb

    Tieman introduces innovative new tanker

    Swishy man, I have since been converted! We now use them same ones, and there is no going back. I love them!
  8. Timmyb

    Tieman introduces innovative new tanker

    Pretty much spot on!
  9. Timmyb

    Tieman introduces innovative new tanker

    Hayseed mate, they are around 9.5m long. And they tip the scales at around 6t. In W.A. they have extreme axle spacing requirements. Example, middle of the axle from the front drive of the prime mover to middle of axle on rear axle of the trailer must be 8m. Same with the lead trailer axle group to the dolly axle group, and the dolly to the rear trailer axle group.
  10. Timmyb

    Tieman introduces innovative new tanker

    These particular wheels are for Rio Tinto, to be used in their rail network in the Pilbara. The main difference between our combination and the pbs tankers is we have drum brakes on spring suspension. Disc brakes are not seen on this side of the country.
  11. Timmyb

    Tieman introduces innovative new tanker

    That’s just like our combination we use to cart the train wheels. 26 ton on the front trailer and 28 ton on the back trailer.
  12. Timmyb

    They knew over 100 years ago

    Does China’s one child policy ring a bell?
  13. Timmyb

    Mack MP8

    I thought he was a milkman just to meet all the ladies.
  14. Timmyb

    Darwin Award of the Decade??

    You know what is make believe... their common sense!
  15. There is a 22.5 x 9 inch offset rim which gives it a wider look but can still run standard tyre size. I heard of a bloke who was building a kit car and had some suspension components chromed and was told he couldn’t use them. Must of been for that reason.

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