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  1. How true mack technician. My wife had had lyme for almost 20 yrs. Alot of research done ( out of the box ) and very interesting to see the things our government has done and wants to overlook.
  2. When Doug and u went to south Pa. To pick up my trailer we got just over 8 mpg. Yes we bobtaied down but trailer weighs 17k. Too many sensors in the truck for me.
  3. Rolled under the trailer and checked it out. Cannot believe it is so clean. Ended up having to remove the cylinders on the neck and found the pins froze solid. Spent 7 hrs with porta power and lots of heat and had to lance the center of the pin. Cant wait to start using it.
  4. Yes they are north of the border at times running oil. The anthem has been local till time to get the trailer. They still have 2 r model dumps going and 2 single axle r dumps. 2 - 09,10 Pete's. 1 has a ventilated block . 750k on clock. 6 or 8 CL Mack's and 1 more anthem coming. Plus 2 Titans.
  5. 2019 anthem. 14.5 hr round trip. Nice truck. Bet we saw 20 anthems in our travels
  6. Does someone on this site own a green and black r 700 tractor with 8v92. Its for sale on market place.
  7. Agree. Rob, check with them. Mine was listed for 19,500. Got it for 18,000.
  8. Yes I looked at that one too. Looks good other than rust holes in rear bridge. That can be fixed
  9. Almost bought one a month ago. Day late. They appear good. Friend had a tag and loves it.. just like automobiles. They all have issues
  10. Just have to mail the check and then we go down in a mack Anthem to pick it up.
  11. Think it's been in Pennsylvania all its life
  12. Thanks. Yes spring assistant is a necessity. 22 ft well. 96 wide wish it was 102 but 96 has done fine for me.
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