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  1. Sam Holmes, great cummins guy going work for me had one he worked on yrs ago in a cab over mack. Interesting.
  2. Did they install the big purple in mack cabovers.?
  3. He is a good guy but seems every time he gets near heavy equipment something happens. He runs crane for a living. Dont know why throttle stuck but he panicked cause he was headed across the highway.
  4. Yes it could have. He had just pulled the electrician out and was backing up toward the road when it stuck. He has found one in Ohio for 3k. Thanks for the leads.
  5. New york. He said he has on located
  6. It is a Rockwell T-1138 transfer case NSN 2520-01-144-1520 P/N 5704517. For a A.M.Genral 900 series 5 ton truck
  7. Had a friend call Saturday in need of help. I was not able to help at 5he time but did get pics of the aftermath. Story goes he was using a friends 5 ton am general when the throttle stuck in reverse. He panicked and threw it into drive. The transfer case must have been the week point. The owner told my friend he is to find parts to fix it. Owner was not happy
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