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  1. Any of you guys have the RW series operators manual or the T2090/T2100 transmission manual in a PDF file? I had them on my pc and can't find them now and it's annoying me that I lost them
  2. Yep after seeing the picture that's a totally different box than on mine
  3. I want to do the same thing on mine also and get it back to how it originally looked. Mine looks similar to yours was with the straight pipe now
  4. RealDiehl try this number at the Mack dealer - 6990-HFB640001 that was the seal kit for my 87 and I got it from the local Mack dealer
  5. Lol. Thanks so much for the answers, I apprecaite it. Yeah the stack on there they put was a 7 inch and it just doesn't look right and needless to say its hacked up (pipe clamps missing, etc.) You guys know how it is LOL
  6. Mine's a 350 E6. They put a oversized exhaust on it before i got it and to be honest its not the neatest job they did.
  7. For the Superliner guys out there, would any of you know what size stacks the truck would have come from the factory with?
  8. Same Truck about 20 years later painted blue
  9. Would anyone have the part number for the inner wheel bearing seal for 12,000 lbs front axle?
  10. Mine are running slow. I was also looking to take the motor off and clean it. I haven't tried yet, but if you remove the top dashboard peice above were the headlight switch is you can see where its coming though the firewall and on mine it looks like there are two snap rings holding the arms on (as HarryS stated)
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