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  1. Get ahold of. Mhe9. On this site. He can haul.
  2. Have a friend looking for the right hand wiper arm for a 83 cruise line. Lmk if you have one.
  3. Thanks . Should be delivered Sunday afternoon
  4. Does it have anything to do with distance of vehicles next to you.
  5. Just purchased this 2000cL 713 460 18 sd 46 full lockers. Just waiting for delivery. Coming from Quebec (bmt site member).
  6. Is that haulin trash with a 759 brockway?
  7. The new truck is a 2000 with 460. The spare i have is around a 2000 but not sure. Also it is a 315 hp maybe
  8. That's understandable. Just wondering about major thing is block. Good to hear. Heads and turbo, understandable. How about fuel. Same design for unit pumps. ? Good friend has a 460 and said he has different fuel set up
  9. Is the e-7 460 the same block as my e-7 in my service truck with 6 individual unit pumps. Buying a 2000 cl713 with 460 and wondering if the spare engine i have has exchangeable parts. Thanks gg2
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