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  1. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Did I miss something
  2. John Deere G Reunion

    Like the fairbanks. We have 2 at out show .
  3. Overdrive October 1976 ???

  4. Overdrive October 1976 ???

    Should be centered more
  5. 1981 R754ST

    I saw that also
  6. 1978 Autocar DC 87

    Brockway seat to boot
  7. 13 speed Fuller

    Maybe by the yr. 2025 that easy job you had at ups will have been replaced by robots . But my old stuff will still be going.
  8. 13 speed Fuller

    Yes it does. I built this truck from ground up. If I want to change things I can and will and if you don't like it, I don't care.
  9. 13 speed Fuller

    Very well put. My thoughts also.
  10. 13 speed Fuller

    So I have a 76 brockway tractor that I use to move my equipment. Am I stupid cause it's old and should I go find a new truck and spend 150k and have payment. No I don't think so. For 5000 miles or less a year it isn't worth it. My truck puts money in my pocket and is paid for. I don't have a 2000 dollar payment each month.
  11. 13 speed Fuller

    Sounds like you need to get a life and come to reality
  12. 13 speed Fuller

    What are you talking about. Every one isn't made of money and many of us do what we have to do to keep working. Not a big deal to change trans and rears.
  13. Hello everyone

    Your plate is full then