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  1. Those guys know there stuff. Watched them before. Big power
  2. Awesome. Love it. Where you been hiding. We have missed your interesting insight
  3. No pay. We did it because WE LIKE our president and our country.
  4. received_3304585906255642.mp4 received_1470228209854348.mp4
  5. So how did you make out. Did you roll on.
  6. He told people of New York that he is essential and doesn't need to quarantine
  7. Are you just lurking Clay or going to stay around. 😁
  8. Fire wall is different, roof vent is moved back. Right side of cab is different where air cleaner is.
  9. Dane has a Big Cam Cummins installed in it. No mack engines in a brockway. But a 760 with mack v8 would be cool.
  10. I bet you paid about 50 bucks each for the spacers also. I had to buy 2 for my dump trailer. Dealer said they hardly sell any these days.
  11. Good to see you around still smorse54
  12. Off topic, do you know Walt Shwind that owned Champion Equipment. Nice guy. Bought my d5-c from him.
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