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    love old trucks dodge mack & brockways are my best picks I also love them with V8's or V12 detroits
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  1. bullhusk


    It's been a rough couple years guys personally that is, taking it one day at a time trying to just get back into the saddle again!use the phone a lot on Facebook keeps me busy as well me and my son and the family still in the trucking business haulin cement that keeps me busy as well; I'll be spending more time on the MACK and Brockway site, I have a Brockway 361 with a 335 Cummins RTOO-13 speed 58,000 pound bucket rears 12-24 tires I'm hoping that should be out of the shop hopefully by May I'llhave pictures ready for you guys! I picked up a few more Brockways one U – 360 V 12 Detroit, 359 wi
  2. bullhusk


    Happy new year to all my friends on the Mack site!! BULLHUSK
  3. If you Google colonial sand and stone Pierce arrow trucks when the trucks come up hit images and you'll see a picture of a colonial dump truck dumping into a on-site mixer! I tried to get it onto this site but I just don't know how to do it maybe one of you guys can do it and you'll see the Pierce arrow
  4. Love that O-ROPS cab LOL!!
  5. I have a picture somewhere of one of those that colonial sand and stone had back in the 20s I think it's an Internet picture if you look up colonial sand and stone that shows you a couple of those Pierce arrow trucks unloading bags of cement and sand and stone that they were mixing concrete by hand back in the 20s
  6. Thanks to all of my friends,I know it's a little bit late but to tell you the truth I just haven't had the strength to talk about it or to even write anything down to think anyone so again thank you everyone for your prayers and your thoughts for my beautiful daughter Jacqueline Bullhusk
  7. James Cagney in the movie white heat used a tanker very similar to that being pulled by a WC white!
  8. bullhusk


    Sorry about the bad news my friend! Always around the holidays! hang in there buddy
  9. I used stuff years back and I think they called it Black Beauty they sold it in bags and loaded bulk as well! It was on Fish House Rd in So Kearny next to the PSE&G coal burning plant. The plant now burns N/G so no more blasting Sand!! bullhusk
  10. bullhusk on the subject of tire repair,my dad used to work in an auto salvage yard in the40's. They hired old vagrant guys to do their truck tire repairs.this one fellow started beating on the ring with a sledge hammer,forgot to let out the air 1st,the ring blew off,took off both his arms!  You gotta know what you're doing on that type of tire!



  11. I have been a advocate about Caterpillar and there f**k You attitude towards there customers!, so here it is again (just like the acert motors) don't say I did not say I told you so when Cat came out with these junk trucks and theses half ass engines!! Say what you want about Detroit but when they have trouble?? They run to you to fix it and not run away like Caterpillar does!! But you guys with that yellow Cat blood and big check books!!! Well I'll blink my tail lights when I pass you on the hills with our 575 hp Detroits!!
  12. I always liked White! How the hell they are not around today is still a mystery to me!
  13. Soooooooo that's where VOLVO got there 20016 blueprint from
  14. how about 'As much as we can for the share holders!'
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