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  1. Hey Mike D , Hows the progress on the B87??
  2. I used to own the ex Arute tractor and sold it , its now in upstate NY
  3. I saw the truck as well, a real beast with 65,000 rears!
  4. Great truck, it will last 20 more years no prob! get a Richards/ King of covers tarp system and make it a true CT truck you wont regret it !
  5. EX- Valley Paving from Shelton
  6. Were 65,000 rears ever offered with a Superliner? I've personally only seen them with 58'000lbs in person, but have seen one out of Canada forsale online with 65's!
  7. This truck is forsale right now on Truckpaper.com out of Canada for $179,000!
  8. Don't forget , Over the Top"!
  9. Yes it was that had 100,000 orig miles ,tip turbine, 2 stick 6 speed, high level interior, even had orig. carpet !
  10. LoRusso's #136 , 1987 DM690sx, 300,mack 8 speed, 58 rears, had 15,000 orig. miles on it in 2008 when they pulled off the orig. mobile mixer and installed a new Biebeu body, and i drove her for the next 3 seasons , what a beast! but would only do 64 MPH
  11. He emailed me back saying it was 1985, rw613, 13 speed fuller,good double frame, 12,000 front , 44,000 rears wetline
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