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  1. Your cooler is bad I bet, the forks may have cracked the tubes, put a new air filter in while your at it
  2. I have a stainless steel one that goes 180' degrees around, came off an early 1980 R model, it would fit a b model,
  3. Still waiting for an update from Mack, I will keep you informed
  4. I just purchased a 2010 titan tractor with 605 mp10, bought it from a kw dealer, truck was defined to 585 by previous owner, I bought it and took it to a local Mack dealer and some issues fixed paid by kw, had them bump up back to 605 and address some electrical issues. Got truck back and can't complete one week without a shutdown from the oil pressure sensor, took it back to Mack they replaced the oil pressure sensor checked the gauge oil pressure is good, hit the road same problem, truck shuts off and starts again will run few more miles and repeat it again. Mack can't find anything, I'm thinking about another garage, and possibly a harness swap, anyone with a titan having issues like this? Need to start making money to much downtime, truck has just under 400,000 miles. They also replaced some relief valve associated with the oil pressure.
  5. How many bins do you get on that combination, I haul apples here in n.y. , we haul them down from Peru,n.y. to the lower Hudson valley, we use a 53 foot van and put in 80 to 86 bins, permitted of course
  6. Heavy, lol not like the ones used in the late 80's early 90's
  7. I had e6 350, and a e7 400 mechanical, a e7 400 vmac, the 350 would out pull the v Mac, the e7400 was turned up and ran very well, never had a e7 350, but the e6 350 could hang with the 400, but not enough to pass it, both were turned up to the max, waiting for a 400 superliner could be a long wait, the one you passed on could become a 400, and if the truck is in good shape, thats more important to me
  8. Those G models don't look as old as the cruiseliners do to me, they actually look like they are from a newer era
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